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Slab (Character)
from Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000) (V)

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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000) (V)
Dawson: What's the big deal? Kids get killed every day. This is high school.
Slab: No, Dawson. This kid was white!

Barbara: What are you doing here anyway, Doughy? You're not a real cop. Shouldn't you be guarding the Orange Julius?
Boner: [fake coughing] N.Y.P.D. GAP!
Slab: [fake coughing] Sergeant Sears!
Barbara: [fake coughing] Food court police!

Boner: Hey guys, I have an idea! Let's all make a pact to lose our virginity before graduation!
Doughy: I'm in!
Barbara, Slab, Dawson, Martina: WE'RE NOT!

Dawson: After all, it is Halloween.
Slab: And Friday the 13th!
Dawson: On the same day? Impossible.
Boner: Slab's dyslexic.

Dawson: You know what we've gotta do? We've gotta get out of here!
Boner: To someplace safe.
Martina: Yeah, in the middle of nowhere.
Slab: In the dark woods and pouring rain.
Dawson: Without any adult supervision or police protection anywhere in the vicinity.
Barbara: I know just the place! It's been totally deserted ever since those dorky kids were dismembered.
Boner: Are you talking about band camp?

Boner: Roofies are bull. I take them before every date, and I never get laid.
Slab: Maybe you aren't taking enough.

Dawson: This is the kinda thing you read about
Slab: Books are pretty
Barbara: O My God. He is right.

Barbara: A kid couldn't write that, at least not a kid in public school.
Martina: Unless he was Japanese.
Boner: But they aren't historically serial killers.
Slab: What about Godzilla.
Boner: Born in international waters.

Barbara: Slab, give me a hand.
Slab: Wasn't that trophy enough?
Barbara: Yes, but we have to dump this deer.
Slab: Alright sweetie.