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Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush (Character)
from A Day at the Races (1937)

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A Day at the Races (1937)
[Taking a pulse]
Dr. Hackenbush: Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.

Dr. Hackenbush: If I hold you any closer, I'll be in back of you.

Dr. Hackenbush: Oh, well, uh, to begin with I took four years at Vassar.
Mrs. Upjohn: Vassar? But that's a girls' college.
Dr. Hackenbush: I found that out the third year. I'd 've been there yet, but I went out for the swimming team.

Whitmore: Just a minute, Mrs Upjohn. That looks like a horse pill to me.
Dr. Hackenbush: Oh, you've taken them before.
Mrs. Upjohn: Are you sure, Doctor, you haven't made a mistake?
Dr. Hackenbush: You have nothing to worry about. The last patient I gave one of those to won the Kentucky Derby.
Whitmore: May I examine this, please? Do you actually give those to your patients? Isn't it awfully large for a pill?
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, it was too small for a basketball, and I didn't know what to do with it. Say, you're awfully large for a pill yourself.

[Stuffy blows a balloon during a medical exam]
Dr. Hackenbush: If that's his adam's apple, he's got yellow fever.
Tony: He's got in-grown balloons.

[Tony offers Dr. Hackenbush a hint book]
Tony: One dollar and you'll remember me all your life.
Dr. Hackenbush: That's the most nauseating proposition I ever had.

[Hackenbush is asked to 'OK' a file]
Dr. Hackenbush: I'm too busy right now. I'll tell you what. I'll put the 'O' on now and come back later for the 'K.'

Flo: Oh doctor. Thank you.
Dr. Hackenbush: Thank "yu". Do you like gardenias?
Flo: I adore them. How did you know?
Dr. Hackenbush: I didn't, so I got you forget-me-nots. One whiff of this and you'll forget everything.
[Hackenbush hands her a wilted sunflower. He seats her and pushes in her chair at the table]
Flo: Thank you.
Dr. Hackenbush: Thank "yu".
Flo: [handing him her wrap] Do you mind?
Dr. Hackenbush: Not at all. I always take the wrap.

Tony: She's in with Whitmore. She's trying to frame you.
Flo: Why, I've never been so insulted in my life!
[Hackenbush looks at his watch]
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, it's early yet.

Dr. Hackenbush: It's the old, old story. Boy meets girl - Romeo and Juliet - Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Mrs. Upjohn: Dr. Hackenbush tells me I'm the only case in history. I have high blood pressure on my right side and low blood pressure on my left side.
Dr. Leopold X. Steinberg: There is no such thing. She looks as healthy as any woman I ever met.
Dr. Hackenbush: You don't look as though you've ever met a healthy woman.

Gil: Are you a man or a mouse?
Dr. Hackenbush: You put a piece of cheese down there and you'll find out.

Dr. Hackenbush: [to Dr. Steinberg] Don't point that beard at me! It might go off!

Dr. Hackenbush: Emily, I have a confession to make. I really am a horse doctor. But marry me, and I'll never look at another horse.

Tony: Have you got a woman in here?
Dr. Hackenbush: If I haven't, I've wasted 30 minutes of valuable time.

Tony: Have you got a woman in here?
Dr. Hackenbush: If I haven't, I've wasted thirty minutes of valuable time.

Tony: Hey doc, can you see us?
Dr. Hackenbush: If I can't there's something wrong with my glasses.

Dr. Hackenbush: Dr. Hackenbush:
[examining Stuffy with an auriscope]
Dr. Hackenbush: I haven't seen anything like this in years. The last time I saw a head like that was in a bottle of formaldehyde.
Tony: Told you he was sick.
Dr. Hackenbush: [pointing to Stuffy's neck] That's all pure desecration along there. He's got about a 15% metabolism, with an overactive thyroid and a glandular affectation of about 3%.
Tony: That's bad.
Dr. Hackenbush: With a 1% mentality.
[Stuffy grins]
Dr. Hackenbush: He's what we designate as the crummy moronic type. All in all, this is the most gruesome looking piece of blubber I've ever peered at.
Tony: Hey doc. Hey doc!
Dr. Hackenbush: Huh?
Tony: You gotta the looking glass turned around, you're looking at yourself.

Dr. Hackenbush: Here's a ten-dollar bill and shoot the change, will you?
Tony: I got-a no change. I'll have to give you nine more books.

[Stuffy has grabbed some poison to drink]
Dr. Hackenbush: Hey, don't drink that poison! That's $4.00 an ounce!

Dr. Hackenbush: She's so in love with me, she doesn't know anything. That's why she's in love with me.

[Dr. Hackenbush is pointing to a portrait of one of Judy's parents]
Dr. Hackenbush: You know, I proposed to your mother once.
Judy: But that's my father!
Dr. Hackenbush: No wonder he turned me down.

[Stuffy is getting an examination]
Dr. Hackenbush: Say "ah!"
[Stuffy opens his mouth, but says nothing]
Dr. Hackenbush: Louder!
[Stuffy does the same thing]
Dr. Hackenbush: Louder!
[Stuffy does the same thing. Dr. Hackenbush starts to leave]
Tony: What are you doing?
Dr. Hackenbush: I'm going to get my ears checked. I'm deaf.
Tony: You're not deaf. It's just him.

[Talking about Stuffy]
Tony: I think he's a ubangi.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, I'll get a hammer and "ubangi" that right off.

[referring to Ms. Marlowe]
Dr. Hackenbush: You've got it all wrong. This is my aunt. She's come to talk over some old family matters.
Tony: I wish I had an aunt look like that.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, take it up with your uncle.

Mrs. Upjohn: [who has been instructed by Dr Hackenbush to wave her arms up and down, as part of a physical examination] How long do you want me to do this, Doctor?
Dr. Hackenbush: Just until you fly away.

[after taking his watch from under Steinberg's gaze and tossing it in a wash basin]
Dr. Hackenbush: I'd rather have it rusty than missing.

Dr. Hackenbush: I haven't seen so much mudslinging since the last election!

Dr. Hackenbush: And I've got a question for you: Steinberg, what do you do with your old razor blades?

Tony: [disgused as an ice cream vendor] You wanna something hot?
Dr. Hackenbush: Not now, I just ate. Besides I don't like hot ice cream.

[Tony is selling Hackenbush one book after another at the race track]
Tony: Well, justa by accident I think I gotta one right here.
Dr. Hackenbush: A lotta accidents around here for a quiet neighborhood.

Tony: We come to hang the paper.
Dr. Hackenbush: How about hanging yourselves?

Whitmore: The doctor seems reluctant to discuss his medical experiences.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, medically, my experiences have been most unexciting. Except during the flu epidemic.
Whitmore: Ah, and what happened?
Dr. Hackenbush: I got the flu.

Tony: Hey, boss! C'mere! Sun-Up is the worst horse on the track!
Dr. Hackenbush: I notice he wins all the time.
Tony: Aw, just because he comes in first.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, I don't want 'em any better than first.

Judy: If you'll excuse me, I'll go and bring in the rest of the staff.
Dr. Hackenbush: [to Whitmore] Why don't you go out and bring in something. Preferably your resignation.

Judy: And do be nice to Mrs. Upjohn, won't you?
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, she's not exactly my type, but for you I'd make love to a crocodile!