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Lucinda Nicholson (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Cuffs and Links (#4.24)" (1994)
Lucinda Nicholson: Brandon, hi there. I thought you were avoiding me. It's nice to see you here.
Brandon Walsh: [angry tone] What the hell did you tell Josh Richland about us?
Lucinda Nicholson: Nothing. What are you talking about?
Brandon Walsh: Well, he came by my house today. Claimed to know everything about it. The first thing he said to me was: "how long have you and Lucinda Nicholson been having an affair?"
Lucinda Nicholson: Richland doesn't know a thing. He was on a fishing expedition. He was apparently trying to trick you.
Brandon Walsh: Oh, I don't think so. I think he knows. I know Dylan and Kelly didn't tell him anything. My sister, Brenda, certainly didn't. So that leaves just you.
Lucinda Nicholson: Now, why would I do something like that?
Brandon Walsh: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because you finally got your grant to do your little documentary movie about the female sexual drive of Non-monogamous women like yourself. You're leaving CU in a few days. So, I guess it doesn't matter to you anymore as long as you're not the one around here who takes the heat.
Lucinda Nicholson: I'm not out to hurt you, Brandon. I never told Josh Richland anything.
Brandon Walsh: I wish I could believe you, Lucinda, but I don't. I don't belive a single word that you say anymore.
Lucinda Nicholson: Well, that's your problem. I do have feelings for you, Brandon, even if you can't understand that.
Brandon Walsh: I can't even begin to understand that!
Lucinda Nicholson: You know, this gym is where we all began. Too bad we can't start over. You could spot me, I could spot you. Go out for coffee. Who knows where it might lead.
Brandon Walsh: It wouldn't lead anywhere.
Lucinda Nicholson: Well, I guess this is goodbye then.

Brandon Walsh: Before I walk away... before I walk out that door for the last time, I want to ask you one personal question, and I want you to be honest with me.
Lucinda Nicholson: Sure, of course.
Brandon Walsh: Who did you sleep with this time to finally get your film making grant?
Lucinda Nicholson: [somewhat angry and insulted] Have a nice life, Brandon.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Take Back the Night (#4.11)" (1993)
Brandon Walsh: We've got a major problem. D'Shawn saw us here yesterday.
Lucinda Nicholson: [shrugs] Yeah? So, he saw us.
Brandon Walsh: So, he knows. He said he's going to tell your husband that we're having an affair unless I take his sociology test for him.
Lucinda Nicholson: So take the stupid test. That was probably the deal anyway.
Brandon Walsh: What deal?
Lucinda Nicholson: Brandon, you are so naive. Why do you think my husband is being so nice to you? He's never nice to anyone... including me. Plus, why do you think the exam is a take-home for God's sake?
Brandon Walsh: [incredulous] I don't know what to say.
Lucinda Nicholson: Say you'll stop being a baby and start playing your part.
Brandon Walsh: You mean... you want me to continue running around flirting with you behind your husband's back and write D'Shawn's test for him?
Lucinda Nicholson: Well... yeah. It would make things a hell of a lot easier.
[Brandon shakes his head with disbelief]
Brandon Walsh: Sorry, but I kind of like doing things the hard way.
Lucinda Nicholson: Brandon! Before you go and do something you'll regret, do you want some advice?
Brandon Walsh: [as he walks away] No!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (#4.31)" (1994)
Lucinda Nicholson: [Talking about her order while rubbing Brandon's thigh] I was thinking of going lighter. Mixed salad and oysters on the half shell.
Clare Arnold: [Her order and squeezing Brandon's thigh] Not me! I think I'm going to go with some red meat.
[Brandon is uncomfortable]