Inspector Kouichi Zenigata
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Rupan sansei: Pilot Film (1969) (TV)
[first lines]
[a police inspector sits at a desk, his hand on a top secret report of Lupin, when the phone rings]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: [on the phone] Yes, this is Police Inspector Zenigata in the Investigation Department...
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: Hello, Inspector. You sound carefree to me. Are you playing shogi by yourself? How AWFUL are you?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Who is this?
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: Do you mind if I play shogi with you, by phone?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: You can't be...!
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: Lupin III!

[Zenigata plays a game of shogi with Lupin over the phone]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: There is no way you can win now!
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: [to an officer, sotto voice] Have you traced phone the call yet?

Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: [playing shogi] What's the matter with you, Lupin? There is no way you can win now!
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: No, there is no way YOU can win now!
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Hey, wait, I did that first!
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: No, you did it WRONG! There is a fake piece in front of you!
[Zenigata checks out a piece in front of him, and sees Lupin's mark on it]
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: I replaced your piece with mine! I've won this game!
[Lupin gives a triumphant laugh; an enraged Zenigata scatters all the pieces]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: DAMN LUPIN!
Narrator: This man is Police Inspector Zenigata, the seventh-generation descendant of Heiji Zenigata. He devotes his all in his pursuit of Lupin III.

[Lupin's telephone call is traced to... ]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: [examining a map] A phone booth... This is the telephone in front of our station!
[looks out a window and sees Lupin in the booth outside leering at him]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Don't you make a fool out of me!
[rushes downstairs]

[at Lupin's hideout]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Lupin! This is Zenigata! Give up, Lupin! We've already surrounded the place! Go!
[a squad of police officers rush in]

Goemon Ishikawa XIII - Cinemascope version: [to Zenigata] I will kill Lupin III.
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Wait! No! It's dangerous! Out of the question!
[Goemon goes on ahead]

[after a major battle has happened within Lupin's lair]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: You got him?
[a bandaged policeman staggers out muttering an apology]

Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version: You're having a hard time arresting him, aren't you? Would you like me to try, for a change?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Have you got any good ideas?
Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version: You'll see... first, I throw this rope into that window...
[Akoro follows his words, and walks towards a car]
Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version: Then, I tie this rope to the bumper...
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: Aha? What's going to happen next?
[Akoro gets in the car]
Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version: Next, I start the car's engine...
[the car moves rapidly, with Zenigata running to keep up]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version: [panting] And then? Then what?
Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version: [removing his Akoro disguise] And then... THIS!

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)
Inspector Zenigata: [on TV] Look, counterfeit money from all over the world. I came in after Lupin and found this terrible crime. What SHALL I do?
Interpol Secretary General: He's such a bad actor.

Inspector Zenigata: Damn! I was a step too slow! Lupin pulled off his theft!
Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: No, he didn't steal anything. He fought for me.
Inspector Zenigata: No, ma'am. He stole something of no small value... your heart.
Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: Yes, he did.
Inspector Zenigata: Well, then, I must be going...

Inspector Zenigata: Lupin! Don't you dare die before I get to arrest you!

[English dub]
Inspector Zenigata: Lupin managed to steal something again!
Clarisse d'Cagliostro: No, he didn't steal anything. All he did was fight for me.
Inspector Zenigata: No, he stole something quite precious... your heart.

Lupin III: What say we make a temporary truce, until we get out of here?
Inspector Zenigata: Fine. But I won't aid and abet crooks. I'll arrest you when we escape, I guarantee it!
Lupin III: Terrific. Let's have a proper shake on it.
[holds out his hand]
Inspector Zenigata: I won't become intimate with you!
Lupin III: Good grief...

Inspector Zenigata: These are coffins!... What is this? These are 10,000-Yen bills! Is that what all of these are?
Lupin III: These are well made! Have a look, Old Man!
Inspector Zenigata: West German 1000-Mark bills!
Lupin III: Pounds! Dollars! Francs! Roubles! Rupees! Pesos! Crowns! Lira! Oh, and they've even got Won! All the world's currencies!
Inspector Zenigata: Lupin! Is this the secret of this castle? Counterfeiting?
Lupin III: That's right. This is the source of the Goat Money, which was valued above the real thing at one time. Since the upheavals in Medieval Europe, the mysterious counterfeit currency has been there, always squirming in the shadows. It brought about the collapse of the Bourbon Dynasty, and became the source of Napoleon's funds. It also triggered the worldwide panic of 1927. The Goat Money - the Black Hole - the star on the backstage of history. All those who tried to eliminate the heart of the problem were never heard from again.
Inspector Zenigata: I've heard the stories about it, but I never dreamed that an independent nation was running it...
Lupin III: What are you gonna do, Old Man? You can't turn your back on it, now that you've seen it.
Inspector Zenigata: I know. It would shame my policeman's blood.

Lupin III: Hurry up, Old Man! We're gonna have company soon!
Inspector Zenigata: Evidence! I need evidence!

[last lines]
Lupin III: Oh, no! It's the Old Man again!
Inspector Zenigata: Lupin! I'll get you this time for sure!

Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure (1995) (TV)
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: The sound of the seagulls, the wind off the canals, slurping noodles, looking over the beautiful city of Amsterdam... this is the life! I'm the luckiest guy in the ICPO!

Arsene Lupin III: [sees the monkey statue on a ramen pot] Pops, what... what is that?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: This is my fancy ramen noodle holder! Nice, huh?
[Lupin makes a grab for the statue]
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: NO YOU DON'T! Keep your hands off it!
Arsene Lupin III: [whines] But I want it...

Arsene Lupin III: [bluffing about the statue] It's one of my old good-luck charms...
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: What is it?
Arsene Lupin III: Well, it belongs to my mother's uncle's second wife's father...
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Like I believe THAT!
Arsene Lupin III: Ah, you left me no choice...
[removes his cuffs]

Inspector Koichi Zenigata: [at a restaurant] Hey waiter, I don't want a glass of water, I said I want hot water! Hot water for my NOODLES, okay?

Inspector Koichi Zenigata: [to Goering] You have the right to remain silent, but if you ever wanna to be set for parole you're gonna start talking! I need to finish this case quickly so I can catch Lupin! He's already got a good head start!... You want some noodles?

Inspector Koichi Zenigata: How long you been riding the Lupin Express?
Diana: Excuse me, but I've never seen this man before today!
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Come on, Lupin, what does this woman have to do with this?
Arsene Lupin III: Okay, Pops, here's the deal: we've been dating each other for about six months. From the start, it was kismet. She may be feisty, and a bit on the hairy side, but...
Diana: [slaps Lupin] Who are you calling hairy?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Who cares? It's obvious that the two of you are in this TOGETHER! I'm taking the two of you to Paris so they can throw the book at you!
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANYMORE!

Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Lupin the Third, you're under arrest!
[handcuffs Goering]
Arsene Lupin III: I'm hurt! How could you possibly think that guy was me?
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Sorry, force of habit!

Lupin III: Burning Memory - Tokyo Crisis (1998)
Inspector Zenigata: [to Michael Suzuki] With all your abilities, the path you follow is a charade where you can just threaten the government and walk away! I would have chosen a much more civilized path - in fact, it's my job to put you guys on the same path as the rest of the law-abiding citizens!

Maria: So when do you think you'll be ready to have it?
Inspector Zenigata: Have what?
Maria: My cooking! You brought it up! And I've been practicing!
Inspector Zenigata: Oh.
Maria: Do you know why I've been practicing? Because you remind me so much of my father!
Inspector Zenigata: Your FATHER?
Inspector Zenigata: [to himself] It figures. I never get the girl...
Maria: What's wrong with you?
Inspector Zenigata: The damn pedal's on too light! Lupin's getting away!

[car chase]
Maria: [driving] If I speed, you might get suspended again!
Inspector Zenigata: [pops his head out the passenger's seat] Whatever! My only goal is to put Lupin the Third behind bars!
Lupin III: Good old Pops...

Maria: [interviewing Zenigata] What's the greatest joy in your life?
Inspector Zenigata: Arresting Lupin.
Maria: What is your motto?
Inspector Zenigata: Arresting Lupin.
Maria: Why haven't you ever been able to arrest Lupin?
Inspector Zenigata: Could you please stop talking?

[Zenigata passes by himself]
Inspector Zenigata: Hey there, Zenigata... Lupin, is that you?
Lupin III: Yo, Pops! Fancy meeting you here!

Lupin III: Why don't you team up with me?
Maria: With a thief?
Lupin III: Every day is an exciting roller-coaster ride!
Maria: It's tempting...
Inspector Zenigata: Your roller-coaster leads right into jail!

"Lupin the 3rd: The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III (#1.1)" (1977)
[last lines]
Fujiko Mine: Though the ship was built for revenge, 1.2 trillion yen has gone into the ocean. Such a waste!
Arsène Lupin III: You know what was a waste? That annoying Pops, who followed me everywhere, went down with the ship too. I feel so empty inside.
Daisuke Jigen: Flowers fall in a storm. Farewells are a part of life.
Goemon Ishikawa XIII: Rest in peace, Inspector Zenigata.
[all four have a moment of silent prayer]
Arsène Lupin III: [cries] Pops...
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: HEY! Wait, wait Lupin, wait! Lupin!
Arsène Lupin III: [pleased] We thought you'd died, but it was like Sleeping Beauty! Now our eternal chase begins again! Let's go, guys!

Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [roar of triumph] I've got you cornered at last!
[runs towards Lupin's table]
Arsène Lupin III: [excited, jumps up and kisses Zenigata] Zenigata! At last! Pops, it's been so long! Oh, I've missed you so much!
[sits down]
Arsène Lupin III: Hey, I heard you were transferred to some pot-of-crap hole since the last time we slipped through your fingers! Pretty slow work for a fine investigative mind like yours, but I'm sure you didn't let the tedium get to you...
[Lupin imagines Zenigata going mad from boredom]
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Oh, yeah? Well, here these are YOUR transfer papers, wise guy, straight from maximum security! Read it and weep!

Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Hold on now! Are you really Lupin?
Arsène Lupin III: That's what my mother called me!

Arsène Lupin III: Sorry to disappoint you, but you don't ave any authority to arrest me on this ship, Inspector Zenigata!
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Are you blind? I have a warrant right here!
[brandishes the warrant]
Arsène Lupin III: I know, and it's a lovely one too, except for one little thing: There's no watermark. And as you know, without a watermark it's not considered legal in a court of law!
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [examines the warrant] Huh?... It's a forgery! How in the world could that have happened?
Arsène Lupin III: Well, what do you know? Looks like Pops here has been lured into the same exact trap as the rest of us!
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [bursting into tears] No no no no no! It's not fair! It's just not fair!
Arsène Lupin III: Hey, take it easy Pops, there's not nuch any of us can do right now but hang around and wait. Have a drink, take a load off!
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Huh?... Why should I, huh?
Arsène Lupin III: Let's shake on it, huh?
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: You're nuts! Shake on what?
Arsène Lupin III: Our temporary inter-alliance agreement! Here's the deal, listen up: Right now we join forces to defeat our mutual enemies, and after that I'm all yours! What do you say, Pops? Do we partner up or not?
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Hmmm... well, all right. But how the heck are we supposed to smoke out these bad guys?
Arsène Lupin III: By just sitting back, enjoying the cruise and playing dumb. Sooner or later they're bound to make their move and then we'll see what's what! So what do you say, Old Man, are you in or are you out?
[Zenigata considers this proposal]
Arsène Lupin III: Deal? Come on, we'll seal it, the old-fashioned way!
[spits on his palm and hlds it out. aAfter a pause, Zenigata brusquely shakes it]

"Lupin the 3rd: The Woman the Old Man Fell in Love With (#3.18)" (1979)
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Laura! LAURA!

[Zenigata dangles a frog in front of Fujiko]
Fujiko Mine: EWWW! That's SICK! What's wrong with you?
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: You forgot how long I've been chasing you guys. I know everything about you, your greatest fears!
[Zenigata moves closer to Fujiko with the frog; she screams and faints]

Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [on Pomade's death] Some millionaire bites the big one, so what? Would he have cared if I died?

"Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine: Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore (#1.4)" (2012)
[Zenigata puts Fujiko on the stage in place of Ayan Maya]
Oscar: Are you sure you're not overestimating this woman?
Inspector Zenigata: I'm sure. Take it from me, she's a good enough actress to fake a pretty convincing orgasm.
Fujiko Mine: Oh, Inspector, you flatter me...

Inspector Zenigata: [chases Lupin] I carry the Zenigata family name, and you the name of a thief! Blood will always tell!
Arsene Lupin III: It's blood you want, eh?
[gets shot and bleeds... then sprays Zenigata]
Inspector Zenigata: I can't see!
Arsene Lupin III: A lovely red sauce, mixed with a touch of chili powder! Here, I'll give you some extra on the house!

"Lupin the 3rd: The Great San Francisco Chase (#1.13)" (1977)
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [talking in his sleep] Lupin! You sonofabitch! I swear I'll get you, if it's the last thing I...

Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: LUPIN! You finally slipped up, you bastard, now you won't get away!
[handcuffs his bedpost]
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Everything's peaceful and beautiful now, I can dream of anything I want to, like Mama...

"Lupin III: The Marriage of Lupin III (#1.1)" (2015)
Inspector Zenigata: You have to stop this marriage at once!
Rebecca Rossellini: [to Lupin] Hang on, is he your boyfriend?

Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo (1978)
Inspector Koichi Zenigata: It doesn't matter if you die a hundred times, that's not the point! As long as Lupin exists, I'm obliged to pursue him.

"Lupin the 3rd: A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset (#1.2)" (1977)
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: I'm not giving up! I'll chase you to hell and back!
Arsène Lupin III: We'll go broke if he keeps his mind on us...

"Lupin the 3rd: The Wind Is Hot in Morocco (#2.4)" (1978)
[Lupin and Zenigata disguise themselves as burkha-wearing women]
Vendor: [to Lupin] Excuse me, is that your sister? I am very besotted with her, I would like to marry her very much! I will give you my donkey, and enough goat testicles to cater to a wedding feast! They are of the very finest qualiy...
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: [reveals himself] Yeah, well so are MINE!

"Lupin the 3rd: What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues? (#1.9)" (1977)
[spotting two familiar faces at the museum]
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: Hey, wait a minute! I recognize them even from their backs!

Lupin the Third: The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen (2014)
Inspector Zenigata: [to his team] Let's go. We've going to have a lot of work to do.

Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy (1987)
Inspector Zenigata: Well, go ahead! Dig to your hearts content! This is government land and any gold you find will be turned over to the treasury department and used to reduce my taxes!

Lupin the Third: The Legend of Twilight Gemini (1996) (TV)
Inspector Zenigata: Well, now I gotcha, Lupin! You're under arrest!
Arsène Lupin III: Pops, you might want to focus more on not getting shot!

"Lupin the 3rd: The Venice Superexpress (#1.8)" (1977)
[Zenigata chases Lupin, who is disguised as Zenigata]
Inspector Kouichi Zenigata: All right, now, nice and easy, Inspector... grr, I mean, Lupin! Damn it! Now you got ME confused!

Lupin III: Voyage to Danger (1993) (TV)
Inspector Zenigata: [takes a shot of booze] This was delivered to me this morning...
[holds out a notice]
Arsene Lupin III: [reads] "Detective Zenigata: today, July 23, as of tweve o'clock noon, you are hereby dismissed as Chief Investigating Officer of the Lupin Task Force." Dismissed?
Inspector Zenigata: That's right! From this moment on, I'm not responsible for the arrest of you and your little cronies!
[bursts into tears]
Inspector Zenigata: Oh, my life is falling apart! But after chasing you for twenty years and not having a single conviction, how can I blame them?... What hurts the most, is that some cocky young hotshot is gonna come in guns blazing and do what I never could!
Arsene Lupin III: [takes a seat] I'll drink with ya, Pops. Let's toast to your newfound freedom.
Inspector Zenigata: MORON! Are you even listening to me? I'm depressed!

"Lupin III: The Harmony of the World: Part 2 (#1.27)" (2015)
Inspector Zenigata: Ms Rossellini, you're not hiding him, are you?
Rebecca Rossellini: Would I be calling you if I was?