Dr. Michael Mancini
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Dr. Michael Mancini (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: Psycho-Therapy (#2.27)" (1994)
Dr. Michael Mancini: You were right, Syd. Blackmail works!

[Levin sees Michael in the company of a prositute he frequetly visits]
Dr. Stanley Levin: [whispering] How dare you bring that trash into my home!
Dr. Michael Mancini: Trash today, Bucking Bronco tomorrow. Right, "Doctor Cowboy"?
Dr. Stanley Levin: You son-of-a-bitch! What do you want? Your job back?
Dr. Michael Mancini: No, I don't want my job back. Not my old job anyway.

Dr. Michael Mancini: Levin, what is it with you? You've been on my case for days. Is this still about Kimberly and the accident. It that it? Look, I'm sorry we fell in love. I'm sorry about the accident. I'm sorry your darling prodigy didn't make it.
Dr. Stanley Levin: I resent what you're implying, Michael.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Why? Because it's the truth? Because you'll never admit that you do have some irrational grudge against me?
Dr. Stanley Levin: That's it Mancini! I now have a right to report your behavior to the hospital's medical board.
Dr. Michael Mancini: [sarcastic] Oh, the medical board? Levin, please don't do this.
Dr. Stanley Levin: Get out of here, Mancini! Clean out your locker and spend the rest of the day saying goodbye to your colleagues because by this time tomorrow, you are out of a job!
Dr. Michael Mancini: Ha! Guess again, Levin. By this time tomorrow, I'll be appointed Chief Resident. And the twist is... you are going to be the one that appoints me.

"Melrose Place: The Big Bang Theory (#3.30)" (1995)
Dr. Peter Burns: I've got a medical board hearing at the end of the week. They want to yank my license.
Dr. Michael Mancini: You're kidding. Just 'cause you tried to kill one of your patients?

[Michael is suprisingly visited in jail by Dr. Peter Burns]
Dr. Peter Burns: It's ironic how things turn out for both of us. You're sitting behind that glass... and I'm a free man.
Dr. Michael Mancini: How the hell did you get out of jail?
Dr. Peter Burns: We'll swap prison stories another time. Right now, I wanted to let you know that your bail has been set at 300 grand... and I'm willing to play banker.

"Melrose Place: The Doctor Is In... Deep (#6.4)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: [meeting Lexi for the first time] Can I buy you a drink?
Lexi Sterling: No, but you can take me up to your room and make love to me all night.

Dr. Michael Mancini: [answering his phone] Yeah, this is Dr. Mancini.
Taylor McBride: We have to have sex right away.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Who is this?
Taylor McBride: It's Taylor. Who do you think? Now, when can you do me?

"Melrose Place: A Promise Broken (#1.11)" (1992)
Jane Andrews Mancini: [about Kimberly] Should I be jealous?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Probably.

Dr. Michael Mancini: I messed up!
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: We all mess up.
Dr. Michael Mancini: I don't.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Oh, that's right. To mess up is to admit that you're human. That you have feelings. Michael, don't you see? You're not letting yourself feel anything. You're working yourself to death to avoid dealing with what's happened. I know you and Jane were looking forward with this...
Dr. Michael Mancini: [rudely interrupting] Look, I really don't need to hear this from you, okay?
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Maybe I care about you. I guess that's the last thing you want, someone caring about you.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Yeah, especially some intern who doesn't have a life of her own.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Go to hell, Mancini!

"Melrose Place: Picture Imperfect (#1.21)" (1993)
Billy Campbell: Why can't she get a real date?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Why can't you?

"Melrose Place: Sole Sister (#5.11)" (1996)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Everything else has been so...
Megan Lewis: Complicated?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Yeah.
Megan Lewis: Do you think it's still because your're in love with your wife?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Ah... Kimberly's gone. She's in the past now.
Megan Lewis: Maybe, but you still have feelings for her.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Well, what I mean is that you go through all the things we went through and then, suddenly it's gone. Yeah, sure, I still got feelings, but they'll pass. It's just gonna take a little time, that's all.
Megan Lewis: Michael, I need to know how you really feel. I mean, I want to belive it's just a question of time but I'm... you know. I'm afraid that no matter how long I wait, you're still going to be in love with Kimberly. I mean, weeks will go by, and months... and still, every time you hold me, you'll be holding her. I don't think I can stand that. I need you to love me.
Dr. Michael Mancini: I do. I swear.

"Melrose Place: A Brand New Day (#6.1)" (1997)
Jennifer Mancini: You really did it this time, big brother. I thought you might like to know that Megan is completely disgusted with you.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Belive me, I know.
Jennifer Mancini: And she moved out of the beach house and is staying with me at Melrose. Personally, I don't think you have a prayer of getting back together with Megan. Unless, you have somebody... say, close to her who'd be willing to plead your case.
Dr. Michael Mancini: No! All I care about right now is that she backs me up as a witness with this assault charge I'm taking against Peter. Forget what I did, she knows that crazy doc is on a psycho rampage.
Jennifer Mancini: See, well, that's just it. Apparently the cops got ahold of Taylor, and she's up in Carmel with Peter, and they're getting married.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wh-what?
Jennifer Mancini: Isn't that something? Anyway, I figure the only hope in the world you have is to fix things up with Megan so that she doesn't join up with the other side and flush you away just for the fun of it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: No, and in any case, she won't even talk to me.
[Jennifer wickedly smirks]
Dr. Michael Mancini: All right, all right, if you can manage this... if you get us back together what's in it for you?
Jennifer Mancini: [mimicking Marlon Brandon in 'The Godfather'] One day, Michael... I will come to you for a favor, and when I do, you will grant me that favor...
[normal voice]
Jennifer Mancini: no matter what it is. Capisce?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Forget it! I'm a doctor and a businessman. I don't do favors.
Jennifer Mancini: Fine, good luck.
Dr. Michael Mancini: You were always the weird one in the family.
Jennifer Mancini: And you were always the greedy, selfish one who'll do anything to get what he wants.
Dr. Michael Mancini: [sighs] All right, fine. Deal. Now leave me alone.

"Melrose Place: Postmortem Madness (#4.1)" (1995)
Dr. Michael Mancini: What was all that about?
Sydney Andrews: Well, Amanda just turned down free bed and breakfast and Peter's.
Amanda Woodward: Nothing's free in this world, Sydney, but you'll never understand that.

"Melrose Place: Arousing Suspicions (#2.18)" (1994)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Hey Syd, how you doing?
Sydney Andrews Mancini Field: I'm fine, you're screwed.

"Melrose Place: Irreconcilable Similarites (#1.25)" (1993)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Sometimes... do you feel like you're losing it?
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: [laughs] It's not so much sometimes as all the time.

"Melrose Place: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (#3.20)" (1995)
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: What, are you crazy? Why didn't you tell me that Amanda has lymphoma?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Because it's none of your damn business. Doctor, patient, confidentiality... does that ring a bell with you?
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: You're not an Oncologist. You are not trained for this, Michael. What you are doing is unethical.
Dr. Michael Mancini: When did "unethical" sneak into your vocabulary?
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: Michael, she needs a specialist.
Dr. Michael Mancini: You think I'm making this up as I go along? Oncology's been on board since Amanda was diagnosed. She's had a CAT scan, and a biopsy. Amanda happens to feel comfortable with me as her attending physician.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: Well, isn't that sweet. What's in it for you?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Just the joy of living with a wife who's pissed off 24 hours a day. And, if by some miracle that Amanda survives, it just may be the break I need to get ahead around here.

"Melrose Place: Non-Sexual Healing (#3.5)" (1994)
Matt Fielding: How can you stay with a woman who tried to kill you?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Do I judge your lifestyle, Matt?

"Melrose Place: All Beths Are Off (#5.28)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wait a second. Let me get this straight. So, you and Megan are sitting there having dinner, and you suddenly get the urge to get up and slap the restaurant owner in the face?
Jennifer Mancini: Put it in park, Michael! I told you, I don't want to talk about it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Well, you are going to talk about this! As long as you are living here in my house with my wife, you will talk about what I want!
Megan Lewis Mancini: Leave her alone, Michael. If she doesn't want to talk about it she doesn't have to.
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Megan] Stay out of this!
[to Jennifer]
Dr. Michael Mancini: When a woman slaps a man for no reason and she doesn't want to explain why or talk about it to anyone, it's got to be about sex. Did you know Kyle McBride while you were living in Boston? Were you doing him? Huh? Is that what happened? Did he dump you or something like that?
Jennifer Mancini: You are such a pig, Michael!
Dr. Michael Mancini: You better watch your mouth, young lady! You're very close to being out on your butt!
[there is a knock on the front door, Michael answers it, and Kyle enters; Jennifer is spooked]
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Kyle] Ah, the man himself! Now tell me something, how do you know my sister and why did she get the need to reset your clock?
Kyle McBride: Okay... this is strange. I had no idea she was your sister. I just came over here to ask Megan if she knew where I could find... Jennifer. Can we talk? Alone? At the beach?
[Kyle and Jennifer walk out when Jennifer turns towards Michael]
Jennifer Mancini: I worked for him at his restaurant in Boston two years ago. Anything further is none of your damn business.
[Jennifer walks out as Michael closes the door]
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Megan; smug tone] She was doing him.

"Melrose Place: Polluted Affairs (#1.12)" (1992)
Dr. Michael Mancini: I have to say, man. I could not get a medical school loan because of dead beats like you. I mean it forced me into borrowing money from Jane's parents.

"Melrose Place: From Here to Maternity (#5.24)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Kimberly's jerked me around so many times, I have emotional whiplash.

"Melrose Place: The Trojan Stork (#6.2)" (1997)
Megan Lewis Mancini: Look, the hospital board still has no idea about the feud that is going between the two of you, and I've decided that it's going to stay that way. For your welfare and the welfare of Burns-Manicni, a medical corporation.
Dr. Peter Burns: Well, the lenghts some people will go to keep their job.
Megan Lewis Mancini: No, it's your job I'm saving, Peter. Let's review the facts. Fact number one: you both acted like insane, egocentric, overly-ambitious idiots.
Dr. Michael Mancini: And what if that's what we are, huh? Have you ever thought of that?
Dr. Peter Burns: And that we're proud of it?
Megan Lewis Mancini: Fact two: through a nefarious plot, worthy of Satan, Michael stole your job, Peter. Fact three: rather then go through the proper authorites of the medical and hospital boards, and the police, you, Peter, attacked and threw Michael through a glass window.
Dr. Peter Burns: Going to the police or the hospital board wouldn't have accomplished anything. Michael would have just denied everything and then make up some story about my fictitious "medical condition" to the board to put the blame back on me.
Dr. Michael Mancini: You're right. I definitely would have.
Megan Lewis Mancini: Enough! Now the purpose of my being here today is to negotiate a peace treaty.
Dr. Peter Burns: Forget it! I'm not signing anything util he gives me my chief of staff job back.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Oh, and leaving me with squat, just a pair of crippled mitts? No way, Jose! You're going to pay for this. As much as my acts were evil and amoral, I would never physically attack you.
Megan Lewis Mancini: Stop it, both of you! Okay? The solution is right here in front of you. Michael, all you have to do is agree to give Peter his job back once your hands are healed. Peter, in exchange for this, all you have to do is keep Michael on at Burns-Maninci as a partner, paying him equally, until he can operate again.
Dr. Michael Mancini: I am not giving up that job that I scamed so many people for.
Dr. Peter Burns: And why should I share my money with him?
Megan Lewis Mancini: Because the alternative sucks, that's why. If either one of you squals, the other one is finished, kaput. I have thought and I have thought about this, okay? And this is your only chance. Now if you were realy good men, you would stand up, shake hands, and that would be the end of that. Your word being your bond.
Dr. Michael Mancini: And what if we're not good men?
Megan Lewis Mancini: Then I would have to turn both of you in. We all go down in flames. Michael, you go down for stealing Peter's job, and Peter goes down for assaulting you, and I'm left with nothing. Good riddens!

"Melrose Place: State of Need (#1.31)" (1993)
Dr. Michael Mancini: How about that? You do know me.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Yes. And you're a bastard.

"Melrose Place: Dreams Come True (#1.13)" (1992)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Jane, it's only human, huh?
Jane Andrews Mancini: What do you mean, "it's only human"? You think that having an affair is only human?

"Melrose Place: A Melrose Place Christmas (#1.18)" (1992)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Kimberly and I made a baby together.

"Melrose Place: The Whole Truth (#1.16)" (1992)
Jane Andrews Mancini: God, she gets me so mad. She's rude, vain, opinionated...
Dr. Michael Mancini: The collective term is 'bitch.'

"Melrose Place: Last Exit to Ohio (#5.25)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Kimberly, you're a doctor. You know the facts, and the fact is, your mother's solution to everything is to drag you back to the midwest, even if it risks your life, because she hates me.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: Michael that's not so.
Marion Shaw: You're right Michael. I would do anything to get her away from you. She was a doctor with a bright future until you nearly killed her. And then you infected her with your cruelty and your deceit. You made her sick... I'm gonna make her well.
Dr. Michael Mancini: And I gave her cancer, right? You'd blame me for global warming if you could make it fly... you are a twisted, bitter old crone, you know that?

"Melrose Place: Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward?: Part 2 (#5.33)" (1997)
Megan Lewis Mancini: Taylor has disappeared off the face of the Earth. Peter too. I've checked his condo, his office...
Dr. Michael Mancini: Well, maybe we should call the police.
Megan Lewis Mancini: I already did. I filed a complete report. Why Peter attacked you and why Peter will be out for revenge against Taylor. Since both of you conspired to make him think he had rage epilepsy. Do you have any concept of what you've done, how many lives you ruined? Peter's, Taylor's, your own?
Dr. Michael Mancini: [sheepishly] I guess. Well... it's just a case of thinking I'd never get caught.
Megan Lewis Mancini: Yeah, and that's supposed to make a difference? You know, you are one sick puppy, Michael. You also used me and led me on about Peter's medical condition which you fabricated just so you could steal his job as head of this hospital. And you know what's worse is that you don't even realize it! You are a true psychopath, Michael. You have no concept between right and wrong. You know, I'll bet you would do it all over again if you thought you would get away with it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Well... yeah. Megan... I'm sorry.
Megan Lewis Mancini: Yeah, so am I, Michael. I'm sorry I ever laid eyes on you.

"Melrose Place: Much Ado About Everything (#2.1)" (1993)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Hell hath no fury and all that crap.

"Melrose Place: Attack of the Scalpel Woman (#6.9)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: It was you, wasn't it? Yeah, you waited outside my house, then took shots at me. Yeah, you almost killed me, too. At first I thought it was a woman, but it was dark and my imagination...
Dr. Brett 'Coop' Cooper: Is way out of control. I've been in jail all night.
Dr. Peter Burns: I just bailed him out, Michael.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Oh. Well, then you hired someone. A hitman - a woman. Knock me off while you're in the pokey, giving you a perfect alibi.
Dr. Brett 'Coop' Cooper: [grabbing Michael] I am tired of these accusations, do you understand?
Dr. Peter Burns: Easy.
Dr. Brett 'Coop' Cooper: Now, you have destroyed a lot of people's lives, but you are *not* going to destroy mine, all right?
Dr. Peter Burns: [trying to separate the two] Easy, easy.
Dr. Brett 'Coop' Cooper: Now, you just stay the hell away from me!
Dr. Michael Mancini: You see that? Did you see that? He was ready to kill me.
Dr. Peter Burns: The fact still remains, Michael, is it couldn't have been him because he was in there all night. You know, instead of beating up on Coop, maybe you ought to just start asking yourself of all of the people that hate you, who hates you enough to want you dead?

"Melrose Place: Single White Sister (#1.19)" (1993)
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Jane] Jane, why is it every time you get involved with Sydney, you end up doing things you regret?

"Melrose Place: The Bitch Is Back (#2.28)" (1994)
Sydney Andrews Mancini Field: It looks like the Sleaze Bag Hall of Fame is missing a member. Now what would bring vermin like you out in the daylight? I know, you want to apologize.
Dr. Michael Mancini: No, Syd, I want a divorce.
Sydney Andrews Mancini Field: And I want to wake up tomorrow morning and sing like Aretha Franklin. Do the words, "go to hell" mean anything to you?

"Melrose Place: To Live & Die in Malibu (#3.24)" (1995)
[Michael has just served Kimberly divorce papers]
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: How long have you been planning this?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Ever since you walked back into my life like a refugee from Night of the Living Dead.

"Melrose Place: Deja Vu, All Over Again (#5.27)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: How was your interview with Amanda?
Jennifer Mancini: A total bust. I get there and she told me that there's no job to speak of. And even if there was, Amanda told me she has this new policy to never hire friends or relatives or relatives of friends. So... that's that.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wait a minute. She said that she was going to give you a shot. I'm going to call her now and find out what happened.
Jennifer Mancini: [trying to control her panic] Michael, wait! I didn't want to get into this but... uh... she was really mean to me.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Listen, are you sure she knew who you were?
Jennifer Mancini: Yeah. No doubt about it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Huh. I'm sorry. What can I say? Amanda can be brutal.
Jennifer Mancini: [thinking fast of another lie] Yeah... it's just hard to show up and expecting someone to be nice to you and then... uh... they tell you to get lost.

"Melrose Place: Revenge (#2.3)" (1993)
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Matt, about Kimberly] Hmm! She's got a great ass, doesn't she?

"Melrose Place: Peanut Butter and Jealousy (#1.20)" (1993)
Rhonda Blair: [surprise party] Oh, they're coming!
Dr. Michael Mancini: Okay, this is it. C'mon, c'mon everyone!
Kay Beacon: Where's the birthday girl?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wait, what's going on, where is she?
Sydney Andrews: She's not coming!
Sydney Andrews: We had a fight!
Dr. Michael Mancini: Oh, that's terrific. Nice time to pick a fight, Sydney.
Sydney Andrews: She started it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Geez, I doubt that very much!