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Jerry Jarvis (Character)
from Silver Streak (1976)

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Silver Streak (1976)
Jerry Jarvis: I can't take that responsibility. I better get my boss.
Chief Donaldson: You better do something, you idiot, because in ten minutes you're going to have two hundred tons of locomotive smashing through Central Station on its way to Marshall Field's.

Jerry Jarvis: I've received a report from the signal towers they see no engineer in the cab.
Chief Donaldson: Great, now you got the facts; why don't you just throw one of the switches and have the train run off on a siding.
Jerry Jarvis: That's the problem; all the tracks are computer programed. Switching the Silver Streak would only cause a collision with another train.
Chief Donaldson: Then what the hell are you going to do? There're people riding on that train!
Jerry Jarvis: Oh God... You see the standard procedure in such a case would be to derail the train.
Chief Donaldson: Derail it, in the middle of a yard?
Jerry Jarvis: Yes, actully I can't take that responsibility; I better get my boss.
Chief Donaldson: You better do something you idiot, because in ten minutes; you're going to have 200 tons of locomotive smashing into Central Station on it's way to Marshall Fields!

Chief Donaldson: [Running from Helicopter to van] How's it going?
Agent: They don't believe us!
Jerry Jarvis: Look the Engineer is probably anxious to bring the train in on Schedule.
Chief Donaldson: [Gets on radio] This is Chief Donaldson. Who's this?
Jerry Jarvis: This is Jerry Jarvis, I'm the assistant controller.
Chief Donaldson: Assistant... get me your boss.
Jerry Jarvis: Uh he's out to lunch, but I'm sure I can handle any problem you might have.
Chief Donaldson: It's not my problem, you've got a dead engineer and a runaway train that's going to hit Chicago in 15 Minutes. Now what are you going to do about it?
Jerry Jarvis: All right, I'll check with the signal towers. But um, you see that's impossible, if the engineer is dead, who's driving the train?

Jerry Jarvis: Silver Streak is a runaway. What do we do?
Benny: Jeez, it'll be here in four minutes!