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Quotes for
Jules (Character)
from Diva (1981)

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Diva (1981)
[At Jules' apartment]
Alba: Pretty gloomy setting!
Jules: Think so? A monument to disaster... deluxe style!

Jules: Where are we?
Alba: In a castle.
Jules: What castle?
Alba: Where the witch makes poisoned red apples to advertise the toothpaste movie stars use.

[Last Lines]
Jules: It's the only recording.
Cynthia Hawkins: It was you?
Jules: It's yours. It's my gift to you. Forgive me.
Cynthia Hawkins: But... I've never heard myself sing!
Jules: Listen...

Cynthia Hawkins: Do you steal the dresses of all singers?
Jules: No, no.
Cynthia Hawkins: So, I'M the lucky one! I have a fan?
Jules: I heard you in Bordeaux. And last year I went to Munich specially for the concert.
Cynthia Hawkins: You made the trip for me?
Jules: Yes, on the moped.
Cynthia Hawkins: On the moped. So, you ARE a real fan.

[In Cynthia's hotel suite]
Cynthia Hawkins: What's your name, Mr. Postman?
Jules: [Smiles] Jules.
Cynthia Hawkins: Jules! Jules is old for a young man. I thought the French were modern.
Jules: My father was old-fashioned.
Cynthia Hawkins: [Laughs] I'm kidding! Jules fits you so poorly that it fits you very well. Jules...

N'Doula: [Motioning to Cynthia] She's the queen of Africa.
Jules: [Smiling at Cynthia] She's the queen of the night.

Jules: [eyeing the scene printed on Alba's miniskirt] Is that the Opera House?
Alba: No, that's my ass.