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Quotes for
Harlan James (Character)
from I Love You to Death (1990)

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I Love You to Death (1990)
Harlan James: This is only two hun'erd. We was promised five.
Devo Nod: For killing him five, for wounding him two.
Harlan James: You wanted me to shoot him so I shot him.
Nadja: You woke him up! What good is that?

Marlon: Whose this?
Harlan James: The Guy.
Marlon: The Guy?
Harlan James: You know, Joey.
Marlon: Oh, THAT guy.

Harlan James: [Marlon holds bat up to Joey, ready to hit him] Well, look at that.
Marlon: What?
Harlan James: A Reggie Jackson signed bat.
Marlon: Whoa, man. Awesome.
Marlon, Harlan James: Reggie, Reggie, REGGIE, REGGIE!
Harlan James: How many homers has he hit, like... in lifetime?
Marlon: Whoa man, he's the best.
Harlan James: Wow, man.
Marlon: I don't know...
Marlon: A bunch.

Harlan James, Marlon: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
Harlan James, Marlon: And to the republic...
Harlan James: ...under one invisible nation...
Marlon: nations under God whose...
Harlan James: ...spacious skies and amber graves of liberty for all...
Marlon: ...deliver us from freedom.

Reporter: [to Harlan and Marlon] Mr. James, Mr. James. What can you tell us?
Marlon: Get the fuck away from me! Get those fuckin' microphones out of my face!
Harlan James: [to the reporters] Hey, what's going on? Is this about Joey? He dead or what?
Marlon: [to Harlan] Who's Joey?
Harlan James: He's the guy. The "guy".
Marlon: Oh... yeah. The Guy. THAT guy. Fuck!
Reporter: He's still alive. Why? What do you know about it?
Harlan James: Oh... nothing.