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Pig Pen (Character)
from Out Cold (2001)

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Out Cold (2001)
Pig Pen: Carpe the Diem. Seize The Carp.

Stumpy: Hey, Pig Pen, you ever been in one of those lesbian chat rooms?
Pig Pen: No... are they good?
Stumpy: [looking away] Well, I don't know.

Luke: [punches Pig Pen] A little sensitivity here. Can't you see this is a dejected man?
Pig Pen: Now Rick, get your dejected head out of your ass. Papa wanted you to run this mountain.

Rick: Bull Mountain is our home, and I say we do something about it!
Pig Pen: Yeah! It is our town!
Jenny: Yeah!
Barry: So you got a plan?
Rick: No.
Luke: [pause] I'm in.
Anthony: Me too.
Jenny: Let's do it!

Pig Pen: Snownook's not our home, Bull Mountain's our home.
Anthony: Well technically, it belonged to the Eskimos, but we stole it fair and square.

Pig Pen: [shouts] So, are you like a crippled guy?
Barry: [shouts] Naw, I'm just a really lazy guy!

Doorman: Get outta here!
Pig Pen: I'm gonna take Kung-Fu and kick you're friggen ass! We'll have the party at our place... We don't need their fancy-smancy gent and their blue ropes!
[Pig Pen and Anthony run back to the door and grab the blue ropes]

Pig Pen: Lance, if you weren't gay, you'd be a pretty weird guy.

Pig Pen: [nervously] Hello Inga. I've never been a man of words, but there's something I have to say to you. Inga, I've loved you from the first time that I saw you, and I love you more than any man's ever loved a woman that he's never actually spoken to. I'm only gonna offer this once. Inga, will you... have sex with me?
[long pause]
Inga: Nothing would piss off my stepfather more. Let's do this!