Linda Williams
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Linda Williams (Character)
from "Make Room for Daddy" (1953)

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"Make Room for Daddy: Surprise Party (#6.30)" (1959)
[first lines]
Rusty Williams: How long is Daddy gonna sleep, anyway?
Linda Williams: Yeah, it's almost one o'clock!
Kathy Williams: Now, honey, you know your daddy works in a nightclub.
Linda Williams: Why can't he work in a day club?

"Make Room for Daddy: Linda Runs Away (#9.2)" (1961)
[first lines]
Kathy Williams: And furthermore, young lady, you're not going to watch television for one whole week!
Linda Williams: Then I'll run away from home!
Kathy Williams: Alright, Miss Smart Aleck, no television for two weeks!
Linda Williams: Two weeks? I'll run so far away, you'll never see me again - not ever in my whole life!
Kathy Williams: Three weeks - and go to your room!
Linda Williams: [turning back, as she walks to her room] I'll promise to visit you once in awhile, if you change it back to one week.