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Kathy Williams (Character)
from "Make Room for Daddy" (1953)

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"Make Room for Daddy: Take a Message (#6.5)" (1958)
[Danny has suggested that Kathy is buttering him up because she wants a new dress]
Kathy Williams: Can't a wife go to a little trouble to please her husband without being suspected of having an ulterior motive?
Danny Williams: Honey, it's been my experience that when a woman suddenly starts worrying about her husband's interior, it's because she's thinking about her exterior, which is very ulterior.

"Make Room for Daddy: Danny Roars Again (#5.23)" (1958)
Kathy Williams: Tell me something, Louise.
Louise: Yes, ma'am?
Kathy Williams: You've worked for Mr. Williams for a pretty long time, haven't you?
Louise: A long time - but it ain't always been pretty.

"Make Room for Daddy: Gina from Italy (#6.19)" (1959)
[first lines]
Kathy Williams: For Heaven sakes, Danny, why don't you stop pacing up and down? We're expecting a foreign exchange student - not a blessed event!
Danny Williams: Well, it feels the same! It *is* the same thing! We're gettin' a new daughter, aren't we? It's just the same thing!
Kathy Williams: Oh well, honey, settle down.
Danny Williams: This whole thing is cockeyed, anyway. You're Irish, I'm Lebanese, and here I'm, pacing up and down, waitin' for the delivery of a hundred-and-ten-pound Italian!

"Make Room for Daddy: Surprise Party (#6.30)" (1959)
[first lines]
Rusty Williams: How long is Daddy gonna sleep, anyway?
Linda Williams: Yeah, it's almost one o'clock!
Kathy Williams: Now, honey, you know your daddy works in a nightclub.
Linda Williams: Why can't he work in a day club?

"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: Lucy Makes Room for Danny (#2.2)" (1958)
Kathy Williams: I would like to know what your wife was doing in our bedroom, scratching my husband's back!
Danny Williams: Yeah, so would I.
Kathy Williams: You be quiet!
Ricky Ricardo: Why were you scratching his back?
Lucy Ricardo: Why was I scratching his back?
Ricky Ricardo: You heard me!
Lucy Ricardo: He asked me to.
Kathy Williams: Ah, hah. WHY did you ask her to scratch your back?
Ricky Ricardo: Yeah, why, WHY?
Danny Williams: [wide-eyed and innocently] It itched.

"Make Room for Daddy: Frankie Laine Sings for Gina (#6.23)" (1959)
Frankie Laine: This is a crazy pizza Mama Lo Vecchio made especially for Gina. Huh? Ain't that somethin'?
Danny Williams: A pizza? Looks more like a birthday cake. Look what she's got here: "Get well Gina."
Mrs. Kathy "Clancey" Williams: Spelled out with anchovies!

"Make Room for Daddy: Grampa's Diet (#6.27)" (1959)
[Danny and Kathy are arguing about taking in her grandfather during one of Danny's rare weekends off]
Danny Williams: Honey, I'm exhausted. Why don't you send him to a rest home for a couple days?
Kathy Williams: Oh, honey, you don't know Grandpa. You can't send him to a rest home - they won't take him.
Danny Williams: Why not?
Kathy Williams: Well, the last rest home that had him - why they had to close down for two weeks, afterward.
Danny Williams: What for?
Kathy Williams: Rest!

"Make Room for Daddy: Linda Runs Away (#9.2)" (1961)
[first lines]
Kathy Williams: And furthermore, young lady, you're not going to watch television for one whole week!
Linda Williams: Then I'll run away from home!
Kathy Williams: Alright, Miss Smart Aleck, no television for two weeks!
Linda Williams: Two weeks? I'll run so far away, you'll never see me again - not ever in my whole life!
Kathy Williams: Three weeks - and go to your room!
Linda Williams: [turning back, as she walks to her room] I'll promise to visit you once in awhile, if you change it back to one week.