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Quotes for
Leonard Marliston (Character)
from Cherry Falls (2000)

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Cherry Falls (2000)
Leonard Marliston: Cindy, come on, I think it's important in time like this, we offer each other some support.
Cindy: I'd like to offer the killer's ass some support... in the fucking electric chair.

Leonard Marliston: Ben, I know you have a very different point of view on this tragedy, so go ahead.
Ben: Well, I would like to know if this killer removed any body parts or sexually defiled any orifice of the victim.
Cindy: You're tragically sick.
Ben: I wanna know because if he didn't, this loser deserves a thumbs down!
Heather: How can you be so insensitive?
Ben: Oh what, when you're like Mother Teresa? You're the one who told him to drop dead.
Dylan: You're only fooling yourself with this display of indifference.
Ben: Hey jackhole, you're not playing DeathQuake now, *this* is the real world!
Dylan: Fuck you.

Sherrif Brent Marken: You know what happened!
Leonard Marliston: I can't remember this part of the story so tell us what happened.

Leonard Marliston: Why are you looking at me like that Kenny?
Kenny Ascott: Why are you wearing lipstick?
Leonard Marliston: Because it makes me pretty!

[Jody is helping Mr. Marliston carry a heavy clothing trunk down into his basement]
Jody Marken: [grunting] This trunk is heavy! What's in it?
Leonard Marliston: [grinning] Your dad. Maybe mine.

Jody Marken: [to the orgy] It's Mr. Marliston... he's the killer.
Leonard Marliston: [shows up right behind her] CLASS... DISSMISSED.

Leonard Marliston: We have the same colour eyes
Sheriff Brent Marken: No.
Leonard Marliston: Dad.
Sheriff Brent Marken: NO... NO... NO.

Leonard Marliston: It's a stinking hypocritical world isn't it Brent where rapists become pillars of the community, with stinking hypocritical people in it who wouldn't miss their own befouled lives much so... so... so what better way than to take away the only innocence they have left... their precious virginal children.

Leonard Marliston: You never knew... oh how could how much she loved you before you raped her! And after you raped her there was no one to tell... except me... over and over and over again. It's very hard too look like the one person you're mom loves and hates the most.