Angus Tuck
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Angus Tuck (Character)
from Tuck Everlasting (2002)

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Tuck Everlasting (2002)
Angus Tuck: If there's one thing I've learned about people, it's that many will do anything, anything not to die. And they'll do anything to keep from living their life.

Angus Tuck: What we Tucks have, you can't call it living. We just... are. We're like rocks, stuck at the side of a stream.

Angus Tuck: Don't be afraid of death, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life.

Winnie: I don't wanna die; is that wrong?
Angus Tuck: No. No human does. But it-it's part of the wheel... the same as being born.

[about their need to leave]
Mae Tuck: This isn't fair, Tuck.
Angus Tuck: No, it isn't. But since when has life ever been fair?

Man in the Yellow Suit: Hello, Mr. Tuck. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to meet you.
Angus Tuck: You're the man who's been following my boys. Been expecting you.
Man in the Yellow Suit: Yes, and here I am.