Det. Gino Felino
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Det. Gino Felino (Character)
from Out for Justice (1991)

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Out for Justice (1991)
[after beating up the entire bar]
Det. Gino Felino: Anybody seen Richie? I'm gonna keep comin' back until someone remembers seein' Richie.

Richie Madano: What are ya gonna do? Shoot me? I'm outta bullets!
Det. Gino Felino: Nope, but you see, those bullets could've saved you a lot of pain.
Richie Madano: I like pain.

[after breaking up a fight]
Det. Gino Felino: You talking to me, man?
Vermeer: Who the fuck you think you are, huh?
Det. Gino Felino: You like to beat up on fuckin' women, is that it? Huh? Beat up on me, asshole.

[after Gino intimidates the entire bar]
Sammy: The only balls he has is that badge and gun!
Det. Gino Felino: Is that right? Let me show you something.
[unloads gun]
Det. Gino Felino: Eh? Here's my gun! Fair game now, okay?
[holds up police badge]
Det. Gino Felino: And here's my badge. This is your trophy. This is your trophy, okay? Come and get it.
Sammy: I offer five thousand for that badge right now.
[bar brawl ensues]

Det. Gino Felino: Yo, fucknuts!
Station Wagon Tough Guy: You talkin' to me?
Det. Gino Felino: Yeah, you know, you wouldn't happen to be the guy who threw a puppy out of the window of this car the other day?
Station Wagon Tough Guy: Yeah, what's your fuckin' business anyway?
Det. Gino Felino: 'Cause I'm an animal lover, you know?
Station Wagon Tough Guy: Animal lover? Yeah? Look asshole, if you don't mind your fuckin' business I'll stuff *you* in a fuckin' plastic bag and throw *you* outta the fuckin' window. How's that?
Det. Gino Felino: You're a tough guy, huh?
Station Wagon Tough Guy: Tough guy? I'll show you how fuckin' tough I am.

Det. Gino Felino: Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?

Patti Madano: Cops been in and outta here all night, but it's you I've been expecting. Kinda figured you'd save the best for yourself.
Det. Gino Felino: How you doing, Patti?
Patti Madano: I can still get it wet. How 'bout you, Gino?
Det. Gino Felino: Me? I can't believe you can still eat with that mouth.

Vinnie Madano: Don't go pushing my patrons around, ya prick, ya!
Det. Gino Felino: Prick? Look around you over here. Is this the setting for profanity?
Vinnie Madano: Hey, fuck you.

Capt. Ronnie Donziger: I'm gettin' too old for this shit, Gino.
Det. Gino Felino: I know what you mean.

Det. Gino Felino: Come over here, Vinnie. Listen, you shouldn't talk to me that way. You know why? 'Cause like, you and I, we don't know each other so good. You were still suckin' your thumb when your brother was around town suckin' dicks. But just the same, you shouldn't talk so tough, all right?
Vinnie Madano: If my brother was here, you wouldn't talk shit like that.
Det. Gino Felino: Yeah, but he's not here. And you know why he's not here?
Vinnie Madano: Why?
Det. Gino Felino: 'Cause he's a chickenshit fuckin' pussy asshole.

Det. Gino Felino: Now look, I feed you every dope-dealing guy he's got, but let me do it my way. Just give me an unmarked and a shotgun.

Det. Gino Felino: Whose hot dog is this, eh?

Det. Gino Felino: [while questioning Patti in the club] Who's this one over here?
Patti Madano: Which one?
Det. Gino Felino: The one with nipples you could dial a phone with.