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Quotes for
Frank Dulaney (Character)
from Body of Evidence (1993)

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Body of Evidence (1993)
Frank Dulaney: It's not a crime to be a beautiful woman.

Frank Dulaney: It's not a crime to be a great lay!

Frank Dulaney: Counsel for the Prosecution has already used this witness to establish the state of mind of the deceased. He opened the can, Your Honor.
Judge Burnham: And I do see worms crawling all around you, Mr. Garrett.

Rebecca Carlson: All we did was make love.
Frank Dulaney: In handcuffs.
Rebecca Carlson: It was different, but it was still making love. Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank? It's intense. It's violent. But they never really hurt each other.
Frank Dulaney: We're not animals.
Rebecca Carlson: Yes, we are.

Michael Dulaney: Dad, can you really screw someone to death?
Frank Dulaney: No. Of course not. Besides you don't need to worry about that. Do you?
Michael Dulaney: [chuckling] No.
Frank Dulaney: Because you are one good-looking guy.

Rebecca Carlson: Are you scared?
Frank Dulaney: No.

Frank Dulaney: Let's play another game.

Robert Garrett: Do you believe in karma, Frank?
Frank Dulaney: No.
Robert Garrett: Whatever you call it. People usually get what they deserve except for lawyers.