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Craig Field (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: A Shot in the Dark (#6.8)" (1997)
Craig Field: [after an argument with Michael] How could you stand growing up with him?
Jennifer Mancini: I couldn't. But he left before I could kill him.

"Melrose Place: Un-Janed Melody (#5.5)" (1996)
[to his superior, Billy]
Craig Fields: I don't expect to be treated differently because I'm the boss's son... but I do take cream in my coffee.

"Melrose Place: Ultimatums and the Single Guy (#5.29)" (1997)
Amanda Woodward: Uh, what do you think you're doing?
Craig Field: Relaxing. Which is something you can do now, too. I saw Sydney last night.
Amanda Woodward: After I specifically threatened you to stay away from her? How self-destructive can you be?
Craig Field: Well, I got her to come down on the settlement amount.
Amanda Woodward: [sarcastic] Really? And how did you accomplish this amazing feat?
Craig Field: I just talked to her. You know, I explained it in all detail how potentially damaging it could be to her and she just listened.
Amanda Woodward: Sydney couldn't spell "listen", much less do with any level of comprehension.
Craig Field: Contrary to popular belief, Sydney is actually very smart and very sweet when you get to know her. The truth is that she's just misunderstood my most people. Especially you.
Amanda Woodward: What did she do? Throw pixie dust in your face? This woman is a sociopath with a history of greed and opportunism a mile long. She's not going to take less money just 'cause you asked her too. Why would she?
Craig Field: Because she likes me. In fact, she might even love me.
Amanda Woodward: Oh, there really is no accounting for taste, is there? Either way, I'll believe it when I see it.
Craig Field: Oh, you'll see it... soon. Until then, why not practice by saying "thanks"? I know how hard it is for a person like you to say it.