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William Davis (Character)
from The Honeymooners (2005)

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The Honeymooners (2005)
Alice Kramden: Hi, how can I help you today?
William Davis: Yes, uh, Alice, I would like an egg-white omelette, and if I could get a clean glass of water.
Alice Kramden: Well, precious, we don't separate our eggs here and that's about as clean as it's gonna get.
William Davis: Well, what do you have that's similar to an egg-white omelette?
Alice Kramden: Eggs.
William Davis: Well then, by all means why don't you just bring me whatevers convenient for you.
Trixie Norton: Do I need to take of my heels?
Alice Kramden: No, no. Not yet.
William Davis: I've angered you, I'm sorry. It happens alot.
Alice Kramden: Oh, hi Miss Benvenuti. How are you?
Miss Benvenuti: I'm fine. Hi Trixie.
William Davis: Ah, Miss Benvenuti, what a pleasure. Please
[gestures for her to sit]
Miss Benvenuti: If you'd just buy my house, that will be pleasure enough.
Alice Kramden: Oh, Miss Benvenuti, you're selling that cute little duplex over on Hart Street?
Miss Benvenuti: Yes, I can't take the winters anymore. Mr. Davis here and his company are thinking of buying the house.
William Davis: Yes, we are. So if you girls could just go and cook something...
Trixie Norton: Ignoring you!
Alice Kramden: Yeah, I wish we would've known because we've been looking to buy a duplex for years.
William Davis: Well, I'm sorry, but my company's already buying this one.
Trixie Norton: Yes, well, we're not a company or anything, but we would like a nice place to move into with our husbands, have a few little babies, a little Trixie.
Alice Kramden: But everything's so expensive nowadays!
William Davis: Yes, it is. Kinda wishing you hadn't dropped out of high school right about now, huh?
Alice Kramden: *Still* ignoring you! So Miss Benvenuti, how much are you asking for the duplex?