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Thelma Lou (Character)
from "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960)

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"The Andy Griffith Show: Barney and the Choir (#2.20)" (1962)
Thelma Lou: Barney's gonna be in the choir? My Barney?
Andy Taylor: That's right.
Thelma Lou: But Barney can't sing.
Andy Taylor: I know.
Thelma Lou: He's a warm, wonderful person - and I love him dearly - but he can't sing.
Andy Taylor: That's true.
Thelma Lou: He's kind, considerate, good-hearted, the most gentle person I've ever known, but he can't sing.
Andy Taylor: You're right.
Thelma Lou: He's the man I want to marry, the man I want to be the father of my children...
Andy Taylor: But he can't sing.
Thelma Lou: Not a lick!

Andy Taylor: Thelma Lou, you and Barney come on over to the house tonight and together we'll try to think of some way to keep him from showing up at that concert.
Thelma Lou: Well, all right, but how?
Andy Taylor: Well, after supper, we'll... we'll take him in and set him down and talk to him, reason with him, explain it all to him, then we'll tie him up and put him in the closet.