Maxwell Kane
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Maxwell Kane (Character)
from The Mighty (1998)

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The Mighty (1998)
Maxwell Kane: It sometimes seems like the whole world has just seen me on "America's Most Wanted."

Maxwell Kane: Why am I always the one who ends up knee deep in crap?
Kevin Dillon: Just think of it as Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.

Kevin Dillon: Oh, so you're a pacifist.
Maxwell Kane: A what?
Kevin Dillon: A pacifist. "Pass on the fists"? Get it?
Kevin Dillon: Right, it's not my best material.

[last lines]
Maxwell Kane: By the time we get here, which I guess should be the end, you're going to know the story of Freak the Mighty, who slayed dragons, saved maidens, and walked high above the world.

Maxwell Kane: [referring to Kevin's homemade squirt gun] What did you *really* put in that thing?
Kevin: Oh, just some soap, and vinegar, and chili pepper.

Maxwell Kane: [chasing the ambulance after finding out Kevin has died] You're supposed to give him a new body! Stop, you idiots! He's supposed to get a biogenetic body!
[Gwen steps out of the ambulance as Maxwell begins to sob]
Maxwell Kane: He was tested, and measured! He told me he'd be the first!
Gwen: [trying to calm him down] I know, listen to me! Kevin knew he wasn't going to live very long. He knew it was a matter of time. You see? What happened was, his heart just got too big for his body.
[she hugs him as he continues to cry]
Gwen: It's okay, honey, it's okay. You go home.

[first lines]
Maxwell Kane: [narrating] It was Freak who told me about King Arthur. How he got this round table, and how he got the bravest knights, and the whole world to sit at that table. You will be brothers, said King Arthur. And you will fight for all those who ask for help. You will be gentle to the weak, but terrible to the wicked. It was Freak who told me about King Arthur. It was Freak who told me everything.

Maxwell Kane: [narrating] He looks like he never smiles - his wife don't look too much happier. That's Gram and Grim. Of course there's a good reason they look like that all the time. They got stuck with me.

Maxwell Kane: It was like at that moment, he became my brain, and I became his feet.

Kevin: It's the treasure, concealed in the slime of dragons.
Maxwell Kane: It's a woman's purse, and it's covered with crap.

Maxwell Kane: I really don't like rats!
Kevin: Well, somewhere down there, a rat is saying, I really don't like Max.

Maxwell Kane: From that day, Freak never asked me nothin' about my father, and I never asked him nothin' about his, 'cause that's not who we were.

Maxwell Kane: [tortured] I look in the mirror and I see his face! I hear my voice and I hear his!

Loretta Lee: Whatcha been doing these past couple of weeks?
Maxwell Kane: Nothin'.
Loretta Lee: Nothin's a drag, kid. Think about it.
[boards the bus]

Maxwell Kane: When someone so great once was, then someone so great will always be.