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Quotes for
Luke (Character)
from Out Cold (2001)

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Out Cold (2001)
Luke: No regrets, that's my motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.

Luke: This suit is really cramping my Hardy Boys. It's no mystery.

Luke: Well, yeah it dosen't really allow my dice to roll and by dice I mean testicles. Speaking of testicles, let me get a beer.

Luke: [drunk] There you are, I've been looking for you, come inside, you look so beautiful and I wanted to see if you wanted to dance...
[Anna walks up]
Luke: Not you, him and his white tuxedo.

Luke: He's had a crush on that bench for years

Luke: You know I hate what they're doing to the mountain, but this is the best vanilla latte I have ever had. You can actually taste the vanilla beans... I don't like the coffee.

Barry: So, uh, who's the "jaccuzi casanova?"
Stumpy: [pointing at Luke] That's him right there
Luke: Thanks Stumpy
Stumpy: Yeah, they call him that because he had himself all up in it, lovin' it strong.

Luke: Good evening. You all know the rules of King of the Mountain. Rule number one: you do not talk about King of the Mountain. Rule number two: there are no rules.
Anthony: Uh, what about rule number one?
Luke: That's more of a guidline than a rule, do not interrupt!

Eric Montclare: Luke, why don't you shut up before my fist makes an appointment with your ass?
Luke: Eric, do you notice you're always talking about sticking something in my ass, and that time it wasn't even a threat,
Luke: technically, that was *flirting*...

Luke: [punches Pig Pen] A little sensitivity here. Can't you see this is a dejected man?
Pig Pen: Now Rick, get your dejected head out of your ass. Papa wanted you to run this mountain.

Luke: Can you get an STD from a polar bear?

Rick: Bull Mountain is our home, and I say we do something about it!
Pig Pen: Yeah! It is our town!
Jenny: Yeah!
Barry: So you got a plan?
Rick: No.
Luke: [pause] I'm in.
Anthony: Me too.
Jenny: Let's do it!

Luke: This uniform is really cramping my Olsen Twins. Lance, Can I get a drink for Mary Kate and Ashley?

Inga: Where did you get all these scars?
Luke: Well, let's see. Skateboard... Truck accident... Fire hydrant.
Inga: I bet each one has its own exciting story, no?
Luke: No not really. I skateboarded off of a truck into a fire hydrant.