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Quotes for
Kleinman (Character)
from Shadows and Fog (1991)

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Shadows and Fog (1991)
Irmy: I slept with someone for it. Does that makes me a whore?
Kleinmann: [Referring to the money he's holding] This?
Irmy: Just one person. Does that make me a whore?
Kleinmann: Well, no, only by the dictionary definition.

Kleinmann: I can't even make a leap of faith to believe in my own existence

Kleinmann: Uh, I've... I've never paid for sex in my life.
Prostitute: Oh, you just think you haven't.

Kleinman: A deranged person is supposed to have the strength of ten men. I have the strength of one small boy... with polio.

Kleinman: I don't know enough to be incompetent.

[last lines]
Kleinmann: What better way to - to spend the rest of my life than - than to help you with - with all those wonderful illusions of yours!
Roustabout: It's true. Everybody loves his illusions.
Magician: Loves them. They need them. Like they need the air.

Alma: [Angrily] Get out and die! Get out and die! You rot in Hell, you filthy vermin!
Kleinmann: It's good to see you're not bitter after all these years.

Kleinmann: I know what I think but I don't know how to put it into words. Maybe I could get a little bit drunk and dance it for you.

Kleinmann: So when you have the sword down your throat, what happens if you get hiccups?