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Quotes for
Ashford (Character)
from Edison (2005)

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Edison (2005)
Reigert: These aren't the good old days, Moses.
Ashford: They never were, Jack.

Ashford: I'm beginning to think I need a woman in my life.
Wallace: Well shit, don't look at me.

Reigert: Broke as you are, you think that's the smart thing to do?
Ashford: Nah Jack, I didn't get where I am doing the smart thing.

Ashford: The Fourth Estate, Pollack. It's the only job protected by the Constitution. And this is why this is tyranny. When you see it, you're obligated to yell - a risk you're unwilling to take, and I don't blame you.

Ashford: [to Pollack] Life's a bitch, ain't it? Think you can dive into the deep end of the pool, and then it's 'Oh, shit, where are my water wings?'

Pollack: [leaving after just being fired] This isn't a real paper anyway!
Ashford: [Dismissively] Perfect for you, you little shit!

Ashford: [to Wallace] You just showed me the bones of a covert facist state.

Ashford: [Phrase repeated to Pollock] You're doing this for pussy!