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Rusty Williams (Character)
from "Make Room for Daddy" (1953)

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"Make Room for Daddy: Peter Pan (#2.24)" (1955)
Mr. Kirby: I'm Peter Kirby. I'm from London, and I'm happy to meet you.
Rusty Williams: Well, I'm happy to meet you, too, but I don't come from anywhere; I've been here all the time.

Mr. Kirby: Don't you want to grow up, Rusty?
Rusty Williams: Gosh, no! Then I'd be like Daddy and never have any fun - just children.

"Make Room for Daddy: Red Tape (#6.18)" (1959)
Danny Williams: [annoyed] Do you have to?
Rusty Williams: Have to what?
Danny Williams: Do you have to chew those potato chips so loud?
Rusty Williams: Can I help it if they make 'em noisy?

"Make Room for Daddy: The Report Card (#8.2)" (1960)
[Rusty has just been told that he didn't really get straight A's]
Mrs. Willoughby: I'm afraid I'll just have to make out another report card with your real grades, and you'll have to take it home and get it signed.
Rusty Williams: You mean my father has to know?
Mrs. Willoughby: Why, Russell, of course! You wouldn't want to live a lie, would you?
Rusty Williams: Mrs. Willoughby, I just wanna live!

"Make Room for Daddy: Little League (#3.2)" (1955)
[Danny, coach of his son Rusty's little league team, having demoted his son Rusty to the little league minors for poor play, tries to console him]
Danny Williams: Hey. Hey, you remember the matinée I took you to last week? Remember the, the show on Broadway?
Rusty Williams: You mean "The Darn Yankees"?
Danny Williams: [Smirks] That's close enough.

"Make Room for Daddy: Danny's Fiancée (#4.21)" (1957)
Danny Williams: [arguing with his children] I'm the father in this family! If I decide I want to get married, I certainly don't have to get the permission of my children!
Terry Williams: Well, if you marry her, it'll be over our dead bodies.
Danny Williams: Terry!
Rusty Williams: Yeah! See how you like it. Walkin' down the aisle over two little corpses!

"Make Room for Daddy: Surprise Party (#6.30)" (1959)
[first lines]
Rusty Williams: How long is Daddy gonna sleep, anyway?
Linda Williams: Yeah, it's almost one o'clock!
Kathy Williams: Now, honey, you know your daddy works in a nightclub.
Linda Williams: Why can't he work in a day club?

"Make Room for Daddy: Honesty Is the Best Policy (#5.8)" (1957)
[Rusty has found a lost wallet containing $25 at the apartment house next door]
Danny Williams: We've got to try to find the owner and return that wallet.
Rusty Williams: [whining] You mean, we're gonna have to give it baaack?
Danny Williams: [mimicking Rusty] Yeah, we're gonna have to give it baaack.
Rusty Williams: Well, there go a lot of happy moments at the drug store.
Danny Williams: There's an old saying, I want you always to remember. It's a very good old saying: "Honesty is the best policy."
Rusty Williams: Well, there's a good old saying that I like better.
Danny Williams: What's that?
Rusty Williams: "Finders keepers, losers weepers."

"Make Room for Daddy: Rusty, the Weight-Lifter (#7.8)" (1959)
[Danny consoles his son, Rusty]
Danny Williams: I love you just as you are, I wouldn't want you any other way. I think you're the greatest kid in the whole world. I thank God everyday that you're mine.
Rusty Williams: Even though I'm a weakling?
Danny Williams: Oh, stop saying that. You're not a weakling! You keep on exercising, and you're gonna be strong as a bull! These exercises are gonna make you real strong!
Rusty Williams: Well, I don't know, Daddy. How can I exercise to get strong, when I'm not strong enough to exercise?

"Make Room for Daddy: The Orphan Asylum (#4.25)" (1957)
[Rusty is sulking over his father having to break a promise to him]
Rusty Williams: I asked you to do a teensy-weensy favor for me, and you won't do it. I might as well not have a father. I might as well be an orphan.
Danny Williams: Now, Russ!
Rusty Williams: You're supposed to be a father and a mother to me. Boy, have you been goofing.

"Make Room for Daddy: Rusty Gets a Haircut (#2.22)" (1955)
Rusty Williams: Curls are for girls. I want a butch!