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Taylor McBride (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: A Brand New Day (#6.1)" (1997)
[at Peter and Taylor's "Wedding"]
Priest: If there is anyone who has good reason why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.
Dr. Peter Burns: Actually, I think I do.
Taylor Davis McBride: Peter, that's not funny.
Dr. Peter Burns: No, it's hilarious actually, if you think about it. Really, just think about it. Just probe that scheming little brain of yours and try to understand how you could think for a second that I could possibly stomach being in your presence for one more minute, much less marry you.
Taylor Davis McBride: Peter. My God, stop it.
Dr. Peter Burns: Did you think I was insane and stupid? I know what you and Michael did. I know about the lies. I know about the drugs. I know about the fake beatings, and how you had wanted to ruin me so you could come full circle with your bizarre fantasy of marrying your dead sister's husband.
Taylor Davis McBride: I won't listen to this.
Dr. Peter Burns: How could you believe that I would ever love you or want to touch you. You know what Taylor? Your a joke, and it's hard to believe that you were ever related to your sister, because to me, your lower than a slug. You ruined my marriage to Amanda and then you tried to destroy me, and now you want me to believe you're carrying my child? That's beyond pathetic. The thought of you being pregnant with my child is enough to make me vomit. Goodbye Taylor. I hope you get a ride back to wherever you came from.

"Melrose Place: The Trojan Stork (#6.2)" (1997)
[Amanda answers a knock on her front door to find Taylor throwing at her a crumpled piece of paper]
Taylor McBride: There! That's what you can do with your evition notice. Sliding it under my door? What, you didn't have the guts to deliver it to me in person?
Amanda Woodward: Start packing and get out. You've got three days.
Taylor McBride: No, I signed a six-month lease, blondie, with Matt Fielding. And because you're the owner of the building you just can't change your mind. There are laws against this.
Amanda Woodward: Screw the laws and screw you! I want you out of here.
Taylor McBride: There are rights. Tennants' rights, squatters' rights, and human rights.
Amanda Woodward: Well, look who's talking about being human. You are the most inhuman person on this earth.
Taylor McBride: Oh, really? Giving up your title so soon?

"Melrose Place: The Doctor Is In... Deep (#6.4)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: [answering his phone] Yeah, this is Dr. Mancini.
Taylor McBride: We have to have sex right away.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Who is this?
Taylor McBride: It's Taylor. Who do you think? Now, when can you do me?

"Melrose Place: The Dead Wives Club (#5.26)" (1997)
[Taylor walks in to Kyle talking with Sydney who's applying for a job at the restaurant]
Taylor McBride: [to Sydney] Not again. Not again! I knew the minute you lost your boutique, you'd come nosing around here for another job. I knew it!
Kyle McBride: I take it you don't like the idea of Sydney working here as a waitress?
Taylor McBride: Hate it.
Kyle McBride: [to Sydney] You're hired, Sydney. You can start tonight. White blouse, black pants.