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Jennifer Mancini (Character)
from "Melrose Place" (1992)

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"Melrose Place: Deja Vu, All Over Again (#5.27)" (1997)
Amanda Woodward: That's it! We're done here.
Jennifer Mancini: Oh, but Michael said that you were going to take me out to lunch.
Amanda Woodward: I'm far too busy to take lunch. That's busy with a capital "B".
Jennifer Mancini: So... um, did I get the job or not?
Amanda Woodward: Not. But just so that this wasn't a total waste of time, here's a tip: you're going to have a tough time finding a job with your attitude.
Jennifer Mancini: Hmm. Well, that didn't stop you any.

[on a job interview with Amanda, which Michael set up as a favor]
Jennifer Mancini: You know Michael, he likes to bend the truth. But you probably do too, being in advertising.
Amanda Woodward: We walk a fine line.
Jennifer Mancini: Right, truth with a little "t", as opposed to the actual Truth, which is with a big "T". Am I getting too philosophical? I don't want to lose you.
Amanda Woodward: [getting annoyed] Well, considering your resume barely qualifies for entry level, I doubt it. So what kind of advertising do you like?
Jennifer Mancini: I know what I don't like. That billboard on Whilshire with the busty bimbo showing the "Sunset Diet Plan." No normal woman's ever going to respond to a cheesy ad like that.
Amanda Woodward: That was my ad campaign.
Jennifer Mancini: [laughs] I'm so embarrassed...
Amanda Woodward: Yeah.
Jennifer Mancini: ...for you.

Dr. Michael Mancini: How was your interview with Amanda?
Jennifer Mancini: A total bust. I get there and she told me that there's no job to speak of. And even if there was, Amanda told me she has this new policy to never hire friends or relatives or relatives of friends. So... that's that.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wait a minute. She said that she was going to give you a shot. I'm going to call her now and find out what happened.
Jennifer Mancini: [trying to control her panic] Michael, wait! I didn't want to get into this but... uh... she was really mean to me.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Listen, are you sure she knew who you were?
Jennifer Mancini: Yeah. No doubt about it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Huh. I'm sorry. What can I say? Amanda can be brutal.
Jennifer Mancini: [thinking fast of another lie] Yeah... it's just hard to show up and expecting someone to be nice to you and then... uh... they tell you to get lost.

"Melrose Place: A Brand New Day (#6.1)" (1997)
Jennifer Mancini: You really did it this time, big brother. I thought you might like to know that Megan is completely disgusted with you.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Belive me, I know.
Jennifer Mancini: And she moved out of the beach house and is staying with me at Melrose. Personally, I don't think you have a prayer of getting back together with Megan. Unless, you have somebody... say, close to her who'd be willing to plead your case.
Dr. Michael Mancini: No! All I care about right now is that she backs me up as a witness with this assault charge I'm taking against Peter. Forget what I did, she knows that crazy doc is on a psycho rampage.
Jennifer Mancini: See, well, that's just it. Apparently the cops got ahold of Taylor, and she's up in Carmel with Peter, and they're getting married.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wh-what?
Jennifer Mancini: Isn't that something? Anyway, I figure the only hope in the world you have is to fix things up with Megan so that she doesn't join up with the other side and flush you away just for the fun of it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: No, and in any case, she won't even talk to me.
[Jennifer wickedly smirks]
Dr. Michael Mancini: All right, all right, if you can manage this... if you get us back together what's in it for you?
Jennifer Mancini: [mimicking Marlon Brandon in 'The Godfather'] One day, Michael... I will come to you for a favor, and when I do, you will grant me that favor...
[normal voice]
Jennifer Mancini: no matter what it is. Capisce?
Dr. Michael Mancini: Forget it! I'm a doctor and a businessman. I don't do favors.
Jennifer Mancini: Fine, good luck.
Dr. Michael Mancini: You were always the weird one in the family.
Jennifer Mancini: And you were always the greedy, selfish one who'll do anything to get what he wants.
Dr. Michael Mancini: [sighs] All right, fine. Deal. Now leave me alone.

Jennifer Mancini: So... where did you go last night? You ran out of the wedding like there was a fire.
Kyle McBride: Doesn't matter.
Jennifer Mancini: Did it have something to do with Amanda?
Kyle McBride: What if it did? It's none of your business.
Jennifer Mancini: [sarcastic] Ooh... excuse me for caring, lover boy. But I just wondered if maybe you were feeling a tiny bit guilty because you were off again in another woman's bed, while one of your many waitresses that you had sex with and dropped like she was worthless was outside a church bleeding to death in her wedding gown.
Kyle McBride: [getting angry] Why don't you zip it up and get back to work before I can you?
Jennifer Mancini: Yes sir, Mr. McBride. But remember this: sooner or later you're going to be sorry you ever threw off simple girls like me and Sydney just to get tangled up with with a devilish, man-eater like Amanda Woodward.

"Melrose Place: All Beths Are Off (#5.28)" (1997)
Dr. Michael Mancini: Wait a second. Let me get this straight. So, you and Megan are sitting there having dinner, and you suddenly get the urge to get up and slap the restaurant owner in the face?
Jennifer Mancini: Put it in park, Michael! I told you, I don't want to talk about it.
Dr. Michael Mancini: Well, you are going to talk about this! As long as you are living here in my house with my wife, you will talk about what I want!
Megan Lewis Mancini: Leave her alone, Michael. If she doesn't want to talk about it she doesn't have to.
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Megan] Stay out of this!
[to Jennifer]
Dr. Michael Mancini: When a woman slaps a man for no reason and she doesn't want to explain why or talk about it to anyone, it's got to be about sex. Did you know Kyle McBride while you were living in Boston? Were you doing him? Huh? Is that what happened? Did he dump you or something like that?
Jennifer Mancini: You are such a pig, Michael!
Dr. Michael Mancini: You better watch your mouth, young lady! You're very close to being out on your butt!
[there is a knock on the front door, Michael answers it, and Kyle enters; Jennifer is spooked]
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Kyle] Ah, the man himself! Now tell me something, how do you know my sister and why did she get the need to reset your clock?
Kyle McBride: Okay... this is strange. I had no idea she was your sister. I just came over here to ask Megan if she knew where I could find... Jennifer. Can we talk? Alone? At the beach?
[Kyle and Jennifer walk out when Jennifer turns towards Michael]
Jennifer Mancini: I worked for him at his restaurant in Boston two years ago. Anything further is none of your damn business.
[Jennifer walks out as Michael closes the door]
Dr. Michael Mancini: [to Megan; smug tone] She was doing him.

Jennifer Mancini: Let's get one thing straight. If I had so much as an inkling that you moved out here, I wouldn't have stepped foot off the plane.
Kyle McBride: You've got to understand. I was married. I had to honor that committment. When Taylor found out about our little fling...
Jennifer Mancini: Is that what it was to you? A little fling? Five months of relentless sex in and out of the restaurant? You made me fall in love you. You told me over and over that you would leave your wife. And all that was to you was a little fling?
Kyle McBride: Jennifer, I never meant to hurt you. And I'm sorry.
Jennifer Mancini: Stuff you apologies, Kyle!
Kyle McBride: Guess you had some rough times since then?
Jennifer Mancini: Don't flatter yourself, Romeo. The only rough time I had is right now trying not to puke at your phony sincerity. So, I suggest your crawl off to Taylor, or whoever you're screwing around with these days, and stay the hell out of my life. Okay?

"Melrose Place: Everybody Comes to Kyle's (#6.11)" (1997)
[Coop is suing Michael for stealing his idea of a cauterizing surgical glove]
Jennifer Mancini: My brother may be slimy, but he's no crook.

"Melrose Place: A Shot in the Dark (#6.8)" (1997)
Craig Field: [after an argument with Michael] How could you stand growing up with him?
Jennifer Mancini: I couldn't. But he left before I could kill him.