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Quotes for
Plunkett (Character)
from Plunkett & Macleane (1999)

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Plunkett & Macleane (1999)
Plunkett: See, I'm talking "BIG".
Macleane: You forget something. I have morals.
Plunkett: Oh, do you?
Macleane: Most certainly, yes I do.
Macleane: How big?

Macleane: What rhymes with Rebecca?
Plunkett: Pecker. How's your old, uh...?
Macleane: Ah. Much better. Thank you.
Plunkett: Good.
Macleane: Yes. You know, I think it's actually got bigger, if you can imagine such a thing.
Plunkett: I'd rather not.

Chance: Does that hurt?
Plunkett: Only when I laugh.

Rich Prisoner: Care to express an opinion, sir?
Will Plunkett: Yeah. You've got more money than brains.

Macleane: [after Plunkett has rescued him from hanging] Sure took your time.
Plunkett: Weren't sure you were worth it.