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Rush Sanders (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Angels We Have Heard on High (#6.15)" (1995)
Rush Sanders: I always knew you were stupid, but I never thought you'd be so self-destructive!
Steve Sanders: Thanks for the support, as usual.
Rush Sanders: Oh, good sonny boy. Keep up that sarcasm on the unemployment line.
Steve Sanders: What does that mean?
Rush Sanders: It means you lost your job at ITM, and you embarrassed the hell out of me considering that I was the one that got you that job in the first place. Scott Coveny told me to tell you that you're finished there. He even told me to tell you not to even come back to clean out your office.
Steve Sanders: What are you talking about?
Rush Sanders: You messed up is what I'm talking about! You delivered the present that Scott was sending to his mistress to his niece. His wife's sister's kid got a leather bustier. His mistress got a Holly Home Maker oven! What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot? That note that was included in the bustier is gonna cost Scott a fortune now since his wife is going to sue him for divorce.
Steve Sanders: [incredulous] Dad... I just delivered the packages to the addresses on the labels as Scott told me to. I didn't write them. I didn't put the address labels on the wrong packages or vice versa. I didn't screw up. Somebody else did.
Rush Sanders: [scoffs] Somebody else screwed up? That's your MO, kiddo. Did you just make that up, or did you rehearse it by saying it in front of a mirror before saying it to me? Yeah... sure, you mess up and it's always somebody else's fault! You used that same excuse just last year for the bloody fire!
Steve Sanders: You know what? I don't need to take that crap from you. That's your MO. I didn't do anything wrong, and you never believe me. I got nothing further to explain to you, 'cause you just will not believe me.
Rush Sanders: Sometimes I'm ashamed to call a loser like you my son.
Steve Sanders: Then don't bother. You're not my father anyway!
Rush Sanders: Don't say that.
Steve Sanders: Why not? You're not my father! You've got nothing to be ashamed about, and neither do I!

Cindy Walsh: [Answering the front door] Rush, come on in!
Rush Sanders: Cindy! What a nice surprise, hi, I didn't know you were in town.
Cindy Walsh: It was a last minute visit.
Rush Sanders: Is Jim here, I'll take him out on the golf course.
Cindy Walsh: Uh, no, I came by myself.
Rush Sanders: Everything all right, kid?
Cindy Walsh: Actually no.
Rush Sanders: Anything I can do?
Cindy Walsh: Marry me?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Smashed (#6.25)" (1996)
Rush Sanders: [At the Peach Pit after dumping Ryan and Austin on Steve for the night] There all yours my boy!
[He leaves]

Rush Sanders: [At the hospital] How the hell could you let something like this happen?
[He walks away]
Steve Sanders: [to Clare] What if he does die?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Injustice for All (#5.14)" (1994)
Rush Sanders: Steve, any person who steals a house key to use for a rave does not deserve any understanding.
Steve Sanders: [caught off guard] What did you say? I didn't steal any key.
Rush Sanders: Drop the innocent act. Griffin told me yesterday how both of you lifted that key to the brownstone house from his father, Ted Stone's reality office. Now if I know you, I'd say the whole thing was your idea considering the West Beverly High break-in during your senior year.
Steve Sanders: Wait, Griffin said I lifted the key to the house? Griffin told me that he had permission! That's the only reason why I gave him a cut of the profits in the first place!
Rush Sanders: [scoffs] Yeah... right. Still more lies. At least I'm so glad I don't have to listen to any more parties or planning them.
Steve Sanders: How can you say that? I am not lying here! I didn't know Griffin lifted that key until just now when you told me. Yet, you provide that I cannot operate or partake in parties or raves anymore. This was going to be my career, my living... my livelihood!
Rush Sanders: I'm afraid I can't stand and listen to any more of your lying, whining, and moaning. It's over, Steve. You should thank God that you got off light. Now if you don't mind, I have another meeting downtown. Oh, and one more thing... the next time you get into trouble with the law and you need someone to bail you out, do me a favor: don't call me. Call your mother.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Cuffs and Links (#4.24)" (1994)
Rush Sanders: You wanna drive Brandon?
Brandon Walsh: Love to!
Steve Sanders: Wait a minute! How come he gets to drive and not me?
Brandon Walsh: I don't think Brandon's gotten three speeding tickets in 18 months.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Alone at the Top (#5.22)" (1995)
Steve Sanders: [In a restaurant] Did you sleep with Valerie?
Rush Sanders: What?
Steve Sanders: Don't play dumb with me.
Rush Sanders: You got quite an imagination or a dirty mind.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Senior Week (#7.30)" (1997)
Steve Sanders: Did you say no safety net?
Rush Sanders: Not a stitch. From now on your on your own!
[Steve is upset]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Deadline (#8.11)" (1997)
Rush Sanders: [outside the courthouse] Brandon made bail.
Kelly Taylor: Thank you for all your help.