Howard Sprague
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Howard Sprague (Character)
from "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960)

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"The Andy Griffith Show: Sam for Town Council (#8.27)" (1968)
Howard Sprague: Job like that the world's your oyster.
Goober Pyle: What?
Howard Sprague: Just an expression, Goob.
Goober Pyle: Boy, they're sure comin' up with some crazy ones.

"The Andy Griffith Show: Howard's New Life (#8.15)" (1967)
Howard Sprague: Wanna buy a boat in a bottle?

"Mayberry R.F.D.: The Mayberry Float (#2.23)" (1970)
Emmett Clark: Have you ever had a 2 x 4 stuck up your pant's leg?

"The Andy Griffith Show: Opie's Group (#8.9)" (1967)
Goober Pyle: Are you sayin' I don't like music?
Emmett Clark: I didn't say that.
Goober Pyle: Well, you better not.
Emmett Clark: You may like music as much as I do.
Goober Pyle: Watch your step.
Emmett Clark: Oh, yeah? Did you ever hear the Raleigh Philharmonic?
Goober Pyle: I been busy.