Little Pete Wrigley
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Little Pete Wrigley (Character)
from "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" (1992)

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"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Trouble with Teddy (#3.2)" (1996)
Don Wrigley: [Pete is sleeping outside while Teddy's over] You OK son, you need anything?
Little Pete Wrigley: Nope, everything I need is out here.
Don Wrigley: Everything?
Little Pete Wrigley: Well...
Don Wrigley: [throws Pete a roll of toilet paper] It will be out little secret.

Little Pete Wrigley: I feel like a turd.
Joyce Wrigley: So do I.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Hard Day's Pete (#1.8)" (1994)
Little Pete Wrigley: [introducing band members] On bass guitar, her head maybe filled with numbers but her veins throb with gasoline. She's Elma 'Cooter' Fingerwood.
Miss Fingerwood: [after playing an introduction on guitar] Heart times soul equals Rock and Roll.

Little Pete Wrigley: [introducing band members] On drums a kid who's wanted in twenty-one states for the crime of Rocking. Clem 'Mutton Chop' Lanello.
Clem Lanell: [after playing an introduction on drums] My Daddy was a rattlesnake and my Momma wore a six-gun.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky (#3.3)" (1995)
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [sweating and picks up Little Pete's recharged penny] It's so beautiful and it's mine, mine, MINE!
[bus lights flash on Pit Stain's face]
Stu Benedict: Drop it, Pit Stain.
[Pit Stain drops the penny]
Nona F. Mecklenberg: Stu!
Stu Benedict: By the power invested to me by the Wellsville Busing and Transit authority, You're under bus arrest.
Little Pete Wrigley: But how'd you know we were here.
Stu Benedict: Just passing by, the right place, right time.
[faces Pit Stain]
Stu Benedict: For you, wrong place, wrong time. On the bus.
[grabs Pit Stain and his cronies and escorts them to the bus]
Monica: Hey Stu, how come the train didn't derail?
Stu Benedict: Must be Pete's lucky day.

Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [shoves Little Pete to the ground] Have a seat, carrot head.
[jumps up to pin him and it freezes in mid air]
Big Pete Wrigley: Meet Pit Stain, my brother's arch enemy. A glandular freak dedicated to destroying the kid who gave him, his nickname.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [pins Little Pete] This must be my "Lucky" day, right scamp socket.
[Pulls out a mint can]
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: Mint?
Little Pete Wrigley: Shove it down your armpit, Pit Stain.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: We all have our problems, Wrigley. Mines happens to be glandular.
[grabs him]
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: And yours happens to be my fist.
[raises his fist to pound him, but is stopped by Stu]
Stu Benedict: Hi. Stu Benedict, bus driver and you're sweating all over me.
[is grossed out]
Little Pete Wrigley: It's his glands.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: It is not. It's just unseasonably warm today
Stu Benedict: I think the weather is perfect for you to take a hike.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Grounded for Life (#2.1)" (1994)
[Little Pete has driven off with Dad's lawn mower and has reached the Canadian border]
Canadian Mounty: Name.
Little Pete Wrigley: Dirk Melkner.
[the Canadian Mountie ride a horse and hauls Little Pete back to Wellsville where his father disciplines him]

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Last Laugh (#3.7)" (1995)
Wayne Pardue: [in the boy's bathroom] Come on, we're buds, amigos. So tell me, who are you going to prank?
Little Pete Wrigley: That's privilege information, Wayne.
Wayne Pardue: Why? Is it someone big? Is it Schwinger? You gotta be crazy
[Little Pete is shocked by it]
Wayne Pardue: That's it, you're going after the man. You gotta be crazy.
Little Pete Wrigley: Relax, Schwingsville isn't so tough.
Principal Kent Schwinger: You don't think so, my friend.
Little Pete Wrigley: Look we've put up with him and his stinking show for too long. Today, they're both going down.
Principal Kent Schwinger: Bring it on, punk. I'll shread you like wheat.
[turns and faces the faculty]
Principal Kent Schwinger: Seen enough. Bottom line is if Wrigley's gonna be stopped, I need a pro.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Pinned (#3.10)" (1995)
Little Pete Wrigley: [keeping Pete's teammate alive] All right, if we're gonna get along, there's three rules: One, sleep with your shoes on, just in case you have to make a break. Two, no eating unless I taste it first. Three, my code name is... "Shecky."

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Call (#2.3)" (1994)
Artie: Don't let it smell your fear!
Little Pete Wrigley: Too Late!

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Don't Tread on Pete (#1.6)" (1994)
Little Pete Wrigley: Is this guy pickin' your scabs the way he's pickin' my scabs?

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 1 (#2.10)" (1994)
[challenged Little Pete to a Rock, Paper, Scissors match]
Papercut: Paper beats Rock. Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper.
Younger Pete Wrigley: Shut up and throw, drool cup.
Papercut: [shakes hand] Rock, Paper, Scissors, throw.
[He throws paper and Little Pete throws scissors. This shocks the onlookers and angers Papercut]
Papercut: You have no idea what you've just done.
Younger Pete Wrigley: [smiles] Think I do.
[Papercut rolls up his sleves and Little Pete hits his wrist with his two fingers. As he leave, Papercut is furious]
Papercut: You will grant me a rematch and you will go down.
Younger Pete Wrigley: I don't die, used scar finger.
Papercut: [makes a shatterstar out of paper] Then prepare to bleed.
[Tosses the paper shatterstar at Little Pete and ends up getting eaten by Artie]

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The King of the Road (#1.1)" (1993)
Older Pete Wrigley: One car game the king didn't seem to mind was something called 'Road Kill Auto Bingo'.
Little Pete Wrigley: [splat sound] Direct hit. A... a... Gopher?... no... a snake.
Older Pete Wrigley: Mom thought the game was sick but Dad always said that sacrificing their life on the open road was the highest honor a lower life form could ever receive.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: New Year's Pete (#1.12)" (2005)
Frank the crosswalk guard: I never told anybody about this before, kid.
Little Pete Wrigley: Shoot.
Frank the crosswalk guard: Alright. It was eleven years ago... a Thursday. I looked away from the crosswalk to light a smoke... you know. No big deal right?... Wrong... A cat... named Mr Boots... crossed without looking. He was wasted on cat-nip. Never saw the Ford Imperial coming.
Little Pete Wrigley: Road kill pizza?
Frank the crosswalk guard: No... no... It was close though... too close.