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Felice Martin (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Love Is Blind (#10.24)" (2000)
Felice Martin: [Upon seeing Steve wearing a beer hat that is feeding Maddy her milk] That poor child!

Felice Martin: I want to talk to you about the house. I'm putting it on the market.
Donna Martin: You're going to sell it?
Felice Martin: Yeah, it's just to big for me all by myself. There's too many memories
[Looks sad but determined to move on]
Donna Martin: Where would you go?
Felice Martin: I don't know a condo. An apartment.
Donna Martin: A condo? An apartment?
Felice Martin: You live in an apartment!

Felice Martin: We're decorating the tree.
Matt Durning: What do you think? Too much tinsel.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Bobbi Dearest (#9.18)" (1999)
Felice Martin: Intimidate you?, my beloved niece who is suing me for a million dollars. Perrish the thought.

Felice Martin: [Bobbi, Felice's sister is going through a huge purse] Bobbi, do you have to keep rummaging around in that ghastly bag of yours?
Bobbi Kincaid: Just looking for my cigarettes.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Long Goodbye (#7.26)" (1997)
Donna Martin: [after catching her mother with Warren] Don't you not have any respect for daddy or for me?
Felice Martin: What are you talking about?
Morton Muntz: Is this your daughter?
Donna Martin: Yes, I am her daughter and I know who you are.
[Her mother looks shocked]
Donna Martin: What you don't think I remember him from the Bellaige Hotel?
Felice Martin: This is not what you think.
Donna Martin: Daddy sits home alone in a wheelchair while you stroll down lovers lane. This is disgusting.

Felice Martin: When I saw that Warren was coming to CU; I got an idea of your father lecturing at the hospital. He has so much to offer, he can't be a surgeon anymore but he can share his knowledge and compassion with students. I think he would really love that don't you?
Donna Martin: Yeah, I do.
Felice Martin: Good, there's something we see the same way.
Donna Martin: I'm sorry.
[Hugs her mom]
Donna Martin: I'm sorry.
Donna Martin: You should listen to your boyfriend a little more often. He's more mature than I give him credit for.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Doc Martin (#10.17)" (2000)
Felice Martin: Donna what's happening?
Donna Martin: They think daddy's had a stroke.
Felice Martin: How is he?
[Looks at Donna]
Felice Martin: NO! What are you standing around for do something! I want to see my husband!
[Runs in the house and Donna bursts into tears]

Felice Martin: [after freaking out about the bills, the mortgage and his funeral] No we can't!
Donna Martin: Yes we can, we have to!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: I Wanna Reach Right Out and Grab Ya (#9.21)" (1999)
Dr. John Martin: [At her parents home] What happened to the little girl
[laughs as he is talking]
Dr. John Martin: who once put two contacts in the same eye?
Donna Martin: [Embarrassed] Don't remind me.
Felice Martin: She's all grown up.

Felice Martin: [Sitting on the stairs in her home with Donna and Noah. Crying] What did I say? What did I do?
Dr. John Martin: [Dr. Martin enters with news of calling off the divorce] Nothing. You're not responsible for my unhappiness. I needed to talk I should've made it easier for you to listen.
Felice Martin: [Still skeptical] Why now?
Dr. John Martin: [Looks at Noah] Because someone made me realize how important it is to make this work.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Earthquake Weather (#6.9)" (1995)
Donna Martin: [In her father's office with her mother] I'm a rose court finalist mom! I had my final interview today.
Felice Martin: Why didn't you say something?
Donna Martin: You made it quite clear you don't approve.
Felice Martin: No I don't.
Donna Martin: Is it because you didn't make the final cut?
Felice Martin: Excuse me.
[Turns around mortified that her secret is going to be exposed]

Dr. John Martin: [after Donna leaves angrily] What happened?
Felice Martin: She saw my picture John.
Dr. John Martin: The Rose Bowl picture?
[Felice nods almost in tears]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Spring Fever (#10.21)" (2000)
Donna Martin: Just because I'm in tonight does not mean I'm feeling sorry for myself.
[Eating ice cream and talking on the phone with her mom]
Felice Martin: [camera shows her mom eating ice cream and talking to her on the phone] Before I met your father I went to where the boys were. I didn't stay at home.
Donna Martin: If I didn't stay at home, I wouldn't be able to take your "do you have a boyfriend yet" phone calls.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Life after Death (#5.4)" (1994)
Felice Martin: Donna don't be difficult!
Donna Martin: Difficult? Who me? Never.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Ode to Joy (#10.27)" (2000)
Andrea Zuckerman: Presenting a Donna Martin favorite; Popcorn and ice cream.
Felice Martin: How did you know?
Andrea Zuckerman: The sleepover at Brenda's and that was the night I knew we would be friends.
Kelly Taylor: And the mean girl Amanda Pacer.
[Kelly makes a face]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Things to Do on a Rainy Day (#2.26)" (1992)
Donna Martin: No, room 622; I saw you mom.
Felice Martin: I don't know what you saw!
Donna Martin: You were laughing and you were kissing in the hallway!
Felice Martin: I don't think this is the time or the place.
Donna Martin: Are you having an affair?
Felice Martin: Donna, I will not let you speak to me this way!
Donna Martin: Just answer me, are you having an affair mom?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Offensive Interference (#6.11)" (1995)
Donna Martin: [At the Beach front apartment with her parents] It's about why Joe isn't playing in the game today. More than that it's about me and Ray. I thought I could avoid telling you guys but I have to; It's kind of like how you had to tell me your secret mom.
Felice Martin: Ok, what is it sweetheart?
Donna Martin: Mom, dad, this is really hard for me. There was something terrible going on between me and Ray. He was hurting me.
Dr. John Martin: What?
[Moves closer to Donna]
Dr. John Martin: You mean physically?
Donna Martin: Yeah.
Felice Martin: Oh Donna!
Donna Martin: If you don't mind I don't wanna get into the details. It is kind of humiliating. I just wanted you guys to know I'm ok.
Felice Martin: Palm Springs, you didn't fall down those stairs did you?
Donna Martin: No.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: P.S. I Love You: Part 1 (#5.31)" (1995)
Felice Martin: [Watching Donna in the pool] Enjoying yourself?
Ray Pruit: Yeah its ok.
Felice Martin: When I was your age, bathing suits were a little more descreet. The least you can do is stop standing there gawking at her!
Ray Pruit: So you don't approve of what she is wearing?
Felice Martin: Please.
Ray Pruit: Well Mrs. Martin, I think you better sit down; we actually agree on something!
Felice Martin: Well, I haven't had any luck trying to get her to tone down her wardrobe, maybe its time for you to give it a try!
[Winks at him and leaves]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1 (#8.1)" (1997)
Felice Martin: [after finding out about Kelly's woman's problems at the drugstore] I'm sorry Kelly, I feel like we are invading your privacy.
Kelly Taylor: No problem Mrs. Martin.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Friends in Deed (#8.12)" (1997)
Noah Hunter: [Bidding on the Martin's houseboat] $325, 000.
Felice Martin: That's not funny young man!
Noah Hunter: I didn't intend for it to be funny!
Felice Martin: [Getting up to the auctioneer] I'm sorry for the interruption, I believe the final bid was...
Noah Hunter: $325,000.
Felice Martin: [Looks at Donna] Does he think this is a joke?
Donna Martin: No, actually he is serious.
Felice Martin: I don't think you have that kind of money.
Noah Hunter: You're right Mrs. Martin, I don't have it all on me now, but what I do have is a cashier's check for $300, 000; which pretty much shows I'm good for the rest.
Auctioneer: Sold, to Mr. Hunter for $325,000.00!
[Hands the check to Mrs. Martin]
Felice Martin: Hunter Oil and Chemicals.
Felice Martin: You're one of those Hunters?
Noah Hunter: We all have our flaws!
Felice Martin: [to Donna] Did you know about this?
Donna Martin: [By Noah's side] Yep.