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Quotes for
Amy Pearl (Character)
from The Perfect Man (2005)

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The Perfect Man (2005)
Amy Pearl: Hey you. Yeah, you. How much your kicks cost you?
Holly Hamilton: What?

Holly Hamilton: The River Bistro? What are we doing here? I can't even afford to pee in a place like this. Much less actually eat here.
Amy Pearl: Relax, it's under control. My uncle's the owner.
Holly Hamilton: [looks at Lance] Him?
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] You've got to be kidding.
Amy Pearl: No, him.
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] No you didn't do that, did you?

Uncle Ben: [on the phone] Why wouldn't she mad, huh? Well, there's only one thing you can do: flowers. And you can't go cheap, either. Nope. A dozen, long-stemmed.
Amy Pearl: He knows about females.
Lance: He knows more about females than I know about females.
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] In my opinion roses always work, always.
Holly Hamilton: He doesn't actually believe that, does he?

Amy Pearl: See you freak.
[to Holly]
Amy Pearl: Hey, you're new here?
Holly Hamilton: Yeah, how'd you know?
Amy Pearl: Your skin.
Holly Hamilton: My skin looks new?
Amy Pearl: It looks virgin. No piercings, no tats. See, us Brooklyn Girls, we lose our skin virginity by fifth grade.
Holly Hamilton: In fifth grade I was just learning long division.

Amy Pearl: I paid fifty dollars for mine, you?
Holly Hamilton: Free, I pulled them out of a garbage can somewhere in Portland.
Amy Pearl: You win.

Holly Hamilton: Your uncle is a genius!
Amy Pearl: It worked?
Holly Hamilton: She was singing - happy songs! She NEVER sings happy songs!
Amy Pearl: Yeah, neither do I, but don't send me flowers, ok? I like it that way.

Amy Pearl: Together they look like the winners of a genetic lottery.