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Quotes for
Veeru (Character)
from Sholay (1975)

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Sholay (1975)
[Veeru and Jai are handcuffed in the train]
Veeru: Were you ever earlier at the Daulatpur police station, sir?
Thakur Baldev Singh: Yes, I was. Why did you ask?
Veeru: [Smiling] I remember now! Ever since you've caught us, I've been wondering where I've seen you. Remember Lalji's shop? The provision store which was robbed?... Do you remember?
Thakur Baldev Singh: Lalji's provision store? No...
Veeru: You don't remember?
[waking up Jai with his elbow]
Veeru: Jai... Jai. Remember, when we were held for two days at the Daulatpur police station?
Jai: [wakes up] Daulatpur police station?
Veeru: Yeah, yeah.
Jai: When were we locked up there?
Veeru: When we broke into that grocery store.
[gesturing towards Thakur]
Veeru: He was the police officer then. Don't you recognize him?
Jai: [Looking at Thakur] All police officers look the same to me.

Veeru: [he is drunk and addressing the villagers from the top of the water tower in bad English] When I dead... police coming. Police coming... 'budiya' going jail. In jail, the old hag will be grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding...
[he falls backwards]

Veeru: [Closing dialogue] Well, Thakur... I must leave now.
Thakur Baldev Singh: [train whistle indicates train is about to leave] I know I can't share your grief; but I do.

Veeru: Basanti, don't dance in front of these dogs.