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Amanda (Character)
from Head Over Heels (2001)

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Head Over Heels (2001)
Amanda: I searched his apartment and I know him... intimately.
Roxana: Honey, you left the blinds open. We all know him intimately.

Lisa: Look busy.
Amanda: I am busy.
Lisa: Well, help me look busy.

Amanda: I've got the runs. I mean, I've got to run.
[walks away]
Amanda: Oh my God. "I've got the runs?"

Amanda: He's got some fatal flaw.
Candi: How do you know that?
Amanda: I'm attracted to him.

Amanda: Why are you talking to your therapist about me?
Jade: She says I talk too much about myself.

Roxana: Hey Amanda? If you find a 20 dollar bill on the floor of someone else's apartment is it the same as if you find it in the street?
Amanda: No.
Roxana: Then I haven't found anything.

Holly: We have a lot of people interested, so what is it that you do?
Amanda: Oh, I work...
Holly: You work? I like you! Did I mention you're in the lead for the apartment?

Roxana: Isn't that the new CK girl?
Jade: Uh-huh. She's cute.
Holly: You know, I heard they gave here eleven million dollars.
Amanda: She looks fourteen, though.
Holly: Hello?
Roxana, Jade, Holly: She's twelve.

[pissed off at how she looks]
Amanda: I look like STEVIE NICKS!

Amanda: Why don't you have a badge?
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: Because I'm undercover!
Amanda: Well Hey! You know what? I'm undercover too! Did you want to see my badge? Oopsie! I don't have one!

Amanda: It looks like a closet.
Holly: Silly, closets don't have windows.

Amanda: I know what you're thinking, you may think you have the worst taste in men, but you don't... I do. My grade school boyfriend left me for someone with boobs, my high school boyfriend Charlie left me for well, someone with out any boobs.

Amanda: [spying on Jim's apartment, seeing the girl scouts] Those little whores are good. They even bring the props.

Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: [about the dog] I guess Hamlet likes you.
Amanda: You mean he doesn't tackle just anyone?
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: [smiling] No he tackles everyone. But he only drools on his favorites.
Amanda: Well I'm flattered.

Amanda: New York City. Home to 8 million people. Roughly half of whom are men. Which means half of the city is genetically predisposed to lie to the other half.

Amanda: Now I know what your flaw is.
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: What?
Amanda: [she grabs his wrist] You throw like a girl.
[She pulls Jim over and laughs]

Amanda: Not my dog that what they say to avoid a lawsuit
[Hamlet Nudges Amanda from behind making Amanda fall into Jim's arms]
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: Come on Hamlet
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: No means no, dude.