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Tracy Gaylian (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: With This Ring (#7.20)" (1997)
Tracy Gaylian: [Arguing about the ring] I'm upset because you're cheating on me!
Brandon Walsh: That's not true!

Tracy Gaylian: [to Kelly about the engagement ring] I found your engagement ring, he never got rid of it. Did you know he still had it?
Kelly Taylor: [Shocked and touched] No I didn't know that.
Kelly Taylor: [about Brandon] You love him don't you?
Tracy Gaylian: Do you?
Kelly Taylor: [Looks at Tracy] Yes.
Tracy Gaylian: So do I. This isn't fair. You broke up with him. You walked away. I know that Brandon and I could be happy. I know we could.

Tracy Gaylian: You have to make up your mind; once and for all!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Long Goodbye (#7.26)" (1997)
Tracy Gaylian: [In her dorm room] At least our relationship is back on track.
[Kisses him]

Brandon Walsh: [after the kiss] Uh, Trace, I don't know how to start this exactly but I have to.
Tracy Gaylian: What?
Brandon Walsh: I don't think we should see each other anymore.
Tracy Gaylian: [Upset] You serious?
Brandon Walsh: Yeah.
[Looks at her]
Brandon Walsh: I'm not as into this relationship as you deserve someone to be.
Tracy Gaylian: What does that mean?

Tracy Gaylian: [In the student union] Brandon broke up with me.
Valerie Malone: Why?
Tracy Gaylian: I don't know. Nothing he said made any sense.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Heaven Scent (#7.25)" (1997)
Tracy Gaylian: [after Mariah has left the Walsh household] Either Mariah met Kelly in a past life or you poured your heart out to her in lonesome city Texas.
Brandon Walsh: [Obviously annoyed with Tracy] Be an angel will you?

Tracy Gaylian: [In the studio] It wasn't so long ago that Kelly told me right to my face that she's still in love with you. Tell me that isn't paranoid.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Straight Shooter (#7.21)" (1997)
Tracy Gaylian: [about Dick's behavior at the After Dark] Dick looks stoned!
Brandon Walsh: At least Steve isn't getting wasted.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Spring Breakdown (#7.24)" (1997)
Jim Walsh: [In his parent's home in Hong Kong] Welcome to Casa East!
Tracy Gaylian: Charming.
Brandon Walsh: In a very adult's only way. I'll be sure to rectify that.
[Jumps on te sofa with his shoes on]
Jim Walsh: I'm sure your mother would be very happy to hear that!
Brandon Walsh: Of course she would.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2 (#8.2)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: [Catches Tracy and Brandon hugging] Well, well isn't this a pretty picture.
Brandon Walsh: Kel, what are you doing here?
Kelly Taylor: Maybe I should ask you the same thing.
Brandon Walsh: I can't believe you're here!
[moves towards her]
Kelly Taylor: I bet you can't.
Brandon Walsh: [leans into her ear] Let me guess, Valerie called?
Kelly Taylor: No, Donna.
Tracy Gaylian: Kelly, let me explain!
Kelly Taylor: Explain what?
[obviously not amused at the situation]
Brandon Walsh: For starters this is Eric Anderson, Tracy's fiancé!
[Brandon smiles and Kelly turns beet red as Eric introduces himself]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Unnecessary Roughness (#7.16)" (1997)
Tracy Gaylian: [At her parent's ranch and sees her ex's truck] Damn!
Brandon Walsh: Problem?
Tracy Gaylian: Nothing that I can't handle!