Agent Fulbright
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Agent Fulbright (Character)
from Fay Grim (2006)

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Fay Grim (2006)
Agent Fulbright: Carl, go take a walk in the rain.
Fay Grim: Bye, Carl.
Agent Fulbright: Leave him alone.
Fay Grim: He likes me.
Agent Fulbright: That's his problem.

Agent Fulbright: When you disembark at Paris, go directly to the Ladies Room.
Carl Fogg: Before you clear Customs.
Agent Fulbright: It will be on your left as you enter the Terminal. The operative will establish contact.
Fay Grim: How?
Agent Fulbright: Impossible to say.

Agent Fulbright: If the present government collapses, there'll be NO new government. Only chaos. Unless...
Andre: Unless what?
Agent Fulbright: We gotta organize the rebels, get somebody now - before the shit hits the fan - who's, uh, reasonable.
Andre: And by reasonable, you mean someone who will do whatever the Americans want him to do.
Agent Fulbright: Yeah. Well, maybe. Why not?