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Quotes for
Col. F.E. Cochrane (Character)
from Blue Thunder (1983)

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Blue Thunder (1983)
[Murphy and Lymangood are flying a formation exercise with Cochrane]
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Come on, Keep it tight!
Lymangood: Christ! Any closer and we start eating blades!
Frank Murphy: [mimicking Cochrane's British accent] We're following his leader!

Col. F.E. Cochrane: You threatening me, Murphy?
Frank Murphy: No, I'm telling you. Back off!

[Murphy is looking over Blue Thunder's cockpit after the demonstration]
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Could have used this in 'Nam.
Frank Murphy: Could have used something.

Col. F.E. Cochrane: I had another stoppage! I nearly killed the lot of you on that second pass. You can tell Ordnance from me, if it happens again, I'll have their balls for breakfast!

Frank Murphy: Finally made Colonel, eh?
Col. F.E. Cochrane: If you're a nice guy, nice things happen to you.
Frank Murphy: I'll try to remember that!

[Murphy moves away from Cochrane]
Icelan: I didn't realize you two were acquainted.
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Only too well, I'm afraid. I'd have had that bastard up on charges if he hadn't caught some shrapnel!

[repeated line]
Col. F.E. Cochrane: [pointing with forefinger and thumb like a gun] Catch you later!

Col. F.E. Cochrane: Do you think you can fly it?
Frank Murphy: YOU flew it, didn't you?

Col. F.E. Cochrane: We have a ship down, somewhere in the watts area.

Col. F.E. Cochrane: Rather a near thing today huh, Murph. I heard your turbine failed or was it your flying?
Frank Murphy: Back off, asshole!
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Oh, what's this hear I threats? My what a change. We are acting brave nowadays. Are you threatning me, Murphy?
Frank Murphy: No. I'm telling you. Back off!
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Catch you later!

Col. F.E. Cochrane: [about Frank Murphy] We can surgically remove him from the air like a tumor.
Col. F.E. Cochrane: Now, we're not talking about a tumor!