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Zeb Macahan (Character)
from "How the West Was Won" (1976)

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How the West Was Won (1962)
Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: Mike King don't own the railroad!
Jethro Stuart: Oh? I don't think he knows that.

Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: Do you remember the story Pa used to tell us about fightin' that grizzly bear?
Jeremiah Rawlings: Yeah.
Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: And I asked him, I said, 'Now, why'd you get in such a fix? Do you like fightin' grizzlies?' He said, 'Well, not 'specially. I just wanted to go somewhere and the bear was there first.' I guess I just wanna go somewhere, too.

Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: Take a good look. You wanted a war, mister, you got one. I hope you're the first man killed in it.

Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: Boys, get back from there! Look down there son. Do you know how deep that shaft is?
Prescott Rawlings: Huh uh.
Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: That's a thousand feet deep. Do you know how deep a thousand feet is? Well, if you had two hundred brothers all standing on your shoulders, you wouldn't be able to see over the top.
Prescott Rawlings: I'd be squooshed.

Zebulon 'Zeb' Rawlings: It ain't quite what I expected. There ain't much glory in lookin' at a man with his guts hanging out.