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Jackie Taylor (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Ticket to Ride (#6.29)" (1996)
Jackie Taylor: [At her mom's] I'm glad your feeling better. You deserve it.
Kelly Taylor: Then why do I have to go to summer school five days a week?
Jackie Taylor: Well at least you'll be well dressed.
Kelly Taylor: Thanks to you.

Kelly Taylor: [At her mom's condo] Hi mom! Where's Mel?
Jackie Taylor: Oh he took Erin to see Babe for the hundredth time. I didn't hear you come in.
Kelly Taylor: Brought you a present.
[Gives her the basket of shower gels]
Kelly Taylor: It's all the yummy stuff you like that I used up while I was staying here.
Jackie Taylor: You didn't have to.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe I shouldn't have moved back to my apartment so soon. Guess who showed up on my front door step last night?
Jackie Taylor: Who?
Kelly Taylor: Colin.He's supposed to be going to jail but he didn't feel like it.
Jackie Taylor: Excuse me?
[Extremely pissed and shocked]
Kelly Taylor: He bolted! Didn't turn himself in. I must be on the road to recovery because I didn't even let him inside.
Jackie Taylor: Good for you!
[Clearly impressed]
Kelly Taylor: I don't think I would make a good fugitive anyway.
Jackie Taylor: I'm so glad he is out of your life honey!

"90210: Lucky Strike (#1.3)" (2008)
Jackie Taylor: [to Kelly] You can imagine my surprise when you called to say you were coming after. Well, how long has it been since our last altercation?
Kelly Taylor: I came to talk about Silver, Mom.
Jackie Taylor: Well, Erin is not here right now. She's staying at a friend's house, Naomi's, I think, or...
Kelly Taylor: Are you kidding me? Is that what you think? She hasn't been staying at a friend's house. She's been sleeping at a shelter.
Jackie Taylor: Well, she told me... oh, how dare you give me that look. I didn't know.
Kelly Taylor: Why is that? Were you too drunk to notice? What is these days, Mom? Alcohol? Or are you back on coke?
Jackie Taylor: Oh, let's go to another meeting together again. Let's hold hands and give it up to our higher power.

Jackie Taylor: Your sister is just leaving, Erin.
Kelly Taylor: Yes, I am, and I am taking her with me.
Jackie Taylor: You have a 4-year-old with nobody to help you unless by some miracle he has decided to come back and act like a dad, and now you want to add a teenager on top of it. Let me tell you, she is no walk in the park.
Kelly Taylor: Well, she's coming to live with me.
[to Silver]
Kelly Taylor: Let's go.
Jackie Taylor: You lied to me and now you're gonna leave me?
Erin Silver: Mom! Stop it, both of you! Mom, I can't take this anymore. I can't just watch you...
Jackie Taylor: [to Silver] Oh, get out! I am tired of both of you.
[Silver runs away]
Kelly Taylor: Good job, Mom.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Who's Zoomin' Who? (#5.7)" (1994)
Jackie Taylor: Kelly do not start!
Kelly Taylor: Only if you promise this isn't going to be a regular occurance.

Jackie Taylor: [after Kelly lectures her about what her modeling experience did to her as a child] Let's just take it down a notch! I honestly do not see what your so upset about?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Something in the Air (#3.28)" (1993)
Jackie Taylor: [talking to Mel on the phone] What were you thinking giving those kids champagne; someone out to have you arrested. You are going to go over to that girls house and apologize to her parents. Hold on David and Kelly just walked in; I'll talk to you later.
David Silver: My dad didn't mean for this to happen.
Jackie Taylor: No, David your father never means for anything to happen.

David Silver: [after finding out they have to move out of the house in 10 days] Did anyone ever tell you; you have really lousy timing?
Jackie Taylor: The story of my life.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Gift Wrapped (#7.13)" (1996)
Jackie Taylor: [after Kelly reveals to her mother about Joy] I know.
Kelly Taylor: What do you mean you know? I just told you I met this girl last night!
Jackie Taylor: I'm very upset with your father that he did this without telling me.
[Gives an annoyed look]
Kelly Taylor: [looks shocked] you knew about this and never told me?
Jackie Taylor: [Guilty] Yes, I'm sorry.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Buffalo Gals (#6.2)" (1995)
Jackie Taylor: [to Brandon and Dylan] I want you both to sit next to her!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Thicker Than Water (#4.17)" (1994)
Jackie Taylor: First Cabo, now this? How can you even claim to be a father?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Following Options (#9.9)" (1998)
Doctor: The ventilator's breathing for him now.
Kelly Taylor: Does that - the thing hurt him?
Doctor: He's on pain medication for the moment. Oh, in the future, a chalkboard will really help. Um, till then just work out some signals with him.
Jackie Taylor: For what?
Doctor: To communicate with him. He might be on that ventilator indefinitely. But he's alive. That's the main thing.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Graduation Day: Part 2 (#7.32)" (1997)
Jackie Taylor: [to Kelly] Life is too short to keep looking back!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: What's in a Name (#10.10)" (1999)
Jackie Taylor: Hey would you like to call daddy and wish him a Happy Thanksgiving?
Erin Silver: Yeah!
Jackie Taylor: Here you go!
Kelly Taylor: Well done, Mother!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Dead End (#3.21)" (1993)
Jackie Taylor: [after a meeting with Kelly and David; Erin cries from the next room] And thank you Erin!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Family Tree (#10.9)" (1999)
Jackie Taylor: Great sweater. I think Mel should buy me one... or four.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: A Walsh Family Christmas (#2.18)" (1991)
Jackie Taylor: Patience!
Kelly Taylor: Who died and made you Julia Child? You haven't touched a spatula in ten years.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Commencement: Part 2 (#3.30)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: I think I know what I'll major in college... psychology.
Jackie Taylor: I think I may join you!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Girls on the Side (#5.28)" (1995)
Jackie Taylor: [about meeting a modeling agent from NYC] You'll never know if you don't meet him.
Kelly Taylor: I guess then I will never know.