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Holly Hamilton (Character)
from The Perfect Man (2005)

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The Perfect Man (2005)
Holly Hamilton: Patsy's back, it's packing time.

Holly Hamilton: [Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" plays] Patsy's back. It's packing time.
Wichita Girl: Does this mean you're not going to the dance?
Holly Hamilton: We'll be gone by the end of the week. I'll stay in touch.

Amy Pearl: Hey you. Yeah, you. How much your kicks cost you?
Holly Hamilton: What?

Jean Hamilton: So you're just not going to talk to me for the rest of your life? Oh, come on, Holly. Every unmarried parent there appreciated the suggestion.
Holly Hamilton: Did it ever occur to you that the point of the meeting wasn't for the needs of the single parent? That the point of the meeting was maybe for, I don't know, the kids?
Jean Hamilton: Well, sure. I was just thinking ...
Holly Hamilton: About you! Because you're always thinking about you.

Holly Hamilton: Hey mom.

Holly Hamilton: Hey all you bloggers, it's me, the girl on the move. Well my mom got her heart broken again, so we're setting off on another big adventure. That's my mom's word for running away.

Holly Hamilton: I'm whipped, so time to hit the sheets, even though I have no idea which box there in.

Holly Hamilton: It always starts the same. I mean, she starts out hopeful, and then when the perfect man doesn't come around in two weeks, she gets desperate and hooks up with some loser. Some guy who's not even good enough to mop her floors. And then, when it doesn't work out, because it never works out, we pack up and move again, and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't even run away because that's what she does.

Holly Hamilton: The River Bistro? What are we doing here? I can't even afford to pee in a place like this. Much less actually eat here.
Amy Pearl: Relax, it's under control. My uncle's the owner.
Holly Hamilton: [looks at Lance] Him?
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] You've got to be kidding.
Amy Pearl: No, him.
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] No you didn't do that, did you?

Uncle Ben: [on the phone] Why wouldn't she mad, huh? Well, there's only one thing you can do: flowers. And you can't go cheap, either. Nope. A dozen, long-stemmed.
Amy Pearl: He knows about females.
Lance: He knows more about females than I know about females.
Uncle Ben: [on the phone] In my opinion roses always work, always.
Holly Hamilton: He doesn't actually believe that, does he?

Holly Hamilton: Was that the buzzer?

Holly Hamilton: It's impossible that Lenny is your secret admirer.
Jean Hamilton: Nothing's impossible.
Holly Hamilton: No. Some things are. Like a man that sends you an orchid, the most romantic flower, and then turns around and sends you a yellow rose. That's the kind of flower that someone sends their sick grandmother in the hospital.

Lenny: Hey, Holly, your mom said Saturday night is movie night. So, what do you say on me, you take Princess Zoe here, you guys go see "Bambi".
Holly Hamilton: I'm not actually sure that "Bambi" is still in theatres. Which is such a shame, because I am just dying to take my seven year old little sister to a movie where the mom gets killed by the evil male hunter.
Zoe Hamilton: I want to go see that.

Holly Hamilton: We need to know what the perfect man would do as a follow up to the orchid.
Uncle Ben: Well, can't we talk about it tomorrow?
Lance: Wait, what could be more important than the perfect man? Oh, duh. Perfect shoes.

Uncle Ben: Well, girls, I'm really not an authority on this.
Holly Hamilton: What makes today's perfect man perfect? What is it that he says or does that makes him a woman's perfect man?

Holly Hamilton: If you met Lenny, you'd lick the envelopment, and lend me a stamp.

Holly Hamilton: It's nothing. It's just, I'm going through my teenage years. And that's confusing. I'm confused about who I am and what my purpose is in life. What college I should go to. If I should even go to college. I'm trying to resist peer pressure to do all sorts of things that I know I shouldn't do, but some of them I kind of want to do. If you know what I mean? I'm considering getting my nose pierced, and my belly button, and nine other parts of my body. But my mom said she would totally kill me if I did that, so now I'm just thinking about getting a tattoo on my back. But it wouldn't really be considered my back, because it would be so low, that you wouldn't even be able to see it. Unless I wore my jeans low enough. I'm really confused.

Holly Hamilton: Hi mom.
Jean Hamilton: What are you doing, here?
Holly Hamilton: Umm. I just, I miss you.

Holly Hamilton: Mom! I'm going to get the waiter. Why don't you sit here and enjoy your lunch?

Holly Hamilton: There is such a thing as the perfect man. And I know exactly who it is for my mum.

Holly Hamilton: Hey! What were you thinking? That isn't even close to what I asked you to do.
Adam Forrest: I got... uh... distracted.
Holly Hamilton: By what? A lobotomy? Because, short of that, short of you telling me that somebody came in and actually removed your brain, I cant even begin to - .

Holly Hamilton: You never listen to anything I want.
Jean Hamilton: All right, fine. What do you want?
Holly Hamilton: I want a mom who sees in herself what Zoe and I see everyday. That's talented and pretty and funny, and cooks great and dances great, and doesn't need a man to be those things. Okay, so maybe the perfect man wasn't real. But the perfect you is.

Holly Hamilton: Cool.

Amy Pearl: See you freak.
[to Holly]
Amy Pearl: Hey, you're new here?
Holly Hamilton: Yeah, how'd you know?
Amy Pearl: Your skin.
Holly Hamilton: My skin looks new?
Amy Pearl: It looks virgin. No piercings, no tats. See, us Brooklyn Girls, we lose our skin virginity by fifth grade.
Holly Hamilton: In fifth grade I was just learning long division.

Holly Hamilton: Looks like mom was right. Staying turned out to be the greatest adventure of all. And let me tell you, it has made me do some crazy things. Like plan ahead and paint my room, and hang pictures on the walls. I mean, I used a nail and everything.

Holly Hamilton: Can you believe it? The Teenage Gypsy has finally settled down. Now I don't just have a home page. I have a home.

Holly Hamilton: Where are we going this time?
Jean Hamilton: There's a spot open at Delores' bakery. You know, I've always wanted to go there, and you kids will love Brooklyn. It's time for a new adventure and... I'm sorry, honey. I know you were finally making some friends here.
Holly Hamilton: It's no biggie. There's friends everywhere. Right?

Holly Hamilton: Where's Ben? I need to talk to him. It's an emergency.
Lance: Too late, little lady. He's already gone.
Holly Hamilton: Where?
Lance: The almighty wedding.
Holly Hamilton: Wedding? What wedding?
Lance: Well, Amber and ...
Holly Hamilton: Amber? Amber!
Lance: I know he didn't really want to do it, but she's hard to say no to.
Holly Hamilton: Where is it?
Lance: The Liberty Grand Hotel.
Holly Hamilton: Thanks.
Lance: So not a party without me. Whatever!

Jean Hamilton: I'm Jean. This is my daughter, Holly.
Lenny: Hey, how you doing, Holly?
Holly Hamilton: Great, and I think we gotta go before you learn Step Two.

Jean Hamilton: Give us a word with tic in it.
Holly Hamilton: Fine, tragic.
Jean Hamilton: Fantastic.
Holly Hamilton: Pathetic. Ecstatic.
Jean Hamilton: Thank you.
Holly Hamilton: Sarcastic.
Jean Hamilton: Psychotic.
Holly Hamilton: It's genetic.

Amy Pearl: I paid fifty dollars for mine, you?
Holly Hamilton: Free, I pulled them out of a garbage can somewhere in Portland.
Amy Pearl: You win.

Holly Hamilton: Okay, I'm through with these people! And I want new ones!

Holly Hamilton: Hey! Could you be any more crazy?
Orchid Thief: I was just bringing them to ya...

Zoe Hamilton: Why are you wearing jeans under your robe?
Holly Hamilton: How would you like to have bruises all over your body?

Holly Hamilton: Your uncle is a genius!
Amy Pearl: It worked?
Holly Hamilton: She was singing - happy songs! She NEVER sings happy songs!
Amy Pearl: Yeah, neither do I, but don't send me flowers, ok? I like it that way.

Holly Hamilton: What's that?
Adam Forrest: Um, nothing.
Holly Hamilton: Is that supposed to be me?
Adam Forrest: No, it's somebody else.
Holly Hamilton: The face - this looks exactly like my face.
Adam Forrest: No, it isn't. Ok, the face is - a little bit - but that woman is on a horse. You're not on a horse. That's a completely different person.

Holly Hamilton: Divorce as a career-builder, that's nice.

Adam Forrest: Hey, have you ever been?
Holly Hamilton: Divorced? Not yet.

Jean Hamilton: Well, it's different.
Holly Hamilton: So is a peanut butter and glue sandwich, that doesn't mean you eat it.