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Quotes for
Evelyn Ames (Character)
from Postcards from the Edge (1990)

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Postcards from the Edge (1990)
Suzanne: Can I ask you something personal?
Evelyn Ames: You mean asking me who I have sex with isn't personal anymore? What do you want to know, if I smoke?

Suzanne: Do you know Jack Faulkner?
Evelyn Ames: [laughs] Oh, yeah.
Suzanne: You've... slept with him?
Evelyn Ames: Well, I don't know how much of a rest I got. Wait, he hasn't got...?
Suzanne: No! Oh, God, I hope not.
Evelyn Ames: You scared me. I thought maybe you were from some celebrity AIDS notification board or something.

Suzanne: When did you see Jack last?
Evelyn Ames: Umm, Saturday. Saturday night.
Suzanne: I was with him Saturday afternoon. That's two girls in one day.
Evelyn Ames: And that's just the ones we know about. Think what you could find out if you had one of those satellite things.
Suzanne: How can you laugh? It's completely disgusting! Especially in this day and age.
Evelyn Ames: You look like someone who can take care of herself. Buy some condoms. Don't feel bad. He probably really likes you. If you can just... enjoy yourself with him like he's enjoying himself with you... That's what I do. I'm in it for the "endolphin" rush.
Suzanne: Endorphin.
Evelyn Ames: Whatever.