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Aretha (Character)
from Postcards from the Edge (1990)

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Postcards from the Edge (1990)
Aretha: Flowers for you, Suzanne.
Suzanne: Who died?
Aretha: Both of us almost did for a start. Who are they from?
Suzanne: They're from the guy who pumped my stomach.
Aretha: Bullshit!
[Reading card]
Aretha: "Dear Suzanne. Hope your stomach is better. You seem to be what my mother warned me about: A beautiful, overly-sensitive person." He can tell all that by the contents of your stomach.
Suzanne: I'd have to be sensitive to need all that dope. I'm tempted to marry him so I can tell people how we met.

Suzanne Vale: I have nothing to say.
Aretha: The same cannot be said for the rest of your family.

Suzanne: Mom, this is my roommate, Aretha.
Doris: Aretha, what an unusual name.
Aretha: Yes, I think my parents were expecting someone black.
[Suzanne laughs]
Doris: [confused] Are you black?
Aretha: Ummm, no. It was nice to meet you; Suzanne has told me so much about you. I think I'll just go weave a basket or something and let the two of you visit.

Suzanne: Did you want some more cashews, Grandpa?
Grandpa: Did I already have some?
Grandma: [under her breath, to Aretha] He gets worse every day.
Grandpa: Who gets worse? I heard that! Get off my back, woman! I wanna go home!
Grandma: We're going home, dear.
Grandpa: Not with you! I wanna go home.
[smiles at Aretha]
Grandpa: Are we going soon?
Aretha: Soon, sir. Very, very soon.
Grandpa: You know what my daddy did?
Aretha: What?
Grandpa: [confused] What were we talking about?
Grandma: [under her breath, to Aretha] I told ya.
Grandpa: I heard that! Get out my back, woman! Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap--that's all you do all the livelong day!
Grandpa: And the farmer hauled another load away...
[wanders off across the lawn]
Grandma: [sighs] The other night he punched me when I was trying to put some clean pajamas on him.

Suzanne Vale: [regarding an incoming phone call from Gene Hackman's character] He's a director. I don't wanna talk to him; I'm embarassed. I don't have to right?
Aretha: You don't have to do anything you don't want to do... except never take drugs again and go to AA meetings for the rest of your life.
Suzanne Vale: [sarcastically] Oh, I feel SO much better!