Brooke Armstrong
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Brooke Armstrong (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: No Lifeguard on Duty (#4.20)" (1996)
Brooke Armstrong Campbell: You know I've always wanted to say this to you, Amanda.
Alison Parker Armstrong: Don't say anything that you will regret.
Brooke Armstrong Campbell: Kiss my ass!
Amanda Woodward: You're fired.

[her final words before drowning in the courtyard pool]
Brooke Armstrong Campbell: Nobody's home... Nobody cares...

"Melrose Place: Devil in a Wet Dress (#4.21)" (1996)
[Billy is confronted by Brooke's ghost emerging from the swimming pool]
Brooke Armstrong: Hello, Billy. Miss me? Nice job at my funeral. What happened? Couldn't you admit that it's your fault that I'm dead?
Billy Campbell: This isn't happening.
Brooke Armstrong: Oh, yes it is, and it is your fault. I came to you with so much love, and you gave me nothing but hate. Too bad Alison won't stay with you. I guess she knows that you're a heartless, unfeeling bastard!
[Billy walks away from Brooke's ghost to his apartment]
Brooke Armstrong: You can't run away from me. I'll never leave you.
Billy Campbell: Stop it!
Brooke Armstrong: I'll never leave you alone!

Billy Campbell: What do you want from me?
Brooke Armstrong: I don't want anything from you. I don't need your love anymore. Do you know why? Because you sold me your soul. And all it cost me was one little line. That silly little Lindy Toy slogan, it's going to make you a star. And from now on, every step you take, every bridge you burn, will be because of me.

"Melrose Place: Melrose Is Like a Box of Chocolates (#4.2)" (1995)
[last lines]
Brooke Armstrong: You sorry enough to float me a loan?
Hayley Armstrong: Sure.
Brooke Armstrong: I know what I just said, but I can't be happy with Allison around. I've got to get away from D&D, out of that damn apartment building away from her.
Hayley Armstrong: [writes a check] How do you intend to explain $100,000 to your husband?
Brooke Armstrong: I don't. I'm going to get a seperate checking account at a different bank.
[Hayley finishes writing the check and is about to hand it over to Brooke, but he promtly backs off from handing it to her]
Brooke Armstrong: Daddy?
Hayley Armstrong: There is however one small condition to the money, Brooke. You don't get it... until you file for divorce.

"Melrose Place: Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang (#3.28)" (1995)
Hayley Armstrong: You're wasting your time on Billy.
Brooke Armstrong Campbell: Billy's like that company you bought in St. Louis. He's an undervalued asset. And with the right management, he can be a fortune 500 company in no time.