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Quotes for
Philip E. Marlow (Character)
from "The Singing Detective" (1986)

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"The Singing Detective: Skin (#1.1)" (1986)
Philip E. Marlow: Why?... Why is it when you lose your health the entire medical profession takes it as axiomatic you also lost your mind!

Ali: Okay, okay bloody dog, me!
[he gives a cigarette to marlow who drags and coughs]
Ali: Good?
Philip E. Marlow: Good? Bloody marvellous!

Philip E. Marlow: [as Ali tries to light a cigarette for him] The wheel, Ali! The little wheel! God, I can see the headlines now. Another Asian burned to death. No... that sort of thing doesn't make the news anymore. Not now the National Front are investing in Tandoori ovens.

"The Singing Detective: Pitter Patter (#1.5)" (1986)
Dr. Gibbon: Passion.
Philip Marlow: Pretence.
Dr. Gibbon: Woman.
Philip Marlow: Fuck.
Dr. Gibbon: Fuck.
Philip Marlow: Dirt!
Dr. Gibbon: Dirt.
Philip Marlow: Death!