Gwen Dillon
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Gwen Dillon (Character)
from The Mighty (1998)

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The Mighty (1998)
Gwen: You see, my son, Kevin, has been called names and made fun of his whole life. When you've been made fun of as much, you find another place to live, and he's found that place up here, in his mind. Kevin lives in a world of books, and words, and things I don't even understand. I do know this: Kevin would trade it all for a chance to be normal, to have a friend, and to do what other kids do. Max Kane has given that chance.
[voice cracks]
Gwen: Well, I'm not going to let that get taken away from my boy.

Maxwell Kane: [chasing the ambulance after finding out Kevin has died] You're supposed to give him a new body! Stop, you idiots! He's supposed to get a biogenetic body!
[Gwen steps out of the ambulance as Maxwell begins to sob]
Maxwell Kane: He was tested, and measured! He told me he'd be the first!
Gwen: [trying to calm him down] I know, listen to me! Kevin knew he wasn't going to live very long. He knew it was a matter of time. You see? What happened was, his heart just got too big for his body.
[she hugs him as he continues to cry]
Gwen: It's okay, honey, it's okay. You go home.

Kevin: An Ornithopter is defined as an experimental device, propelled by flapping wings.
Gwen: That's a big word for a mechanical bird.
[shifting her voice]
Gwen: Congratulations, Mrs. Dillion. It was a tough delivery, but you've given birth to a healthy 7-pound dictionary.
Gwen: You must be very proud.