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Matt Fielding (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: Pilot (#1.1)" (1992)
Matt Fielding: [upon seeing Billy] Ooh, he's cute.
Rhonda Blair: I saw him first.

Matt Fielding: [Matt wishes Rhonda well before she goes on her big date] I want details.
Rhonda Blair: Honey, I'm praying for details.

"Melrose Place: Non-Sexual Healing (#3.5)" (1994)
Billy Campbell: Palmer had to have taken Jake by force. It's the only thing that makes any sense. I mean, he could never have bought Jake.
Jo Reynolds: No wonder Amanda is the way she is. She's Palmer Woodward's daughter, and she's just like him: paranoid, distrustful, deceitful. Her survival instinct always at work in the office and out. "Everyone is out to get me. Get them before they get you. Never trust anyone."
Matt Fielding: I don't know. I think she trusted Jake.
Allison Parker: [scoffs] Yeah, as much as she could trust anyone. The only person in this world that Amanda Woodward trusts and counts on is Amanda Woodward.

Matt Fielding: How can you stay with a woman who tried to kill you?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Do I judge your lifestyle, Matt?

"Melrose Place: Boxing Sydney (#3.19)" (1995)
Matt Fielding: Someday, somehow, I will get back at you for this, Kimberly. I will get you out of this hospital and you will never practice medicine again anywhere.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: [sneers] Matt, you're pathetic.
Matt Fielding: And your... wig is crooked.

Matt Fielding: You were awful busy while I was laid up in the hospital. So, that's why you had those guys beat me up so you could tamper with the results of your psychological evaluation.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: [makes a very evil smirk] I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you lie awake all night dreaming these accusations?
Matt Fielding: Oh, no. You are...
[reads from a file]
Matt Fielding: "Intelligent, impetuous, caring." Princess Di, maybe, you... never. You changed this result.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: Still have no idea what you're talking about. It's all right there in black and white.
Matt Fielding: It's a forgery. But the testing service doesn't keep copies. You knew that, didn't you?
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: I would imagine that changing those results would be as easy as say... changing the blood-alcohol level in a car accident report.
Matt Fielding: I did that to save your precious little Michael. I owed him for giving me this job. If it wasn't for me, he'd be locked up in Lompoc right now, and you'd be baking hacksaws into Devil's Food cake for him to put to good use.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: [sneers] Wow, it must be so nice to have a job that leaves you so much free time. Now if you don't mind, I have rounds.

"Melrose Place: A Brand New Day (#6.1)" (1997)
Matt Fielding: [Matt's final words before leaving Melrose Place] I had never lived anywhere like this. It's a special place, you know? Amazing people have passed through here. Some have died, some have gotten married and just moved on... But I swear it was only a moment ago I was sitting at the edge of that pool laughing with Rhonda. I'll remember them all. The old and the new. And I will always remember this place. It's where I really grew up.

"Melrose Place: Of Bikes and Men (#2.5)" (1993)
Dr. Katya Petrova: Why didn't you tell me that you were gay?
Matt Fielding: Why didn't you tell me that you were straight?

"Melrose Place: Arousing Suspicions (#2.18)" (1994)
Jeffrey Linley: Meet the real Jeffrey Linley: Lieutenant, U.S. Navy.
Matt Fielding: I don't understand. You're in the Navy. An officer, that's very impressive. Why hide it from me?
Jeffrey Linley: U.S. Navy and gay? Not exactly compatible terms.
Matt Fielding: Yeah, what about the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy?
Jeffrey Linley: It worked for a while. Ten years in fact. But Navy regulations aren't nearly as brutal as my family's. My father's a retired vice admiral, and his policy is "just don't tell"... period.

"Melrose Place: Second Chances (#1.6)" (1992)
Matt Fielding: I can't believe you're not going for it.
Rhonda Blair: Matt, real life is not a Nike commercial.

"Melrose Place: Another Perfect Day in Hell (#3.18)" (1995)
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: Broken ribs, hmmm, I'm surprised. I told those guys to break you arm.
Matt Fielding: Don't try to take credit for this. You had nothing to do with this. It was a hate crime.
Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini: You bet your butt it was. I hate you.

"Melrose Place: From Here to Maternity (#5.24)" (1997)
Matt Fielding: I want you and your homophobia out of my house. Now.

"Melrose Place: Dreams Come True (#1.13)" (1992)
Rhonda Blair: Maybe the cops will catch these guys.
Matt Fielding: Maybe Elvis lives.

"Melrose Place: Pushing Boundaries (#1.28)" (1993)
Matt Fielding: And since when have I slept with someone on the first date?
Rhonda Blair: Since when have you even had a date?

"Melrose Place: Fire Power (#2.4)" (1993)
Dr. Katya Petrova: It's a date.
[Kisses Matt on the cheek]
Matt Fielding: A d-date?

"Melrose Place: Three's a Crowd (#1.22)" (1993)
Matt Fielding: Turning down cries for help has never been my forte.

"Melrose Place: Single White Sister (#1.19)" (1993)
Matt Fielding: Rhonda, if it wasn't terrifying, it wouldn't be love.

"Melrose Place: Married to It (#2.9)" (1993)
Matt Fielding: This isn't Russia. The walls don't have ears. There's no KGB lurking in the shadows.
Dr. Katya Petrova: For your information, there no longer exists the KGB in Russia. It only lives in stupid American films.

"Melrose Place: Lost & Found (#1.3)" (1992)
Matt Fielding: [about Billy's screenplay] I take it it's not a comedy.
Allison Parker: Not intentionally.