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Carly Reynolds (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Pride and Prejudice (#8.7)" (1997)
Steve Sanders: [holding up a parcel] This is for Zach.
Carly Reynolds: You shouldn't have.
Steve Sanders: I know. But I wanted to.
Carly Reynolds: I mean you really shouldn't have. You already got him a baseball glove and a model airplane. Toys won't replace a trip to Magic Mountain. Stop playing Santa.
Steve Sanders: Carly, I like Zach. I want him to have these things.
Carly Reynolds: No! Look, your problem is that you don't know when enough is enough. Kids get all excited when they get something new. They play with it every minute of the day until they burn out and then the toy just collects dust in the garage.
Steve Sanders: So, what's your point?
Carly Reynolds: My point is that little boys and grown men who behave like little boys have something in common. Don't use him to get to me. I don't want Zach getting attached just when you decide to go off and find a new toy for him to play with.
Steve Sanders: I thought we were past this.
Carly Reynolds: We were. We're not anymore.