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Tess Harding (Character)
from "Roswell" (1999)

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"Roswell: Ask Not (#2.2)" (2000)
Max: It's not that I dislike you.
Tess: You don't have to spare my feelings. Nasedo taught me not to get wrapped up in... this. It's not really who I am. I'm not human. Neither are you.
Max: It's the only life I've ever known.
Tess: That's not true. You lived another life, Max... a life completely different from this one... a life when you loved me.
Max: I don't remember that.
Tess: I do.

Tess: Kind of uptight about nudity, aren't you, for a guy who reads Jugs?
Kyle: Give me that.
Tess: Oh... the post-its? Nice touch.

Tess: Buddhism for Beginners is also under your bed. How do you think the Buddha would feel about being sandwiched between Hustler and Busty Biker Babes?

Kyle: You know my... my father does consider this to be a very temporary arrangement. You understand that?
Tess: Sure.
Kyle: All right. So in that case, I just wanted to tell you that I moved all my crap out of the room. You can have it. I'll sleep on the couch or something.
Tess: You didn't have to.
Kyle: It's not a big deal. Uh, material possessions only clutter the mind anyway.
Tess: You tell 'em, Buddha-boy.

Tess: Morning.
Kyle: Yes, morning. What the hell are you doing here?
Tess: I live here. Calvin Klein? I approve.

"Roswell: Four Aliens and a Baby (#3.17)" (2002)
Tess Harding: Max loves you. Every time we were together, every time we kissed he was thinking of you. He had these flashes that I saw and they were always of you.
Liz Parker: Why are you telling me this?
Tess Harding: Because I know how much it must have hurt you.
Liz Parker: So you're really going to go do this?
Tess Harding: At least I can do one good thing with my life.
Liz Parker: You just did.

Max Evans: [as Tess tries to leave the room] Sit... down!
Tess Harding: [points at her injured leg] I guess it would be too much to ask you to heal this?
Max Evans: Making you feel better is not one of my priorities

Michael Guerin: [Max, and Tess with the baby, enter Michael's apartment. Michael is sitting watching television, but jumps to his feet, incredulous, when he sees her, and raises his hand to blast her... ] Tess, you are not here!
Max Evans: [rushes forward to get between Tess and Michael] Michael, no!
Michael Guerin: Maxwell, get out of the way.
Max Evans: Not until you calm down.
Michael Guerin: Whatever she told you, she's lying.
Max Evans: She has my son.
Michael Guerin: Well, get the baby out of the way.
Max Evans: No, he needs her. If you kill her, my son will die.
Michael Guerin: [Hesitates, but backs off] Max, what the hell's she doin' here?
Max Evans: It's a long story. But we need to get them out of Roswell.
Michael Guerin: Yeah. My heart bleeds.
Tess Harding: Nice to see you, too, Michael.
Max Evans: [warning Tess] Hey, don't start.
[He reaches down to take the baby from her]
Michael Guerin: [Outside Michael's apartment, Liz arrives. She preens and smiles as she reaches for the door, eagerly anticipating her evening with Max.Inside, Tess has just finished telling her story to Michael] Oh, so you're the one that crashed in the desert the other night.
Tess Harding: You always were the quick one, Guerin.
Liz Parker: [Suddenly Tess is blasted through the air. She lands hard in the adjoining room and Max and Michael are shocked. They look back towards the door] Get up, bitch!
[Liz's outstretched hand crackles with green sparks. Without waiting, Liz blasts Tess again, knocking her back into the wall as a stunned Max and Michael watch for a moment in disbelief]
Liz Parker: I'll kill you!
Max Evans: - Liz- -No-
[Max quickly hands the baby to Michael and lunges to stop Liz]
Liz Parker: You're a murderer! I'll kill you!
Max Evans: Liz...!
[Max restrains Liz and pulls her outside onto the patio]
Max Evans: [Tess has a stunned look on her face because of her not knowing about Liz's powers]
Michael Guerin: [smirking at Tess] ... Welcome back.

Kyle Valenti: [Liz walks out just as Kyle is coming in] Gee, Liz. Is everything okay?
[Liz just blows on past him]
Kyle Valenti: ... 'guess not...
Tess Harding: Kyle! Thank God you're here!
Kyle Valenti: [comes into the room, but paces back and forth in front of Tess, frowning] Don't come near me.
Tess Harding: [obviously sad] Kyle, at least give me a chance to explain!
Kyle Valenti: [to Michael] Why haven't you killed her yet?
Michael Guerin: Max wouldn't let me.
Max Evans: [Max comes up and takes the baby away from Tess] Come on, Zan, - I don't want you to see this...
Tess Harding: Be careful with him, Max.
Kyle Valenti: So, what are you doing here?
Tess Harding: Ask one of them, I'm sick of explaining.
Kyle Valenti: Okay, why don't you explain what the hell you were doing at our house earlier.
Tess Harding: I thought you'd help me.
Kyle Valenti: Then why'd you run away in such a hurry?
Tess Harding: I was protecting my son.
Kyle Valenti: He wasn't in danger!
Tess Harding: Your father had a gun! Instincts took over! You're lucky I didn't kill you!
Kyle Valenti: [laughs ironically] Oh... I guess I owe you one. Oh, actually... No.
Tess Harding: [Still sad] Kyle...
Kyle Valenti: We took you into our home, Tess. We protected you. And how did you repay us? You brainwashed me into carrying Alex's dead body!
Tess Harding: I never meant to hurt...
Kyle Valenti: Well, too late!
Tess Harding: You've never even heard my side of the story.
Kyle Valenti: You have a side? The murderer has a side!
Tess Harding: I was raised by a killer, Kyle... a sick and twisted man...!
Kyle Valenti: Don't play the victim here, Tess. You know, of all the aliens I've met... you're the only one who has no soul.
[He walks away from her, leaving her stung and frowning]

Tess Harding: Why didn't you vote against me?
Liz Parker: 'Cause I'm not a killer, Tess.

"Roswell: The Departure (#2.21)" (2001)
Tess: Thanks... Dad.
[Jim looks at her questioningly]
Tess: I just wanted to see what that sounded like.
Valenti: How'd it sound?
Tess: A little too weird.

Tess: You okay?
Kyle: Oh yeah, yeah. It's nothing. Anyway, I just, I don't usually talk about this but uh, my mom left when I was six, and with you being here it's, uh felt like family again. That's all, I don't want to get all weepy or anything.
Tess: Kyle... Kyle I feel the same way.

[after everyone else leaves the Granolith Chamber]
Max: [to Tess] Did you kill Alex?
Tess: I didn't want to. I wish I hadn't, but I did.
Max: Why?
Tess: Look Max, the-the clock's ticking, we don't really have time...
Max: Tell me why!
Tess: He would have told you what I did and I couldn't let that happen.
Max: So you just, you just killed him?
Tess: I didn't mean to. His brain was just so weakened by the mindwarp, and... look, none of this matters now.
Max: Life matters Tess. My life, your life, his...
Tess: What matters is getting home, but you could never understand that could you? I might have been able to teach you but that stupid bitch had you wrapped around her...
Max: Don't you ever call her that!
Tess: See! Look how fast you run to her defense! Why couldn't you ever feel that about me? I'm your wife, Max! I'm carrying your child!
Max: This was all some kind of plan to get pregnant and go home, wasn't it? Home to what, Tess? To Kivar? To our enemies?
Tess: They're not my enemies, Max.
Max: You made a deal with them, with Kivar.
Tess: No, Nacedo made a deal, 40 years ago.
Max: What was the deal? Tell me!
Tess: To return home with your child, and deliver the three of you to Kivar.
Max: And what would happen to us once you delivered us?
[Tess doesn't answer]
Max: How did I ever fall in love with someone like you? How could I ever marry you?
Tess: You were different - you were a king! Now you're just a boy.
[Max raises his hand to Tess' neck]
Tess: You kill me, Max, you kill our son.
Max: [agonized] Go. This isn't over, Tess
[Max leaves the Granolith chamber]

Tess: [Tess kisses Max, and gets a flash of him kissing Liz earlier in the episode] You kissed Liz. Don't worry. You won't remember her where we're going

"Roswell: Max to the Max (#1.20)" (2000)
Tess: Michael.
Micheal: What's going on?
Tess: What are you talking about?
Micheal: You know what I'm talking about. Nasedo has Liz.
Tess: I didn't know.
Micheal: The hell you didn't. You want us to trust you, but how can we if you don't tell us what you know.
Tess: I can't tell you what I don't know.
Micheal: Hey, Valenti is involved now. If this thing goes the wrong way, he'll know everything, and that puts us all in danger, including you. Now, get in the jeep.
Tess: Michael, you don't know who you're dealing with.
Micheal: No, but you do, and that's why you're coming with us.

Max: What does he really look like?
Tess: He's never let me see. Never lets me close to him at all.
Max: He's all you've ever had?
Tess: Yeah.
Max: That must have been hard.
Tess: It's been really lonely. He doesn't have a human side at all

Max: It's not about the four of us right now, it's about Liz.
Tess: Liz is human. She has nothing to do with us.

"Roswell: Viva Las Vegas (#2.15)" (2001)
[In the episode Viva Las Vegas]
Michael: These are your aliases. You will use these aliases for the duration of our trip. Sound off.
Kyle: Harvey Wallbanger
Tess: PiÒa Colada
Alex: Tom Collins
Isabel: Brandy Alexander
Maria: Margarita Salt
Liz: Shirley Temple
Max: Rob Roy
Michael: And I'm your host Dr. Love

Sheriff Jim Valenti: Each one of your parents is going to hear from me later today. I expect you back in Roswell this afternoon. Kyle get in the car.
Kyle: I was up sixteen hundred.
Sheriff Jim Valenti: Now.
Michael: Glad I'm an orphan.
Tess: Yeah me too.
Sheriff Jim Valenti: Tess, don't make me come back in there.

"Roswell: Max in the City (#2.9)" (2000)
Nicholas: Max. Nice to see your genocidal girlfriend again. Killed anyone today?
Tess: Day's not over.
Nicholas: What a charmer.

"Roswell: The End of the World (#2.5)" (2000)
Kyle: You look really great when you're pissed.
Tess: Yeah, right.
Kyle: No, I'm serious. I feel, like, all this energy coming from you right now. In order to trim the lamp of wisdom, we must attend to our bodily needs.
Tess: Let me tell you something, Buddha-boy... I got a lamp that needs some serious trimming.

"Roswell: Baby, It's You (#2.19)" (2001)
Tess: I want to start planning our future. I just wonder if that future is gonna be in Roswell.
Max: You want to go somewhere else?
Tess: I always thought the ultimate plan was to go home. Our real home.
Max: It is. Someday. But we don't know when that's gonna be. I think we had enough to deal with the in here and now. Don't you?

"Roswell: Tess, Lies and Videotape (#1.18)" (2000)
Tess: Max. My car broke down. Can you believe it?
Max: No.
Tess: No?
Max: No, I don't believe it.
Tess: What are you talking about?
Max: You planned this.

"Roswell: Destiny (#1.22)" (2000)
Tess: I knew you wouldn't leave us.
Nasedo: You're not ready to be left alone.

"Roswell: How the Other Half Lives (#2.14)" (2001)
Tess: It's ok, you know? You have the right to protect your family.
Kyle: You're part of the family I was trying to protect. As far as I can see, you're the only good thing about having an alien in my life.
Tess: Kyle?
Kyle: What?
Tess: You're definitely my favorite human.
Kyle: Yeah, well... you're my favorite Martian.