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George Conway (Character)
from Lost Horizon (1937)

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Lost Horizon (1937)
Chang: There is a tribe of porters some 500 miles from here. That is our only contact with the outside world. Every now and again, depending on favorable weather of course, they make the journey.
George Conway: How do we get in touch with them?
Chang: Well, in that respect, you are exceedingly fortunate. We are expecting a shipment from them almost any time now.
Barnard: Just want to do mean by, almost any time now?
Chang: Well, we've been expecting this particular shipment for the past two years...

George Conway: Well what d'ya want him to do?
Alexander P. 'Lovey' Lovett: I don't know - I'm a paleontologist, not a Foreign Secretary.

Robert Conway: Did you make that report out yet?
George Conway: Yes, Bob.
Robert Conway: Did you say we saved ninety white people?
George Conway: Yes.
Robert Conway: Good. Hooray for us. Ha-ha. Did you say that we left ten thousand natives down there to be annihilated? No. No, you wouldn't say that.
Robert Conway: They don't count.

Lost Horizon (1973)
George Conway: You are more beautiful than the women of Thailand; more feminine than the women of France; more pliable than the women of Japan; more...
Maria: Stop, stop. I don't want to hear about all these other women. What I want to hear is that you won't leave me.

George Conway: You know, in the outside world, you'd be a knock out! I bet people would fight to see you dance.