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Kelly Taylor (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"90210: Lucky Strike (#1.3)" (2008)
Erin Silver: [to Kelly about Ryan] I think he has a crush on you.
Kelly Taylor: Oh, God, no. No, no, no, no. We're colleagues. I would never go out...
Erin Silver: Good. This school's hard enough as it is without my sister banging the teacher.

Ryan Matthews: [to Kelly] I'm sorry I was late. Traffic was a nightmare. You know, this guy wouldn't move. I think I hit a squirrel. Did you get stuck in that?
Kelly Taylor: No, I live just down the street. I walked here.

Jackie Taylor: [to Kelly] You can imagine my surprise when you called to say you were coming after. Well, how long has it been since our last altercation?
Kelly Taylor: I came to talk about Silver, Mom.
Jackie Taylor: Well, Erin is not here right now. She's staying at a friend's house, Naomi's, I think, or...
Kelly Taylor: Are you kidding me? Is that what you think? She hasn't been staying at a friend's house. She's been sleeping at a shelter.
Jackie Taylor: Well, she told me... oh, how dare you give me that look. I didn't know.
Kelly Taylor: Why is that? Were you too drunk to notice? What is these days, Mom? Alcohol? Or are you back on coke?
Jackie Taylor: Oh, let's go to another meeting together again. Let's hold hands and give it up to our higher power.

Jackie Taylor: Your sister is just leaving, Erin.
Kelly Taylor: Yes, I am, and I am taking her with me.
Jackie Taylor: You have a 4-year-old with nobody to help you unless by some miracle he has decided to come back and act like a dad, and now you want to add a teenager on top of it. Let me tell you, she is no walk in the park.
Kelly Taylor: Well, she's coming to live with me.
[to Silver]
Kelly Taylor: Let's go.
Jackie Taylor: You lied to me and now you're gonna leave me?
Erin Silver: Mom! Stop it, both of you! Mom, I can't take this anymore. I can't just watch you...
Jackie Taylor: [to Silver] Oh, get out! I am tired of both of you.
[Silver runs away]
Kelly Taylor: Good job, Mom.

Kelly Taylor: [about her son] He's only four and he is reading all these words. I'm sure that this is really boring to you.
Ryan Matthews: No, it's your son, it's fascinating. I love kids, you know. I teach kids, I flunk kids, I want to strangle them sometimes.

Ryan Matthews: [to Kelly] I'm just going to do this.
[kisses her]
Ryan Matthews: Now are we dating?
Kelly Taylor: Oh, what the hell.

[passing by Erin's locker]
Kelly Taylor: [covering her face with her folder] If I don't see you, I don't know you're late. If I don't know you're late, I don't have to give you a late slip.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Gift Wrapped (#7.13)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [At the Peach Pit] I guess I know who I'm getting! No need to pick.
Valerie Malone: I know what I'm getting you for Christmas, a new personality!
Kelly Taylor: [Kelly glares at Val] Merry Christmas Val!

Jackie Taylor: [after Kelly reveals to her mother about Joy] I know.
Kelly Taylor: What do you mean you know? I just told you I met this girl last night!
Jackie Taylor: I'm very upset with your father that he did this without telling me.
[Gives an annoyed look]
Kelly Taylor: [looks shocked] you knew about this and never told me?
Jackie Taylor: [Guilty] Yes, I'm sorry.

Kelly Taylor: [to Joy about their father] For me Bill shows up, leaves and causes the problem.

Kelly Taylor: [about their father] Well Bill Taylor finally did something right; he introduced us.

"Melrose Place: Pilot (#1.1)" (1992)
David Silver: Kelly, it's a red zone. You can't park here.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, I know. You guys go ahead. I'll be back later to pick you up, okay?
Donna Martin: Why?
Kelly Taylor: Well, Jake lives around the corner. I just want to see if he's home.
Donna Martin: Kelly, don't you really think that if Jake really wanted to see you he'd call you? I mean, you left enough messages.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe something happened.
David Silver: Yeah, like he permanently lost your number.
Kelly Taylor: David, why don't you just shut up.

Jake Hanson: Kelly?
Kelly Taylor: Jake. Why didn't you return any of my calls? I left a bunch of messages for you. Didn't you get them?
Jake Hanson: Yeah. I was just busy working on this house, that's all.
Kelly Taylor: Jake, if you don't wanna see me then I guess that's something I'll have to deal with. But don't you think you owe me some kind of explanation? I mean, three weeks ago you show up at my mom's wedding and you say let's try to make this work, and the next thing I knew you just disappeared.
Jake Hanson: Kelly, I was there as your date. I don't remember us planning our future together.
Kelly Taylor: Don't tell me you didn't feel anything.
Jake Hanson: What do you want me to do? Spend my summer hanging out at the Beverly Hills Beach Club with you and your friends?
Kelly Taylor: I don't know. But I... I just wish you'd just stop avoiding me. It's making me crazy.

Kelly Taylor: Donna, you saw us at my Mom's wedding. I just don't think he'd blow me off without an explanation.
Donna Martin: Well, Dylan did warn you.
Kelly Taylor: I'm so sick of hearing people say, "I told you so". It is my life, okay?
Donna Martin: Fine.
Kelly Taylor: Just go.
David Silver: Just don't strand us here, okay.

Kelly Taylor: Look, if you think I'm some stupid lovesick teenager making a fool of myself, then why don't you just tell me, okay, and I will leave. But if you really feel something for me, and you're afraid of it because you think you're too old and I'm too young. Well, I don't care what anybody thinks about us, Jake. And I don't know why you do, either.
Jake Hanson: I don't. I'm just trying to do what's right.
Kelly Taylor: What's right is what you feel. Otherwise, you're just lying to yourself.
Jake Hanson: Yeah, well sometimes you got to lie to yourself once in a while just to keep life running smoothly.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Penultimate (#10.26)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: I think you should father the child.
Matt Durning: You do?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah... I think it would be the best thing for you.
Matt Durning: But what about for us? Our wedding? Kelly, what?
Kelly Taylor: I am so sorry.
Matt Durning: Sorry about what?
Kelly Taylor: I... um, can't marry you. I know I'm going to regret this.
Matt Durning: No, you're not going to regret this, because that's not what happening, okay? You're not backing out of this.
Kelly Taylor: You deserve better than me.
Matt Durning: Kelly, you are the one that I want.
Kelly Taylor: [sorrowly] I sorry.
Matt Durning: Dylan put you up to this didn't he?
Kelly Taylor: No, he didn't, but he does have something to do with it.
Matt Durning: Something to do with it? He told you about me sleeping with Amy in the desert. Kelly, it was a mistake. And no matter how Dylan spins it, it was meaningless. I would have told you myself, but I was scared, and that was wrong. But Dylan only told you this so he can break us up. I think we are a lot stronger then that.
Kelly Taylor: Dylan didn't tell me anything.
Matt Durning: Well, then who did?
Kelly Taylor: You did... just now.

Kelly Taylor: Why didn't you tell me about "Amy"?
Dylan McKay: It was none of my business.
Kelly Taylor: You lied for him. You lied to me.
Dylan McKay: Yeah. But if I told you...
Kelly Taylor: I would have broken off the engagement a lot sooner then I did.
Dylan McKay: And come to me? Probably. You've been with me because you were mad at him. I didn't want that.
Kelly Taylor: So you were just going to sit back and watch me marry Matt, knowing he cheated on me?
Dylan McKay: You were committed to him.
Kelly Taylor: See? This is why this will never work out between us.
Dylan McKay: Why?
Kelly Taylor: Because you had this life-altering piece of information and you kept it from me. I thought we were friends.
Dylan McKay: Yeah. But when you get some distance on this... you'll see I acted like one.

Kelly Taylor: [On her patio] Doesn't it seem like for the longest time we have been living in a Stephen King novel. Where your afraid to turn the next page because something terrible might happen to someone in the group?
Steve Sanders: I don't know. Maybe we have been. Maybe there's someone out there devising this unbeilevably, horrific plan for us to go through. Just makes it more amazing that we survived. That after all these years were still friends. Friends who depend on each other, friends who help each other.

Kelly Taylor: [to Dylan] I'm so proud of you.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Agony (#9.25)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: Dylan I was raped.
[collapses into his arms]

Kelly Taylor: I think you should go.
Matt Durning: Happy to!
[walks away angry]

Donna Martin: Someone attacked you?
Kelly Taylor: He said he would kill me. I guess in a way he did.

Kelly Taylor: [holding the gun in her hand] This time I will be ready.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Spring Dance (#1.20)" (1991)
Kelly Taylor: Brenda, I'm a Spring Princess!
Brenda Walsh: Kelly, I don't give a damn!

Kelly Taylor: Brandon, I'm a Spring Princess. I can't exactly show up in a Melvin, or whatever you're calling your car these days.

Kelly Taylor: Brenda! I am a spring princess!
Brenda Walsh: Kelly! I don't give a damn!

Kelly Taylor: Brandon, don't you think we'd make a great couple?
Brandon Walsh: I guess I don't. It's like... I know you too well or something.
Kelly Taylor: What if we were complete strangers?
Brandon Walsh: I'd probably be in love with you.
Kelly Taylor: Can't you fake amnesia or something?
Brandon Walsh: [chuckles] I don't know it just, it... feels like... you're another sister.
Kelly Taylor: That is probably the ugliest thing any guy has ever said to me.
Brandon Walsh: [quietly] I'm sorry.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: I Only Have Eyes for You (#7.27)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: My dad sent a letter for one of those wands but it never came. He told me it probably got lost in the mail, knowing him he forgot to send the letter.

Clare Arnold: [On the phone with Kelly] Look I'm not going to be able to make it for dinner.
Kelly Taylor: Why not?
Clare Arnold: Neither can Donna.
Kelly Taylor: Clare, what's wrong?
Clare Arnold: Bad night. Goofing around with my hair and now its a mess. I'll be so self conscious about it; I won't be able to shut up.
Kelly Taylor: You're not coming because of your hair? What about Donna?
Clare Arnold: Donna's studying. Not really studying, just obsessing about finals. You know they're weeks away.
[Hangs up the phone]

Clare Arnold: [Confronting each other about the diary] We thought we were your best friends. you know?
Kelly Taylor: You are. Its more than that. You guys are like sisters to me; sometimes your like bratty little brothers or domineering mothers. So who else am I supposed to write about in my journal but I shouldn't complain.
Clare Arnold: We love you.
[the three of them hug]

Kelly Taylor: [In Brandon's room] Brandon you got it!
[Hands her the wand]
Brandon Walsh: I said I would.
Kelly Taylor: This means so much to me!
Brandon Walsh: I think this would too!
[Hands her the letter her father sent to Magic Morton]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Things to Do on a Rainy Day (#2.26)" (1992)
David Silver: Guys, don't give up so easily. We've just begun to fight. We still have a plan B.
Kelly Taylor: What's plan B?
David Silver: Plan B... is to think about plan B.

Kelly Taylor: No, I'm not. I'm Kelly Taylor.
Bryan Abrams: Hi, Kelly, I'm Bryan Abrams.
Kelly Taylor: Oh, oh, oh, my God!

Kelly Taylor: I met these guys and they wanted to know where they could get the best hamburgers after the concert. So invited them here, they are waiting outside, I'll go get them.
[She leaves the table]
David Silver: I can't believe she invited guys here to cheer you up!
Donna Martin: [Color Me Badd enters and Donna grabs David arm in shock] Oh, my God!

David Silver: [after Kelly has left him out of the introductions] Ahem!
Kelly Taylor: And David Silver.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Brandon Leaves (#9.5)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: [after Brandon runs into the ocean. Screams and takes her clothes off] Brandon! Wait for me!

Brandon Walsh: [sitting on the beach after their swim] Your footprints and any traces that you were here get wiped away as if you were never here.
Kelly Taylor: That's not going to happen.

Kelly Taylor: I hate to break it to you but we are adults. We are going to have to grow up sometime.

Kelly Taylor: [after Brandon goes for another swim and Kelly doesn't join him] You're on your own.
[stares sadly at him]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Skin Deep (#8.28)" (1998)
Steve Sanders: [Walsh Kitchen] Hey Kell, Munt here is getting married.
Kelly Taylor: You are! Congratulations.
[Kisses him]
Morton Muntz: Thanks.
Kelly Taylor: [the Playboy magazine that Kelly found under Brandon's bed is on the counter] I guess you won't be needing these.
Morton Muntz: Yeah, I got to cancel my subscription.
[Flips through the magazine with a pained look]
Morton Muntz: God, that hurts!

Kelly Taylor: [At the Beach house about Donna's assistant] Sounds like this thing called cutting.
Noah Hunter: What's that?
Kelly Taylor: It's a disorder where people actually cut themselves. We have a pamphlet on it at the clinic. I read about it in the New York Times.
Donna Martin: People cut themselves, that's horrible.
Noah Hunter: Is she suicidal?
Kelly Taylor: Probably not, cutters are self loathing. By doing this they can control the pain they experience.

Valerie Malone: [Walsh kitchen, discussing the sex shop and the guys' fantasies] Why couldn't we have gone together. It would have made it...
Kelly Taylor: A little less sleazy?
Valerie Malone: Yeah. What do men want? because I for one am baffled.
Kelly Taylor: They just don't understand how that stuff makes us feel.
Valerie Malone: Fat, inferior, completely left out.
Kelly Taylor: We're okay for their daily lives but when it comes to the fantasy part of things, we are somehow off limits.
Valerie Malone: It's their fantasy not ours.
Kelly Taylor: I don't want it to be mine but I just wish we could share it.
Valerie Malone: Men!
Kelly Taylor: They think we're the complicated species!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Ticket to Ride (#6.29)" (1996)
Jackie Taylor: [At her mom's] I'm glad your feeling better. You deserve it.
Kelly Taylor: Then why do I have to go to summer school five days a week?
Jackie Taylor: Well at least you'll be well dressed.
Kelly Taylor: Thanks to you.

Colin Robbins: [At her doorstep] I need a friend. I ran.
Kelly Taylor: You shouldn't be here! I can't help you.

Kelly Taylor: [At her mom's condo] Hi mom! Where's Mel?
Jackie Taylor: Oh he took Erin to see Babe for the hundredth time. I didn't hear you come in.
Kelly Taylor: Brought you a present.
[Gives her the basket of shower gels]
Kelly Taylor: It's all the yummy stuff you like that I used up while I was staying here.
Jackie Taylor: You didn't have to.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe I shouldn't have moved back to my apartment so soon. Guess who showed up on my front door step last night?
Jackie Taylor: Who?
Kelly Taylor: Colin.He's supposed to be going to jail but he didn't feel like it.
Jackie Taylor: Excuse me?
[Extremely pissed and shocked]
Kelly Taylor: He bolted! Didn't turn himself in. I must be on the road to recovery because I didn't even let him inside.
Jackie Taylor: Good for you!
[Clearly impressed]
Kelly Taylor: I don't think I would make a good fugitive anyway.
Jackie Taylor: I'm so glad he is out of your life honey!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Marathon Man (#9.10)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: We're going to breakfast on a jet?
Dylan McKay: No. We're going to brunch.

Kelly Taylor: In case you haven't noticed we are at an airport.
Dylan McKay: You are observant!

Kelly Taylor: Cabo? Cabo San Lucas Mexico?
Dylan McKay: That's correct Kelly, Bob tell her what's she's won!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Vital Signs (#4.30)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [In the parking lot at CU] Mr. Walsh, what are you doing here so early on a Saturday?
Brandon Walsh: I'm not going to the library. I'm on a stake out!
Kelly Taylor: What?
Brandon Walsh: The Chancellor has been kind of blowing me off.
Kelly Taylor: Does this have anything to do with Clare?

Brenda Walsh: [to Steve] Talk is cheap Steve!
Steve Sanders: Man, that girl is never going to forgive me!
Kelly Taylor: See the play Steve!
Brandon Walsh: See the play!

Kelly Taylor: [Dylan and Kelly are outside the hospital arguing] I know how that song goes!
Dylan McKay: You should, you taught it to me!
Kelly Taylor: So this is it?
Dylan McKay: It's what it looks like!

"90210: Okaeri, Donna! (#1.19)" (2009)
Kelly Taylor: Okay, it's time for your mood chart. Let's see here, it's 9:30. What is your mood?
Erin Silver: Irritated.
Kelly Taylor: Okay, irritated. How irritated, on a scale of one to ten?
Erin Silver: Well, I was at a four. But you asked me that, brought me up to a six.
Kelly Taylor: Six. Okay, then. How would you like to spend your time before bed? Would you like to journal?
Erin Silver: No, I would not like to journal. Nor would I like to use the word "journal" as a verb.

[Donna finishes a phone conversation while driving with Kelly]
Kelly Taylor: Very impressive, Donna. And also illegal. You're not allowed to drive and talk on the phone at the same time anymore without a Bluetooth.
Donna Martin: Are you serious?

Diablo Cody: Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt. I just have to say I love your dress.
Donna Martin: Oh, thank you.
Diablo Cody: I just spent like the whole morning trooping around stores looking for something to wear to this premiere party. Your dress is the first thing I've seen that I actually like.
Kelly Taylor: You're Diablo Cody, right?
Diablo Cody: Yeah.
[Donna looks confused]
Kelly Taylor: Diablo Cody. She wrote "Juno".
Donna Martin: Sorry. Uh, maybe it didn't come to Japan?
Diablo Cody: Oh, no, it did. But they called it "Teenage Mommy Girl".
Donna Martin: No! You wrote "Teenage Mommy Girl"? I loved that movie.
Diablo Cody: Thank you. I love your dress.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Ode to Joy (#10.27)" (2000)
Andrea Zuckerman: Presenting a Donna Martin favorite; Popcorn and ice cream.
Felice Martin: How did you know?
Andrea Zuckerman: The sleepover at Brenda's and that was the night I knew we would be friends.
Kelly Taylor: And the mean girl Amanda Pacer.
[Kelly makes a face]

Kelly Taylor: [after seeing his video message to Donna] He still is damn irresitable.

Kelly Taylor: [Her toast] Try as he might, David was not Mr. Popularity in high school. I on the other hand defined cool.
Dylan McKay: [Muttering] Yeah!
Kelly Taylor: As you can imagine I was how do I say this; appalled, at the thought of him becoming my step brother but shock of shocks he turned out to be great. Over the years he has been caring and thoughtful and tonight he has given me something that I will forever be grateful for. He has managed to turn my best friend into my sister.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Toil and Trouble (#8.8)" (1997)
Brandon Walsh: I happen to like Vanilla.
Kelly Taylor: My point exactly.

Steve Sanders: [after seeing the table all messed up from sex] We're we robbed?
Brandon Walsh: No.
Steve Sanders: What happened? Small tornado blew through the neighborhood.
Brandon Walsh: Kelly and I...
Kelly Taylor: Couldn't wait to get up stairs.
Steve Sanders: Oh that's a really good one. What happened?
Brandon Walsh: Is that so hard to believe?
Steve Sanders: Maybe not upstairs in the privacy of your bedroom but down here not a chance!

Kelly Taylor: [about Valerie] I bet she mixes business with pleasure, she's never met a wallet she didn't like!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (#9.7)" (1998)
Steve Sanders: Dylan, Hey man
Dylan McKay: Hey buddy
Steve Sanders: Right on. Come on in, it's good to see you
Dylan McKay: How you doing brother?
Donna Martin: Oh my god
David Silver: Good. You on vacation or something?
Steve Sanders: How long you back for?
Dylan McKay: I don't know
Steve Sanders: You know you just missed Valerie
Donna Martin: How's Brenda?
Dylan McKay: Why don't you call her and ask her
Donna Martin: Were sorry were just so good to see you
Kelly Taylor: What's going on?
Dylan McKay: Happy thanksgiving Kel
David Silver: So when you get in?
Dylan McKay: I cleared customs about an hour ago, you don't look happy to see me
Kelly Taylor: I'm just um shocked. How long are you staying?
Dylan McKay: I don't know, but I'm still waiting for my hug
Steve Sanders: I've been saving this for a special occasion
David Silver: Oh and there's no more a special occasion than this very occasion
Matt Durning: Who's that guy?
Kelly Taylor: Um an old friend
David Silver: To Dylan
Steve Sanders: Back amonst the living
Dylan McKay: For the moment

Kelly Taylor: [after finding the letter from Val about why he shouldn't marry Kelly] You gave Brandon the idea not to go through with it? You bitch!

Valerie Malone: So, I guess we are even?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, let's try to keep it that way.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (#4.31)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: I like being in your world, Brandon. I wanna stay in it.
Brandon Walsh: Well, you're welcome to stay as long as you want.
Kelly Taylor: Thank you.
[they kiss]

Kelly Taylor: [At the Mardi Gras weekend] Guess who is going to London this summer?
Donna Martin: [to Kelly] You are?

Kelly Taylor: [In the NICU] You better get your crayons out mom!
Andrea Zuckerman: Why?
Kelly Taylor: Look at all these other incubators; they are all decorated.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Stormy Weather (#5.21)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [At Dylan's home and after Kelly has listened to a former student of Professor Finley] Can someone take me home?
Brandon Walsh: Yeah I will.
[Kelly and Dylan embrace and the student shows Brandon his cult scars on his arms]

Kelly Taylor: [In Professor Finley's new office] When you told me that New Evolution could help Dylan open up, I thought you meant his soul not his checkbook.
Professor Patrick Finley: Enlightenment doesn't come cheap.
Kelly Taylor: Neither do I!
[She walks towards his door]

Kelly Taylor: [Finley has tried to do one more mind control over Kelly] Don't tell me what to do!
[She walks out of the office]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Greek to Me (#4.4)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: [after explaining to Donna, Brenda and Andrea about John Sears] A bad rep. is the kiss of death, even in the past tense.

Donna Martin: [Donna, Kelly, Andrea and Brenda open their sorority letters] Alpha House!
Andrea Zuckerman: Alpha!
Brenda Walsh: Alpha!
Kelly Taylor: Alpha!
Brenda Walsh: Now I remember why I did this with you guys!

Donna Martin: Well there's always 911!
[Glares at John Sears and then leaves]
John Sears: I can guess what that was all about.
Kelly Taylor: She just has a really good memory, that's all.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Commencement: Part 2 (#3.30)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: [Reading her Senior Will] Bren, forget it, you cannot leave me the double date from hell and not tell me what their names are!
Brenda Walsh: Okay, I'll give you a hint; Wayne and...
Kelly Taylor: Adam!

Kelly Taylor: [In Kelly's room] I mean look how far you have come since the 9th grade!
David Silver: I know. Everytime I think about being a Freshman; I think about Scott.
[Flashbacks of Scott Scanlon begins and David looks like he is going to cry all over again]

Kelly Taylor: I think I know what I'll major in college... psychology.
Jackie Taylor: I think I may join you!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Trials and Tribulations (#9.12)" (1999)
Matt Durning: A little help here!
Kelly Taylor: Antonia Marchette was Dylan's wife. She was killed three years ago. Mr. Marchette was responsible.
Gina Kincaid: [Snaps at Kelly] He also moved her grave, did you know that?

Kelly Taylor: [Sees Donna and Noah in the pool at the Martin's home] Are you guys naked?

Kelly Taylor: [to Dylan who is high] Dylan what happened?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Jobbed (#7.14)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: You lost the scholarship because you think you were entitled to it. You lost the shcolarship because you didn't prepare for it!

Kelly Taylor: [about their relationship] You're in such a hurry to become a millionare Mark; everytime the phone rings bet someone it won't be me, you'll win everytime!
Mark Reese: What's that supposed to mean!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Ever Heard the One About the Exploding Father? (#10.20)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: [after David leaves the store with his good news] Wow! New York.
Donna Martin: That's far.
[Looking sad]

Kelly Taylor: What's next?
Dylan McKay: He's going to leave the witness protection program.
Kelly Taylor: Is that allowed?
Dylan McKay: Yeah.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Class of Beverly Hills (#1.0)" (1990)
Steve Sanders: You got a nose job!
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, I did.
Steve Sanders: Looks good.
Kelly Taylor: Big improvement, huh!
Steve Sanders: Yeah, they took about a foot off.
Kelly Taylor: Now I know why I broke up with you.

Mr. Ridley: Choose your seat with care as the person sitting next to you will be your lab partner for the rest of the semester.
[an overweight girl looks for a partner. Students try to avoid her. She approaches Kelly]
Kelly Taylor: Sorry, it's taken!
Overweight Girl: By who?
Kelly Taylor: By that girl.
[Kelly points at Brenda who is entering the class]
Kelly Taylor: Over here, I saved you a seat.
Brenda Walsh: Look, I think that you have me confused with somebody else.
Kelly Taylor: That's okay. I'm being friendly.
Brenda Walsh: Thanks. My name's Brenda.
Kelly Taylor: I'm Kelly.
Brenda Walsh: Hi.
Kelly Taylor: Are you smart?
Brenda Walsh: Sort of.
Kelly Taylor: [smiles] Great. This class can be a real bitch. I need all the help I can get.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Buffalo Gals (#6.2)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: Nat, would you mind being Jackie's date?
Nat Bussichio: You want me to sit next to this beautiful blond? I can do that!
[He and Jackie leave]

Donna Martin: [Donna is drunk on Champagne again] Can someone pass me the champagne?
Dylan McKay: Donna, don't you think you should slow down? This is your third glass.
Donna Martin: [Looks at Dylan] Are you saying you won't give pass it to me? That's fine; I'll get it myself.
[She reaches for the bottle]
Brandon Walsh: [Brandon grabs the bottle from her hand] Whoa! Hey, you're cut off!
Dylan McKay: [Talking to Brandon like a dog] Give it to me Brandon!
Kelly Taylor: No, no. It's ok; I'll drive her home!
[Brandon reluctantly gives the bottle back]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Beheading St. Valentine (#9.15)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: [after Kelly finally learns that Lauren has schizophrenia] It's a terrible disease.
Matt Durning: No one had any hope for her not even her parents.

Kelly Taylor: [Climatic fight about Matt's love for both Kelly and Lauren] Tell me what you want!
Matt Durning: I want to help her. I want her to feel loved. More than that I want to go home to you every night.
[Kelly looks stunned]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Acting Out (#4.28)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [to Dylan] Tell me Dylan, who do I have?

Kelly Taylor: Brandon, what happened to you?
Brandon Walsh: I went out on date with Clare!
Kelly Taylor: Ah, was it fun?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Wedding Bell Blues (#2.28)" (1992)
Steve Sanders: So, how are things between you and Joke?
Kelly Taylor: Jake.
Steve Sanders: Whatever.

[Kelly and Jake are dancing at Jackie and Mel's wedding]
Jake Hanson: I should probally get arrested for thinking what I'm thinking.
Kelly Taylor: I woun't call the police.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Graduation Day: Part 1 (#7.31)" (1997)
Ryan Sanders: [At the mall, seeing Kelly and Joy coming off the escalator] As I live and breathe, Kelly Taylor!
Kelly Taylor: Joy, these are Steve's brothers; Ryan and Austin. My sister Joy.
Austin Sanders: Nice to meet you.
Joy Taylor: Hi.
Ryan Sanders: [to Kelly. Obviously smitten with Joy and vice versa] I never knew you had a sister.
Kelly Taylor: Yep.
Ryan Sanders: Especially one so pretty.
[Austin is see rolling his eyes and eating his ice cream]
Austin Sanders: [Blushes] You're sweet.

Joy Taylor: [after Ryan and Austin leave] He is soooo cute!
Kelly Taylor: [laughs] You are on your own with that one!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Double Jeopardy (#5.25)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [after leaving the bedroom] Ok, how weird was that?
David Silver: Weird. That's one for the X-Files!

Kelly Taylor: [Convincing Clare, Donna, Brandon and Steve to start the grudge match over and include Andrea] Test your skills against a quality player like Andrea!
Andrea Zuckerman-Vasquez: Kelly?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Courting (#6.13)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [to Colin] You don't want her on a sugar rush for the next 48 hours!

Kelly Taylor: [to Valerie at the court house] One of these days your insideous personality is going to get you into trouble and I just hope I will be there to enjoy it.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Leap of Faith (#6.23)" (1996)
Tara Marks: What are you so upset about? You practically told me that this guy, Colin, was the devil. He practically forced you into using cocaine just like my boyfriend did to me.
Kelly Taylor: I don't know. I guess I'm just confused.
Tara Marks: You're not confused. You're just upset because he's going out with sombody you can't stand.
Kelly Taylor: Since when did you get so smart?
Tara Marks: I'm brilliant as long as it's your life we're talking about and not mine.
Kelly Taylor: I just feel so humiliated. Like what we had meant nothing to him. I should have known that he would go straight to Valerie.
Tara Marks: Kelly, let it go. He's not worth it.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, but every time I close my eyes, I can see Colin kissing Valerie, and it tears me up inside. You know what it makes me want to do?
Tara Marks: A big fat line?
Kelly Taylor: No. It makes me want to kill her.

Kelly Taylor: [Watching Colin being hauled off to jail in the rehab common room] My God it is him!
[Kelly has tears in her eyes]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Mother's Day (#7.29)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: I'm pregnant!
Brandon Walsh: What?
Kelly Taylor: I took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive.
[Brandon hugs her relieved she wasn't hurt or sick]

Kelly Taylor: [At the After Dark; to her mother] Come on mom, I'm about to ruin your Mother's Day.
[Jackie looks at Brandon confused]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Leprechaun (#9.19)" (1999)
Donna Martin: People are here not because of what we do but because we paid them!
Kelly Taylor: So what?
[Both angry with each other]

Kelly Taylor: Last night was a disaster!
Pia Swanson: What are you talking about? It was a hit!
Kelly Taylor: Like no one saw us fighting.
Pia Swanson: Last night was a success because you fought.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: With This Ring (#7.20)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: The Emily Valentine syndrome, this is familiar territory for me. Brandon was with her the night of the fire.
Donna Martin: Just like David was with Chloe when I was taken hostage!

Tracy Gaylian: [to Kelly about the engagement ring] I found your engagement ring, he never got rid of it. Did you know he still had it?
Kelly Taylor: [Shocked and touched] No I didn't know that.
Kelly Taylor: [about Brandon] You love him don't you?
Tracy Gaylian: Do you?
Kelly Taylor: [Looks at Tracy] Yes.
Tracy Gaylian: So do I. This isn't fair. You broke up with him. You walked away. I know that Brandon and I could be happy. I know we could.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Dreams of Dylan McKay (#5.10)" (1994)
Nat Bussichio: [Kelly, Brandon and Steve enter the Peach Pit and find out about Dylan] Your father just called.
Andrea Zuckerman: [They look at Andrea and Nat] Dylan totaled his car, he's in the hospital on life support.
Kelly Taylor: Oh my God!
[Grips Brandon's arm]

Kelly Taylor: [to Dylan in a coma] You bastard!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Rebel with a Cause (#3.13)" (1992)
Kelly Taylor: I am not a bimbo.
Brenda Walsh: Whatever you say, Kel. I was always thought that if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck...
Kelly Taylor: Go to Hell!

[Brenda and Rick run into Dylan and Kelly at a restaurant]
Brenda Walsh: Oh my God!
Kelly Taylor: Brenda.
Brenda Walsh: I can't believe this. I can't believe you would do this to me.
Kelly Taylor: Hey, you said Dylan could go out with whoever he wanted.
Brenda Walsh: And you said you were my best friend. What a joke.
Dylan McKay: Hey, give it a rest Bren, alright?
Brenda Walsh: You know, if you're trying to make me jealous Dylan, it won't work.
Dylan McKay: Hey! You broke up with me, alright? And don't you ever forget it!
Brenda Walsh: So, how long has this been going on?
Dylan McKay: Since about six thirty.
Brenda Walsh: [to Kelly] You know, Kelly if you're trying to loose your bimbo image, I honestly don't think this will help.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Fade In, Fade Out (#6.17)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [At Colin's loft] I can see it in your eyes Colin!

Kelly Taylor: [Her room at the beach front house] Thanks dad!
[Does a line]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2 (#8.2)" (1997)
Brandon Walsh: [At dinner after David's accident] I never thought I'd ear myself say this; but David you could lose a few pounds.
Kelly Taylor: [Smacks him] Brandon! Don't listen to him David!

Kelly Taylor: [Catches Tracy and Brandon hugging] Well, well isn't this a pretty picture.
Brandon Walsh: Kel, what are you doing here?
Kelly Taylor: Maybe I should ask you the same thing.
Brandon Walsh: I can't believe you're here!
[moves towards her]
Kelly Taylor: I bet you can't.
Brandon Walsh: [leans into her ear] Let me guess, Valerie called?
Kelly Taylor: No, Donna.
Tracy Gaylian: Kelly, let me explain!
Kelly Taylor: Explain what?
[obviously not amused at the situation]
Brandon Walsh: For starters this is Eric Anderson, Tracy's fiancé!
[Brandon smiles and Kelly turns beet red as Eric introduces himself]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Child of the Night (#8.10)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: [to Erika] We tried to help you once, you took advantage of us.

Brandon Walsh: [Julie is badly beaten] What happened?
Julie: Riggs said he had a present for me. Special guy on my birthday. A guy who would beat the hell out of me.
Kelly Taylor: Julie, everything will be alright, the ambulance is on its way.
Julie: I have a brother too back in Colorado who won't even talk to me. I miss him so much.
[Cries on Erika's shoulder]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Who's Zoomin' Who? (#5.7)" (1994)
Jackie Taylor: Kelly do not start!
Kelly Taylor: Only if you promise this isn't going to be a regular occurance.

Mel Silver: Jackie, Erin, Claude. The Mother daughter shoot. You didn't know?
Kelly Taylor: Can't say that I did!
[Obviously looking upset]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Mexican Standoff (#2.27)" (1992)
Kelly Taylor: Listen, my mom's at Lamaze class, and I was just nuking some lasagna. If you're hungry, you could stay for dinner. If you're not busy.
Jake Hanson: No, I'm not busy. I'm starved.

[Kelly and Jake are about to eat lasagna]
Jake Hanson: Smells great.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, I love lasagna.
Jake Hanson: I'm not talking about the lasagna.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Senior Week (#7.30)" (1997)
Doctor: You miscarried. You may have a fertility problem. I would like to run some tests.
Kelly Taylor: Are you telling me, I may never have a child?
Doctor: Right now, I want to run some tests and see what we can do. Can you stay?
[Kelly is freaked out]
Doctor: I know its alot to take in but Kelly can you stay?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, sure whatever?
[Still freaked out about the news]

Kelly Taylor: We're not going to have a family because I can't give you one. The doctor told me I probably can't have children.
Brandon Walsh: Kel, this doesn't change anything.
Kelly Taylor: Wish I could believe you. Brandon, you were so excited about having kids. You love kids. How can you love someone that can't give you what you want?
Brandon Walsh: Because I love you!
[He takes her in his arms and kisses her]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Dog's Best Friend (#9.24)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: Maybe we should rethink this whole roommate situation.

Kelly Taylor: No secrets.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Under the Influence (#5.2)" (1994)
D'Shawn Hardell: Uh, excuse me but I grew up in Texas and I have never heard of the Texas Dip.
Donna Martin: D'Shawn.
D'Shawn Hardell: I hope I'm not intruding?
Kelly Taylor: No, Please stay.

Kelly Taylor: [after Donna does her debutante bow] See what I mean, they have turned her into a trained seal.
Brandon Walsh: Maybe you should talk to her.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Long Goodbye (#7.26)" (1997)
Morton Muntz: [At the Talent Show; wearing a horse's head] How does everyone know its me?
Kelly Taylor: Its the ears!

Kelly Taylor: Since that kiss I can't stop thinking about you.
Brandon Walsh: So what should we do?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Change Partners (#4.22)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [after Josh has cleary worn out his welcome] You want something spiffy? Piss off!

Brandon Walsh: You know, the last time I really danced was with you, almost two years ago, at the Spring Dance.
Kelly Taylor: Ew.
Brandon Walsh: Was it that bad?
Kelly Taylor: [shakes her head] You know what I'm thinking of? When I made a move on you.
Brandon Walsh: I thought I made a move on you.
Kelly Taylor: No, no, no. I made a move on you. What you did was tell me that we could never be a couple because I was like a sister to you.
Brandon Walsh: Oh.
Kelly Taylor: [chuckles] It's gotta be the most awful thing any guy has ever said to me.
Brandon Walsh: OK, I apologize.
Kelly Taylor: That's too late. But you did do one thing good that night: you told me that if we were perfect strangers, you would be in love with me.
Brandon Walsh: [smiles] I did say that, didn't I?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Hazardous to Your Health (#5.18)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [after Valerie explains that she's traveling to Buffalo to visit her friend; scoffs] Never a dull moment.
Brandon Walsh: [to Jim] Do you want me to go upstairs and see what's really going on, Dad?
Jim Walsh: No, because I really don't care anymore.
Cindy Walsh: Well, I still do. Why would Valerie lie?
Jim Walsh: Because she has no shame.
Kelly Taylor: [to the Walshs] I told you so.

Kelly Taylor: Finley hired me as his research assistant.
Brandon Walsh: Great.
Kelly Taylor: I consider it a miracle after that meeting you had with him today.
Brandon Walsh: You heard about that already, huh?
Kelly Taylor: Everybody has. What were you thinking?
Brandon Walsh: What was "I" thinking? Kelly, I got ambushed. As soon as he heard that I spoke with Dean Whitmore, the guy went crazy.
Kelly Taylor: And why would he do that?
Brandon Walsh: I don't know. Because he's paranoid?
Kelly Taylor: Well, I would be paranoid too. You all stabbed him in the back!
Brandon Walsh: Wait a minute. Now I'm a member of "you all"?
Kelly Taylor: Brandon you are as much of the C.U. establishment as any other extern.
Brandon Walsh: Extern? What is that? Nowadays, I can't understand what you're saying anymore. "Extern", "you all", "you people"? Is that more Finley-speak?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, it's his word for those who don't have a clue to his teachings. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few phone calls to make.
Brandon Walsh: Hold on a second. You wanted me to talk to the dean in the first place. You've got to start take some responsibility here.
Kelly Taylor: Brandon, I am taking responsibility. For the first time since the fire, thanks to Finley, I am feeling more strong and clear and unafraid. You just don't get it.
Brandon Walsh: That you would listen to the radical ramblings of an egotistical, paranoid, psych professor who thinks he's the new messiah to bring on a "new evolution" for this world with his self-serving ways? You're right, Kelly. I don't get it!

"90210: Zero Tolerance (#1.23)" (2009)
Jen Clark: Didn't you and Ryan date?
Kelly Taylor: Yes, briefly, a while ago.
Jen Clark: I thought so. I'm rarely wrong about vibes. You know, I think academics are terribly sexy. And I don't get to mean teachers. When I was at Yale, I briefly dated someone in the registar's office.
Kelly Taylor: You don't say.
Jen Clark: He was pretty much a bore, actually. Although I did get to read my... uh, recommendation letters from high school. That was sweet. Most of them were rather glowing. There was one, though that was slightly less glowing.
Kelly Taylor: I wrote that letter to Yale because it's my job to give the colleges an honest appraisal of the students here.
Jen Clark: Uh-huh. You said that in your opinion, I was "a narcissist with no moral compass". Did you really think that Yale was going to listen to you? A guidance counselor? Especially, after I told all of them how you hold an irrational grudge against me? I had an impeccable transcript. I was the president of the senior class. I was class valedictorian. I was president of the Sigma Delta sorority at Yale. I'm a legacy. I got in early.
Kelly Taylor: That's because you stole Liz Hartigan's term paper and passed it off as your own.
Jen Clark: [makes a wicked smirk] Oh God, are you still going on about that? You're like Ahab. Man, you are such a busybody.
Kelly Taylor: Drop the innocent act, okay? You may have fooled Yale. You may have fooled everyone else here at West Bev, but you can't fool me because I know what kind of person you really are. Self-centered, devious, manipulative, willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.
Jen Clark: [continues to sneer] Take it easy, okay? I haven't even slept with Ryan yet.
Kelly Taylor: No, this has nothing to do with Ryan. It has to do with you stealing that girl's term paper right out of a teacher's desk and submitting it as your own so you could beat her out as class valedictorian!
Jen Clark: [continues to talk in a innocent and charming tone] That was never proven. Plus, I am appalled that you think so little of me. Simply appalled. Do you make stuff up like that all the time just so you can feel secure? Oh hey, being that you're a guidance counselor, maybe you can give me a little guidance about Ryan. Tell me, Miss Taylor, what does he like in bed?
[defeated and angry, Kelly walks out]

Kelly Taylor: Can I talk to you for a second?
Ryan Matthews: Sure. What's up?
Kelly Taylor: Uh, there is something you should know. Jen is not a nice person. I know her pretty well. She's a compulsive liar. She's practically a sociopath. She used to have everybody snowed over while she went to school here, but not me.
Ryan Matthews: Look, I'm sorry. I should have asked you if I could bring a date here tonight. Jen told me that you would say something like this about her. I didn't mean to disrespect you, Kelly. She just told me that you threatened her or something in the ladies room not five minutes ago.
Kelly Taylor: Wait. No, no, no, no... that's not what happened. She's...
Ryan Matthews: [cutting her off] I don't want to hear any more. I just... I though we were cool after that night and you know, we said no strings attached.
Kelly Taylor: You know what? I'm not trying to be jealous. I'm trying to be your friend. I'm not intrested in you anymore. I'm not.
Ryan Matthews: Is there someone else?
[Kelly sees that there's no getting through to the skeptic Ryan anymore]
Kelly Taylor: [frustrated and beat] I've moved on.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Blind Spot (#4.26)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [about Dylan's rejection of the Calendar] I don't know Kell, it's sort of degrading being treated as a sex object.

Brandon Walsh: Wardrobe? What wardrobe?
Kelly Taylor: Well you get to pick it.
Brandon Walsh: [Takes her arm as she walks away] What kind of wardrobe Kelly?
Kelly Taylor: Boxer shorts.
[She smiles. Steve and Dylan laugh and Brandon turns red]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: I'm Happy for You... Really (#10.25)" (2000)
Dylan McKay: [On the phone with Dylan] Kel, it's Dylan.
Kelly Taylor: I thought I lost you. I've been calling you all day.

Dylan McKay: [after telling her he rode the train up north] I know its stupid and dangerous. You can start bitching anytime.
Kelly Taylor: Thank God you're ok.

"90210: Model Behavior (#1.6)" (2008)
Kelly Taylor: [to Silver] And I talked to your dad. He has a room ready and he's waiting for you.
Erin Silver: You're kidding, right? I am not going to go stay with Mel and his latest child bride. I think that girl is actually in my homeroom.

Kelly Taylor: [to Silver] Hey, kiddo. How was the party?
Erin Silver: Oh, you know. Dreams built up and shattered. Typical night in Hollywood.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: My Funny Valentine (#7.19)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: Valerie does not need people. She uses people, but she doesn't need them.

Valerie Malone: [In the bathroom with Kelly. Obviously tramuatized by her mother] You have the one guy that I only ever loved. The only one who cared about me and understood me. If you don't love him and are using him to get me back at my own game. Let him go.
Kelly Taylor: You're telling the truth aren't you?
Valerie Malone: Yeah. Please Kell, I really need him right now.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: You Better Work (#10.3)" (1999)
Janet Sosna: [about her baby's heartbeat] It was so strong, like a little hummingbird.
Donna Martin: Oh, that must have been incredible.
Janet Sosna: Just talking about it makes me want to cry.
Kelly Taylor: How is Steve?
Donna Martin: Did he freak out?
Janet Sosna: He was so excited, he could barely speak. He's going to be a great father.
[cut to the Walsh house]
Steve Sanders: I'm going to be a horrible father!
Matt Durning: Steve, you've got to relax.
Steve Sanders: Relax? Look who you're talking to! I'm Steve Sanders. I'm the original party animal. I'm an irresponsible goofball. I'm...
Dylan McKay: Well, you've had your moments. I'll give you that, Steve.
Steve Sanders: [sarcastically] Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, my good friend Dylan McKay.

Matt Durning: [after some bickering and cattiness between Gina and Kelly] I'm not asking you two to be friends; I'm asking you to be civil, for my sake.
Kelly Taylor, Gina Kincaid: Fine.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Aunt Bea's Pickles (#8.25)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: Dad, you're forty-five minutes late.
Bill Taylor: I know, I know. I had a meeting and traffic, I'm going to get you a cell phone.
Kelly Taylor: Another deflection by Bill Taylor, he's late and doesn't call and it's her fault for not having a cell phone.

Valerie Malone: [At the altar] They do look good together.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, they do.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Girls on the Side (#5.28)" (1995)
Jackie Taylor: [about meeting a modeling agent from NYC] You'll never know if you don't meet him.
Kelly Taylor: I guess then I will never know.

Kate: [In Kate and Dana's house] Was Allison in one of her moods?
Kelly Taylor: I wouldn't know she wouldn't see me!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Back in the High Life Again (#3.19)" (1993)
[last lines]
[Kelly and Dylan watch an angry Brenda walk off]
Dylan McKay: Let her go. She'll be all right.
Kelly Taylor: I hope so. Will we?

Kelly Taylor: Brenda, try to understand how you mean to us, all right?
Dylan McKay: I know this is hard for you, Bren. It's hard for all of us.
Brenda Walsh: [suddenly angry] Look, you made your choice Dylan, and I have to live with that, and I should have seen it coming. But I don't have to stand and listen to it anymore! I'm going home, okay?
Kelly Taylor: No, Brenda. We need to tell you something else.
Brenda Walsh: I don't want to hear it! I've heard enough!
Dylan McKay: Well, you're gonna have to, Bren, 'cause neither one of us can stand to lie to you anymore.
Kelly Taylor: This summer, while you were in Paris...
Dylan McKay: Look, I told you I was with a girl, right? Kelly was the girl.
Brenda Walsh: I though you guys were my friends. I loved you, I trusted you both!
Kelly Taylor: Brenda, please...
Dylan McKay: We didn't plan this, Brenda.
Brenda Walsh: No, of course you didn't plan it, Dylan! You just let it happen! And you lied to me, both of you, for months and months! You know, when I broke up with you, you made it seem like Kelly was just some girl you picked to go out with. You made it seem so innocent like it was my fault!
Kelly Taylor: Neither of us wanted to hurt you.
Brenda Walsh: Well, you just did! You didn't seem to care about how I felt, Kelly!
Dylan McKay: That's not true.
Brenda Walsh: Did you two sleep together while I was in Paris?
Kelly Taylor: [firmly] No!
Brenda Walsh: Why should I believe you?
Dylan McKay: Because it's the truth!
Brenda Walsh: Why are you doing this to me?
Dylan McKay: Because, we owe it to you, Bren. I mean, don't you think we all owe ourselves a little something more than this? I mean, we could start again from someplace a little more honest.
Brenda Walsh: Honesty? Is that was you think this is about, Dylan? Well's it's not! I don't think so. Look, I hate both of you! Never talk to me again!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Back Story (#3.8)" (1992)
Kelly Taylor: [after finding out the truth about a tabloid tape] Did you really say that I was intelligent, and one of a kind?
Brenda Walsh: Sure did.

Kelly Taylor: [referring to Brenda's cigarette addiction] Brenda, the only thing worse than having an addiction, is denying that you have one.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Something in the Air (#3.28)" (1993)
Brenda Walsh: [into the phone] That's right. At 10:00 exactly, you walk out.
Kelly Taylor: [into the phone] Listen, I'm sure you've heard about what's happening to Donna Martin...
David Silver: [into the phone] All you got to do is get up from whatever exam you're taking and walk out the door...
Steve Sanders: [into the phone] No, you don't need a note from your mother...
Andrea Zuckerman: [into the phone] Everyone's going to be doing it, and you don't want to be left there all alone.
Brandon Walsh: [into the phone] See you tomorrow, cool. Bye.

Dylan McKay: Tell Superintendent Ephardt that summer registration is going to break the record this year.
Steve Sanders: [to Ms. Teasley] Donna Martin graduates!
Kelly Taylor: [to Ms. Teasley] Donna Martin graduates!
Dylan McKay: Donna Martin graduates!
[Chant begins with Brenda]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Girl Who Cried Wolf (#8.21)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: [to Brandon about Valerie and Noah] If there is anything I've learned this year it is that people are capable of anything.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Storm Warning (#7.23)" (1997)
Clare Arnold: [about Steve] Maybe it's time to sink to his level and I think I know how to do it.
Kelly Taylor: Clare?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Reunion (#8.27)" (1998)
Valerie Malone: I just want to say that it's been peachy being you tonight. Thank you.
Kelly Taylor: What kind of crack is that, Valerie?
Valerie Malone: Well, I've been playing Miss Goody Two-shoes all night. It's been wonderful playing good. Thank you.
[Valerie sees a wall tile plate which has the words 'Kelly is a slut' carved into it]
Valerie Malone: Oh, "Kelly is a slut". Might be a different Kelly, right?
Kelly Taylor: I wish.
Valerie Malone: Snow White has a past? Oh, do tell.
Kelly Taylor: You find that amusing do you?
Valerie Malone: Ironic.
Kelly Taylor: You of all people ought to know how something like that could stick. How people come back to haunt you.
Valerie Malone: Any people in particular?
Kelly Taylor: Ross Webber. Mr. Congeniality? Couldn't have missed him. A couple years older then everybody.
Valerie Malone: The just-married guy? He did this?
Kelly Taylor: He started it. Back then he was a senior. I was a freshman. One night after a football game we went up on Mulholland. And he took me into the bushes.
Valerie Malone: Tell me it wasn't your first time.
Kelly Taylor: Over in a minute. Ross left me there in the dirt. Never talked to me again.
Valerie Malone: And afterwards, the whole school knew, huh?
Kelly Taylor: I kind of got a rap for being easy. I tried avoiding him. In the hallways and at school events. He graduated a few months later. After a year or so, it just sort of faded away.
Valerie Malone: And tonight?
Kelly Taylor: The bastared tried to shake my hand. Acting as if the whole thing never happened.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Intervention (#5.9)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: I'll have just have hot tea!
[Brandon is ordering for him, Kelly, Steve, Jesse and Andrea]
Brandon Walsh: Oh boy, here we go!
Andrea Zuckerman: What?
Brandon Walsh: Kelly's not eating anymore.
[Andrea gives her a look]
Kelly Taylor: Brandon, do me a favor and don't turn into my mother!
Nat Bussichio: I hate to break up this party but I got some terrible news. Your mother called Brandon, it seems our friend checked himself out of rehab this afternoon.
[Everyone gets an annoyed look on their faces]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Labors of Love (#4.19)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [to Donna] I told Mel, I told Jackie. Donna, I'm not covering for him anymore.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Straight Shooter (#7.21)" (1997)
Clare Arnold: [At the resort on the phone with Donna] Dick Harrison Overdosed at the After Dark last night.
Kelly Taylor: Overdosed on what?
Clare Arnold: Heroin, Talk to Donna!
[She hands the phone to Kelly because she is crying]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: One on One (#1.4)" (1990)
[Brandon has doubts about making the school basketball team]
Jim Walsh: You read Bobby Knight's book.
Kelly Taylor: [aside, to Brenda] Bobby who?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: All That Glitters (#8.26)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: [to Brandon] You don't have to it's written all over your face.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (#9.4)" (1998)
Donna Martin: [At the store, to Kelly] Noah's been arrested!
Kelly Taylor: What?
Donna Martin: Drunk driving. His arraignment is in an hour.
Kelly Taylor: How did he sound?
Donna Martin: I don't know. Val called me.
[Kelly gives a look of disgust]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: All This and Mary Too (#6.22)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [In the rehab room at the hospital with Donna] No, I'm the one who shut everyone out.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Survival Skills (#9.16)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: [outside of Now Wear This] Dylan told me about Lauren.
Matt Durning: [obviously irritated at their tell all relationship] Good news travels fast around here!
Kelly Taylor: Let me be a friend.

"90210: That Which We Destroy (#1.11)" (2008)
[Brenda is in the hospital after accidentally breaking her arm]
Kelly Taylor: Well, according to your emergency contact list, we're still BFFs.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Scared Very Straight (#4.20)" (1994)
Rose Zuckerman: [Walks over to Kelly and Donna who are playing with the presents] Either eat or dance?
Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin: Eat!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Thicker Than Water (#4.17)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: Are you doing drugs?
David Silver: What?
Kelly Taylor: You heard me!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Fertile Ground (#10.15)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: I'm sorry that you have this problem but it's yours not ours.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Stand (Up) and Deliver (#1.16)" (1991)
Kelly Taylor: That's the beauty of it, he doesn't say anything!

"90210: Between a Sign and a Hard Place (#1.20)" (2009)
Donna Martin: I just got off the phone with David.
Kelly Taylor: What happened?
Donna Martin: I told him about the space, how perfect it was, how it was exactly how I envisioned it, how I wanna come back here. I want to make a go of it.
Kelly Taylor: And?
Donna Martin: And he said we'll have to figure out a schedule to shuttle Ruby between L.A. and Japan.
Kelly Taylor: Honey...
Donna Martin: I guess I always thought when push came to shove, that he wouldn't want to lose me.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Loser Take All (#7.9)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [At the counter in the Peach Pit] Valerie should come with a warning label!
Brandon Walsh: Easy Kell!
Kelly Taylor: I don't get how someone so smart be so blind?
Brandon Walsh: [Looks embarrased and smiles] Ok, I'll bite, what are you talking about?
Kelly Taylor: Nothing!
[Not really wanting to spill the secret in case he knows]
Brandon Walsh: Hey Kell, you brought this up so you have to give!
Kelly Taylor: You really don't know do you?
Brandon Walsh: What are you talking about Kell?
Kelly Taylor: Val claims to have been pregnant and had an abortion.
Brandon Walsh: [Disbelief] When?
Kelly Taylor: Last week.
[Gives him a look and her tone changes to prove Val lied]
Kelly Taylor: She cried all over my shoulder.
[Looks at Val and Nat by the bathroom with little Frankie]
Nat Bussichio: You have a way with kids Val!
[Kelly and Brandon overhear this]
Kelly Taylor: Like Custer had a way with the Indians!
Brandon Walsh: Why wouldn't she tell me about this?
[Hurt, confused and shocked]
Kelly Taylor: For some reason she has a problem lying to you; a problem she doesn't have with the rest of us!
[Kelly smirks in truth and Brandon looks at Val]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Following Options (#9.9)" (1998)
Doctor: The ventilator's breathing for him now.
Kelly Taylor: Does that - the thing hurt him?
Doctor: He's on pain medication for the moment. Oh, in the future, a chalkboard will really help. Um, till then just work out some signals with him.
Jackie Taylor: For what?
Doctor: To communicate with him. He might be on that ventilator indefinitely. But he's alive. That's the main thing.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Phantom Menace (#10.1)" (1999)
Janet Sosna: I'm pregnant.
[She and Kelly share a laugh and a smile]
Kelly Taylor: I'm happy for you.
Janet Sosna: Yeah, that's my moment. You know the one that's changed my life around.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, yours and Steve's.
Janet Sosna: I haven't told him.
Kelly Taylor: Did you just find out?
Janet Sosna: I just have this terrible pregnancies and miscarriages in my family. I wanted to make sure it's real first.
Kelly Taylor: Janet, how pregnant are you?
Janet Sosna: Four months.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Senior Poll (#3.25)" (1993)
David Silver: There she is the one and only Kelly Taylor.
[Kelly stands up]
David Silver: There she is our queen!
Kelly Taylor: Without her king!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Midlife... Now What? (#3.18)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: [to Brenda] Babette used to be my mom's coke connection.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Easter Bunny (#10.22)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: I know what's going on.
Matt Durning: You do?
Kelly Taylor: Why you've been so distant lately.
Matt Durning: Well, then we should talk about it.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah. I... I've wanted to talk to you for a long time, but I didn't know how you would react.
Matt Durning: How I'd react?
Kelly Taylor: I should have told you the truth right away.
Matt Durning: The truth about what?
Kelly Taylor: Your car.
Matt Durning: What about my car?
Kelly Taylor: You don't know?
Matt Durning: Know what?
Kelly Taylor: While you were away...
Matt Durning: Yeah?
Kelly Taylor: I borrowed it, and I kind of sideswiped a parked car. Um, but... you know, there's just a big dent on the... the passenger side, but I got a damage estimate. I know how things are for you right now.
Matt Durning: Listen to me. Are you okay?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah.
Matt Durning: Then that's all that matters.
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, but your car...
Matt Durning: Who cares? It has a few scratches. So what? Big deal. Who doesn't?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Heartbreaker (#4.18)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [Kelly and Donna are a doing a yoga video sent by Mrs. Martin] Your mother?
Donna Martin: Yes!
Kelly Taylor: Since when is your mother the queen of calm, she makes coffee nervous!
[Both collapse from laughter]

"90210: We're Not in Kansas Anymore (#1.1)" (2008)
Kelly Taylor: Silver, how many times have we had a talk about this blog of yours? All it does is cause problems.
Erin Silver: Yeah, well, that's what blogs are supposed to do. Cause problems. You know, you can't make me stop. It's not like it's a school activity or...
Kelly Taylor: Okay, I'm not talking to you as the guidance counselor right now. I am talking to you as your sister.
Erin Silver: Okay, then as my sister, you know what Naomi did and why I hate her.
Kelly Taylor: Yes, but this didn't hurt Naomi. It hurt Annie. Come on, you've got to let go of that anger. It's not doing you any good. You don't want to end up like Mom.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Cuffs and Links (#4.24)" (1994)
Dylan McKay: Dylan: You okay?
Brenda Walsh: Brenda: Yeah, a little scared. One night in jail is definitely enough for me to realized I don't want to go back.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe, you should've thought of that before.
Dylan McKay: Kel.
Kelly Taylor: What? I'm sorry, I just don't know what you expect from me.
Dylan McKay: What is your problem?
Kelly Taylor: You want to know what my problem is? I am sick and tired of stepping aside everytime Brenda comes running to you with another crisis. Everytime you call, he runs whether it's Palm Springs in the middle of the night or jail, he runs. He's not your boyfriend anymore.
Brenda Walsh: And obviously you're not my friend anymore.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: All That Jazz (#7.28)" (1997)
Brandon Walsh: [after Val leaves Brandon and Kelly's room] At least she's trying Kel.
Kelly Taylor: Only when your around!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: April Is the Cruelest Month (#1.18)" (1991)
[watching Donna smoke in a parking lot with some punk students]
Brenda Walsh: I don't believe this. Look at Donna. First she's ditching class, now she lighting up in the parking lot? What's gotten into her?
Dylan McKay: I don't think, "What's gotten into her?" I think what she's getting into.
Kelly Taylor: Trouble.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Crunch Time (#4.16)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [Walking into the front room and sees Donna lying on the floor listening to the radio] Are you burning the midnight oil or are you listening to David?
Donna Martin: At least I know where he is!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: That's the Guy (#9.26)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: I was raped!
Matt Durning: [looks concerned] What? When? I want you to tell me everything.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Meeting Mr. Pony (#2.25)" (1992)
Kelly Taylor: You know you can be such a jerk sometimes!
Steve Sanders: You wouldn't be laughing if you were failing English.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Wildfire (#2.8)" (1991)
David Silver: What am I forgetting?
Kelly Taylor: That this is supposed to be fun.
David Silver: No, it's not fun until this is over!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 2 (#6.32)" (1996)
Valerie Malone: [being hauled off and stops in front of Valerie] Have a nice life Colin!
Colin Robbins: I'm sorry Valerie.
Kelly Taylor: No your not!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You (#10.14)" (2000)
Matt Durning: No more excuses ok. I want you to trust me.
Kelly Taylor: Okay.
[Skeptical look on her face]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Camping Trip (#2.7)" (1991)
[the gang are stranded under a shack in the pouring rain]
Kelly Taylor: Steve, I cannot believe you forgot to check the weather report.
Steve Sanders: I didn't forget to check the weather report. I just didn't believe the weather report.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas (#6.8)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [about them wearing both Western costumes] Did you check with Donna?
Colin Robbins: Yes, I checked with Donna.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: A Night to Remember (#3.27)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: Bren, we are in big trouble!
Brenda Walsh: Why?
Kelly Taylor: Donna is totally plastered!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Graduation Day: Part 2 (#7.32)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: Do you have a minute?
Bill Taylor: A minute is probably all I got. I'd love to spend it with you.
Kelly Taylor: Now I don't know where to start. I want to apologize for starting a fight before.
Bill Taylor: You don't have to apologize to me.
Kelly Taylor: I want to. If your reall ready to start over so am I.
Bill Taylor: Really. You have no idea how that makes me feel.
[Federal Marshall motions to him to wrap it up]
Bill Taylor: [to Federal Marshall] I'll be there.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe we can have that dinner we missed.
Bill Taylor: That's going to be impossible.
Kelly Taylor: [Looks pissed] Here we go again.
Bill Taylor: Not this time. You see these gentlemen are Federal Marshalls and tomorrow I'm being indicted by the grand jury on charges of fraud and embezzlement after that I go to jail.
Kelly Taylor: [Shocked and confused] What? Why?
Bill Taylor: I'm guilty!
Kelly Taylor: Jackie and Joy know about this?
Bill Taylor: Yes, they do.
Kelly Taylor: why didn't you tell me?
Bill Taylor: I wanted you to forgive me before you knew the truth.
Kelly Taylor: Dad I'm so sorry.
[Hugs him]
Bill Taylor: [Shocked and genuinely happy] You called me dad. I like the sound of that.
[He leaves and the Federal Marshalls escort him out. He turns one last time to look at Kelly and they wave]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Big Hurt (#6.28)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: I want to see her!
Brandon Walsh: No you don't.
[Obviously concerned]
Kelly Taylor: Yes, I do. I want this to be over and if I see her it will be!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: We Interrupt This Program (#7.18)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: [In the Student Union] What is that? That's a gun! He's got a gun!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Take Back the Night (#4.11)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: [laughing, after Dylan smears a pie on John Sears' face] You are crazy but thank you.
Dylan McKay: [kisses Kelly] My pleasure.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Morning After (#9.1)" (1998)
Kelly Taylor: [looking at her wedding dress in a store front] Brandon and I were supposed to be partners and go through life together.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The End of the World as We Know It (#9.23)" (1999)
Dylan McKay: All I know is that I go to put a movie in the VCR and there it is; Kelly and Matt going at it!
[Angry looks on both faces]
Kelly Taylor: Who saw it?
Dylan McKay: Just me and Gina. I told her not to tell anybody.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Coming Home (#8.5)" (1997)
Kelly Taylor: I'm missing something but I know what it is.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Rock of Ages (#5.12)" (1994)
Andrea Zuckerman: [after Brandon leaves the Student Union] Does Brandon realize he could be impeached on Friday?
Kelly Taylor: I think he is in denial!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Strike the Match (#6.27)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [after being accused of keying Val's car and her reacting to the news of Val and Colin] I dumped him and you were the only thing low enough for him to crawl to!
Valerie Malone: You're a bitch!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: What's in a Name (#10.10)" (1999)
Jackie Taylor: [after trying to cheer up Erin] Hey would you like to call daddy and wish him a happy Thanksgiving?
Erin Silver: [Erin smiles] Yeah!
Jackie Taylor: [Opens her purse and pulls out her cell phone] Here you go!
[Erin leaves]
Kelly Taylor: Well done mother!
[Jakie smiles at Kelly]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Emily (#4.13)" (1993)
David Silver: [Steve is in the Student Union wearing the dress and handing out flyers] You make the perfect Keg girl!
Steve Sanders: This is embarrassing enough without you here, so could you please just bail!
Kelly Taylor: I think he looks sexy.
Donna Martin: He is wearing my lipstick!
Steve Sanders: Enough already!
David Silver: Now I know why I didn't join a fraternity!
Dylan McKay: Must be a drag. Huh Steve... drag.
[He and David laugh and collapse on each other]
Steve Sanders: Yeah I get it! Ha! Now beat it.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Breast Side Up (#6.12)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: [Walshes Kitchen] Nat says to cook the turkey breast side up.
Valerie Malone: I plan to but David's mother says breast side down. Can't we just shove her in the oven?
Brandon Walsh: I'm sorry do I sense a little tension here?
Valerie Malone: I'm trying Brandon but she actually made David go back to the store because she didn't like the brand of margerine I bought.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Illegal Tender (#8.16)" (1998)
[Kelly slaps Emma in the face at the door to her apartment thinking she seduced Steve, when in fact she seduced Brandon]
Emma Bennett: Ow! Well, I suppose I deserve that.
Kelly Taylor: It's the least you deserve.
Emma Bennett: I'm suprised Brandon told you.
Kelly Taylor: He didn't have to.
Emma Bennett: Oh, you found out on your own? Oh, do tell, I'm sure there's a good story in that.
Kelly Taylor: He doesn't love you, Emma.
Emma Bennett: And I don't love him. But the sex was great.
Kelly Taylor: How can you pass yourself off as a friend to me after what you did?
Emma Bennett: Trick of the trade. To get a good story, you have to lower people's guard. Same with guys.
Kelly Taylor: And breaking up a happy couple means nothing to you?
Emma Bennett: People who aren't happy don't stray. And the truth is, he was happier then he was with me.
Kelly Taylor: I heard him tell you it was over. Not to call, not to come by. Didn't sound like Steve was very happy to me.
Emma Bennett: Steve? Steve Sanders?
Kelly Taylor: Yes, Steve Sanders. Who else would it be?
Emma Bennett: [rolls her eyes; incredulous] But I never slept with Steve.
Kelly Taylor: Emma, I heard the call, okay? I heard him tell you the affair was over.
Emma Bennett: My affair wasn't with Steve. It was with Brandon.
Kelly Taylor: You're lying.
Emma Bennett: I want you to come inside. There's a tape I need you to listen to.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills (#5.30)" (1995)
Kelly Taylor: Brandon, I can't accept this.
[she gives him the ring, he's about to leave]
Kelly Taylor: Wait, please. Dylan, have a nice trip.
[gives him the ticket]
Kelly Taylor: I can't go with you, not this time. I've made my choice, and I choose me. I hope you'll understand. I'll love you both 'till the day I die.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Deadline (#8.11)" (1997)
Rush Sanders: [outside the courthouse] Brandon made bail.
Kelly Taylor: Thank you for all your help.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Strangers in the Night (#4.6)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: I think you should buy a big old pink Cadillac!
Brandon Walsh: Now that is you!
Dylan McKay: I'll take it under advisement... AS IF!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Homecoming (#5.6)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: [after Donna cancels and Steve suggests that Kelly and Valerie deliver the brownies] Why not?
Valerie Malone: We could give it a try!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Perfectly Perfect (#3.24)" (1993)
Kelly Taylor: Where's Steve?
Brandon Walsh: He got the girl behind door number three! Happy Birthday sweetie.
[kisses her, she looks crushed]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Sibling Revelry (#10.11)" (1999)
Kelly Taylor: [At his hotel room door] Matt thinks you are coming between him again.
Dylan McKay: Am I sensing a pattern here?
Kelly Taylor: Yeah, you are and I'm getting sick of it.
Dylan McKay: Sick of what?
Kelly Taylor: At this hinting around stuff. It's just a gift from a friend thing.
Dylan McKay: [Dylan looks shocked and he smiles] It was just a gift from a friend, that's it!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Baby, You Can Drive My Car (#10.8)" (1999)
David Silver: Your mom is the one breaking up the family.
Kelly Taylor: Because she is sick of him eyeing every sales girl, every waitress.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Rave On (#5.5)" (1994)
Kelly Taylor: What do you think of Valerie?
Donna Martin: She's great. Why? She's not?
Kelly Taylor: She's a closeted stoner.
Donna Martin: What? Valerie? No way! She's too goody two-shoes to do drugs. Why would you say that?
Kelly Taylor: I went over to the Walshes this morning to meet with Brandon and when I walked into her bedroom to have a talk with her, it reeked of pot.
Donna Martin: Are you sure? Are you sure she wasn't just burning incense?
Kelly Taylor: Donna, I caught her in a lie. The worst part was she kept on lying to me even after I knew she was lying. I don't mind if Valerie wants to smoke pot, but I don't understand why she had to lie to me about it.
Donna Martin: So what if Valerie was smoking pot? She may have just been experimenting and she didn't want to let you in on it since you might have told Jim and Cindy. You know how they are.
Kelly Taylor: No, I don't think that's it. I think this whole thing with Valerie is a ruse. I think she wants all of us to think that she's this sweet, innocent, naive girl from the Midwest when in fact she's a lot more complicated then that.
Donna Martin: There you go again. You're always jumping to conclusions about people you don't know too well.
Kelly Taylor: I do not.
Donna Martin: Yes, you do. Remember when you stated over and over that you didn't trust Suzanne or Kevin and you told me and Dylan that you suspected that they were planning to rip him off? Well, you were wrong and they all ended up going into business together.
Kelly Taylor: Maybe. But my intuition is never wrong. I know there's something about Valerie that she doesn't want us to know and I'm going to find out what it is.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Doc Martin (#10.17)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: [to Dylan at the After Dark] Do you get a rsuh out of testing yourself or is this a test for your friends to keep us on our toes? Risking something to feel something?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1 (#6.31)" (1996)
Kelly Taylor: [At breakfast] I just feel like my life is going nowhere.
Andrea Zuckerman-Vasquez: Kell, everyone makes mistakes, you just got to give yourself time.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1 (#8.1)" (1997)
Felice Martin: [after finding out about Kelly's woman's problems at the drugstore] I'm sorry Kelly, I feel like we are invading your privacy.
Kelly Taylor: No problem Mrs. Martin.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: A Walsh Family Christmas (#2.18)" (1991)
Jackie Taylor: Patience!
Kelly Taylor: Who died and made you Julia Child? You haven't touched a spatula in ten years.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Slipping Away (#9.17)" (1999)
Dylan McKay: [At David's and Dylan's house] Let me get this straight you want to help Lauren?
Kelly Taylor: Is that so hard to believe?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Withdrawal (#9.13)" (1999)
Matt Durning: [At the Beach house] She's fine.
[He opens the fridge and looks at Kelly]
Matt Durning: Did you hear what I said? The doctor gave Donna clean bill of health.
Kelly Taylor: [Irriated and upset by the incident] I heard.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Slumber Party (#1.12)" (1991)
Amanda Peyser: Why don't you tell us the "real" first time you had sex?
Kelly Taylor: That was the first time, with me and Steve.
Amanda Peyser: Oh really? Whatever happened to Ross Webber?
Brenda Walsh: Who's Ross Webber?
Kelly Taylor: All right, I'll tell you. Ross Webber was this godly stud on the football team, who I had a hopeless crush on in the 9th grade. Anyway, I was working the whole year at getting close to him. I started hanging out with the JV cheerleaders, going to all the games, just tagging along wherever he was going to be. And one night after some game, everbody was getting drunk, except me, and a bunch of us drove up to Mulholland. When we got there, Ross says he wants to take me to his favorite spot in the woods. I'm so stupid for I said, "wow, that would be a neat thing to do." But of course, when we get there all he wants to do is have sex. He kept saying, "come on Kel, I know you want it. I know you want it Kelly." And I did... but not on the ground. He didn't even bring a blanket. But it was over pretty quick and after that he took me home... and never talked to me again. This that what you had in mind?

"Melrose Place: Friends & Lovers (#1.2)" (1992)
Kelly Taylor: I have to be home by midnight.
Jake Hanson: Me too.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Remember the Alamo (#7.1)" (1996)
Valerie Malone: I'd say spending the day with Taz seems more lively. Or are you just going through some kind of martyr phase?
Kelly Taylor: I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
Nat Bussichio: Ladies, ladies. Where is Steve? I know it's supposed to be a secret, but he said he was gonna be here.
Valerie Malone: Some secret. I just took him to the airport. He's on his way to Texas to catch up with Clare.
Kelly Taylor: What? Clare just called from Texas looking for Steve. I told her that I heard he was already home. She's probably flying back right now.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories (#5.1)" (1994)
Brandon Walsh: [In Kelly's room at the beach house] Have you seen my socks?
Kelly Taylor: As a matter of fact I have.
[Reveals her foot with his sock on]
Brandon Walsh: Why are you wearing my socks?
Kelly Taylor: Because my feet were cold.
Brandon Walsh: Can I have them back?
Kelly Taylor: If you want them back you are going to have to come and get them.
Brandon Walsh: You want to make me late, that's right?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: It's a Totally Happening Life (#3.16)" (1992)
[Kelly and Walsh family are watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV]
Kelly Taylor: Wow, Cary Grant is so amazing.
Jim Walsh: Yes... only that it's James Stewart.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Love Is Blind (#10.24)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: [about the date for Kelly and Matt's wedding] I want you to be there.
Matt Durning: We both do.
Dylan McKay: I'll see what I can do.
[Drives off]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: And Did It... My Way (#4.10)" (1993)
Donna Martin: We need to give Brenda a shower!
Kelly Taylor: A cold shower!
Andrea Zuckerman: Thank you; I'm not the only one who thinks this a little bit ridicoulous?

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Earthquake Weather (#6.9)" (1995)
Donna Martin: [At the Walsh house] I'm at the tournament house looking through a photo album and I turn the page and there in the 25 finalists of 1969; there is my mother.
Kelly Taylor: You're kidding?
Donna Martin: Nope, and she didn't even tell me about this. She has been so negative about me being involved.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Truth and Consequences (#4.29)" (1994)
Steve Sanders: Laura showed her true colors. I mean this girl is wacko with a capital "J". She wanted this part so badly she cranked called Brenda's house so she could miss the first rehearsal.
Kelly Taylor: Cute.
[Looking disgusted]
Steve Sanders: It gets worse. Now she is trying to pull a Tonya Harding and she wants me to put Brenda out of commission.

"Melrose Place: Lost & Found (#1.3)" (1992)
Steve Sanders: All I'm saying is I think you're headed for a serious heartbreak with this guy, Kelly.
David Silver: Look, I heard this thing on the love lines about guys with wounded souls who attract women who think they can heal them, only it's the women who end up wounded.
Kelly Taylor: Look, you don't understand. Jake is just going through a bad time right now.
Steve Sanders: Oh, like that guy down in the unemployment line that Jake clobbered?
Kelly Taylor: Look, he just needs me on his side, to be there for him.
David Silver: Well, I think he gets the idea. I mean, you call him five times a day, and of course, he never answers.
Kelly Taylor: David, shut up. It's none of your business.
David Silver: I'm your brother.
Kelly Taylor: Stepbrother.
David Silver: Whatever.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: I Will Be Your Father Figure (#10.19)" (2000)
Kelly Taylor: Ok, for someone who thinks his dead father's alive.
Matt Durning: What?
Kelly Taylor: There's no solid proof but I believe him.