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Isabel Evans (Character)
from "Roswell" (1999)

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"Roswell: The Departure (#2.21)" (2001)
Isabel: What if I said I wanted to stay?
Max: When we came out of the pods and we lost Michael, it was just the two of us in the desert and I knew that I wasn't alone - that I had my sister. To me, earth isn't home and whatever's out there isn't home but you're my home.

Isabel: So what now Max?
Max: We save my son.

Isabel: [Taping themselves with a video camera] We want you to know that we love you so much. We're orphans, we could have ended up anywhere, with anyone, but we got you. What is it they say? There but for the grace of God. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to leave you, but we have to go. I wish we didn't, I wish I could just be your girl forever, but um...
Max: You were great parents to us. We will always, always love you. Thank you, for everything. And goodbye.
[Turns off camera]

Max: [to Liz] I've been really wrong about a lot. But I was right about one thing. To get you into my life, to be around you. To love you.
Maria: [to Michael] You opened the door and you came out, why?
[Michael doesn't say anything]
Maria: You stayed for me.
Isabel: What happens now, Max?
Max: I have to save my son.

[Max gets out of the Granolith chamber]
Isabel: MAX!
Max: Quick, go. Let's go!
[Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Kyle run away from the chamber, and stand to watch as the chamber disintegrates and a ship shoots out into the sky]
Max: [to Liz] I've been really wrong about a lot. But I was right about one thing: To get you into my life, to be around you, to love you.
Maria: [to Michael] You opened the door and you came out - why?
[It dawns on her]
Maria: You stayed for me.
Isabel: What happens now, Max?
Max: I have to save my son...

[Isabel is kneeling at Alex's grave]
Isabel: How can I leave now? I haven't even lived yet.
Alex Whitman: I know how scary it is to have to leave. To leave this world. But as it turns out... it's not so bad. Your heart is your heart; your soul is your soul. That doesn't change.
Isabel: Why should I listen to you? You're not even real. You're just a figment of my imagination.
Alex Whitman: Well, then you should really listen, because it's coming from within you. Go home.
Isabel: Home to what? I was a terrible person where I come from. I betrayed my whole family. What is home, anyway? Half of me is from there. Half of me is from here. What makes one half more important than the other?
Alex Whitman: I think that's what you have to figure out.
Isabel: Yeah. Alex, that night. That night at the prom when we danced. It was one of the best nights of my life and I never got to tell you that.
Alex Whitman: [Alex holds his hand out for her] Milady.
[They dance]

Micheal: Max, I can't go. Ever since we came out of the pods, I've been on some quest to figure out where I belong. I finally found home. The weird thing is... it's here. It's on Earth.
Max: You of all people...
[They hug]
Max: Take care of yourself, Michael. I love you.
Micheal: You're a great brother.
Max: [to Isabel] I would understand...
Isabel: What you said before... You're my home too.

"Roswell: I Married an Alien (#3.11)" (2002)
Jesse: Were you guys just talking about me?
Isabel: No, silly. The world doesn't revolve around you!
Max: Yeah, it revolves around Michael.
Michael: That's me!

Max: Somebody wanna tell me what's going on?
Jesse: Max! You can't just go around turning people into dogs.
Max: I won't stand here and be lectured by the descendant of an ape.
Isabel: Max, change him back, please.
Max: He seems to know our little secret. Now how could that have happened?
Jesse: He doesn't know anything. Unless, of course, he's seen you flying around the neighborhood in the saucer again.
Max: You go for one joyride and they never let you forget it.
Isabel: Max, I don't want him to piddle on the carpet.
Max: In a minute, Speaking of the saucer Michael broke the cloaking device so I had to park it in your basement for now.
Jesse: In the basement?
Max: Am I speaking too fast for your human brain to follow?
Jesse: How did you get it in there?
Isabel: He used the time-space slipstream, dear.
Max: Duh.

Isabel: Michael, what are you going to tell Eric?
Michael: I'll think of something.
Isabel: I don't know what worries me more, when you don't think or when you do.
Michael: That's funny. You should be on a sitcom.

Isabel: Well, what are we going to do?
Max: I guess we're gonna have to find another planet to hide out on.
Isabel: But I like this planet.
Micheal: Me too. Where else are you going to find another planet that has Whoppers and Big Mac?
Isabel and Max: Shut up.

Maria DeLuca: [about Michael] So he wants to take me out for my birthday next week and I don't know.
Kyle Valenti: What's the harm?
Isabel Amanda Evans: Well, the harm is that a birthday dinner by definition is sentimental.
Maria DeLuca: And sentimental leads to a goodnight kiss.
Isabel Amanda Evans: And a goodnight kiss leads to sex.
Kyle Valenti: I should write that down.

Isabel: Did you forget something?
Jesse: Yeah, my balls.
[Max and Michael laughs]
Jesse: Were you guys just talking about me?
Isabel: That's a little paranoid, don't you think? I mean the whole world doesn't revolve around you.
Max: It revolves around Michael.
Michael: That's a fact.

"Roswell: Interruptus (#3.7)" (2001)
Isabel: What are you guys doing here?
Michael: Taking care of your problem.
Max: Why didn't you tell us before you left?
Isabel: Well, I didn't expect him to follow me here.
Michael: He sure as hell doesn't have the hots for us now, does he?
Isabel: You can't kill him.
Max: We know.
Michael: We're going to.
Max: Michael.

Max: Get him out of here. You ok?
Michael: Hey, whatever-your-name-is.
Isabel: I think so.
Kivar: Where am I?
Michael: La Jolla. Come on, you need to call your wife.
Kivar: How did I get in California?
Michael: I don't know. Maybe you were kidnapped by aliens or something. Come on, let's go.

Max: What did he see?
Isabel: Everything.
Max: That could be a problem.

Kyle Valenti: Isabel, I'm all for denial as a way of life but you can't just run away from this one.
Isabel Amanda Evans: Yes I can.

"Roswell: Max to the Max (#1.20)" (2000)
Isabel: Michael, this can't be.
Micheal: I know. But why not?

Isabel: I thought you just said we can't trust her.
Max: Who said anything about trusting her?

Isabel: Alex, you have no idea what's going on.
Alex: Does Michael love you?
Isabel: It's not that simple.
Alex: It should be.

Alex: Don't you think I've known that from the start? That if I decided to go forward with this that things might get weird. Look, you said that you were ready for a relationship. Whatever's going on now, I know that you meant it. I know that it was real.
Isabel: It was. It was real.
Alex: I'll be here when you need me.

"Roswell: Sexual Healing (#1.16)" (2000)
Max: Uh, listen Liz is on her way over.
Isabel: [Looking to Michael] Okay we'll leave.
Max: You guy's don't have to leave.
Michael: Go, poor Maxwell. For the good of all mankind.
Max: Michael, that's not what this is about for me.
Michael: Don't make me beg you to do what you and Liz obviously wanna do any ways. I really don't see a problem with it.
Max: The problem is treating someone I care about as a thing. To be used.
Michael: What and that's what I'm about. That's what your saying?
Max: The words are coming from your mouth Michael.
Isabel: Ok, guys stop. Enough.
Michael: Listen Maxwell, you are a sensitive guy, and you have available to you, one of the top pre-seduction lines in history with "it's gonna help me find my home planet", and you're refusing to use it? No guy's that sensitive. Use it.

[Max is at Michael's apartment talking to Michael and Isabel about what happened with Liz. Isabel is putting away some groceries]
Max: She said it was as if she was inside the ship looking out... when it came crashing toward Earth.
Michael: Did she see anyone else on the ship? Like our parents?
Isabel: Yeah, or Captain Kirk and the Klingons? You got a paper-towel holder?
Michael: No. What if it's real?
Isabel: It's not real. What's wrong with you guys?
[Isabel opens the refrigerator and takes a step back from the smell]
Isabel: Oh, God! Not even baking soda's gonna help with that.
Michael: You know what, Isabel? If you don't like my new place, you can leave. Continue.
Max: I see things from inside her head. Maybe she's seeing things stored deep inside me.
Michael: What do you see inside her head?
Max: I can't tell you. It's private.
Michael: Since when do we keep secrets from each other? Maxwell, come on.
Isabel: Do you have a juicer?
Michael: Isabel, you're pushing it.
Max: They're Liz's personal thoughts, Michael... not secrets.
Michael: Ok, yeah, so they're personal thoughts. How do you know they're real?
Max: I'm not sure.
Michael: Can't you just ask her?
Max: I don't want to embarrass her.
Michael: Maxwell, if this is real... if there's any chance this is real, you owe it to us and to yourself to find out. And in the meantime, I'm gonna pursue my own avenues.

[At Michael's apartment, Isabel and Michael are discussing how these images could be created]
Isabel: That would mean each of us has this information in some part of us we're just not not conscious of.
Michael: Or she's getting messages from somewhere or someone else.
Isabel: Nasedo?
Michael: I don't know. I mean, why did she see the crash, the soldiers? Maybe it was all planned this way... that this is how we'd find out who we really are... by connecting with humans.
Isabel: Connecting?
Michael: The more they connect, the more we find out.

[Liz opens the door of Michaels house and enters]
Isabel: Hi.
Liz: Hi.
Michael: How's it goin'?
Liz: Strange.
Isabel: I'll bet.
Michael: All right. We're leaving now. But I got some Chaka Khan cued up in the CD player.
Isabel: We're leaving. Bye.

"Roswell: Baby, It's You (#2.19)" (2001)
Max: Morning. You-you're going for a run? That must be up to five to six miles by now.
[Isabel ignores him]
Max: Look, I know you're still mad and everything, but uh, I-I really need someone to talk to.
[Isabel sits in front of him, glaring at him]
Max: Well, it's not easy to say, but uh, especially to my sister, but uh, you know that Tess and I have been giving a long and kind of cross and last night, we... things... something came up between us... something happened.
Isabel: You slept with her?
Max: Yeah.
Isabel: [sarcastically] Wow. Congratulations, Max. You lost your virginity.
[she unenthusiastically applauds]
Max: Is...
Isabel: Oh, gee, I'm sorry. Were you looking for some sort of comfort or sympathy before you went off and washed her dried sweat from your body? Or hey, did you guys do it in the shower?
Max: Forget it.
Isabel: His majesty will now retire to his room!
Max: We didn't plan it, all right? It just happened. I'm feeling a little weird about it right now and... I'm just hoping...
Isabel: You were wrong. I don't care about your morning after anxieties, or your delicate feelings. Because my feelings sure as hell don't matter to you.

Isabel: Do you remember Bigfoot?
Max: My guinea pig?
Isabel: Yeah. Do you remember what happened?
Max: Sure. Mr. Martinelli's dog got into his cage and killed him.
Isabel: Do you remember what happened the next day?
Max: I don't.
[Isabel waves her hand so it starts snowing]
Max: It snowed...
Isabel: It was the first time we'd ever seen it. It snowed for two days. Biggest storm to hit Roswell in a century. It was a disaster for everyone but us.
Max: We built snowmen.
Isabel: We made angels.
Max: And pelted Michael with snowballs.
[they laugh]
Isabel: It was magic.
Max: Just like this.

[last lines]
Isabel: [about the transcription of the book] What does it say?
Max: It's the way home... We can go home.
[Max, Michael and Isabel look at each other, standing in the snow]

"Roswell: To Serve and Protect (#2.11)" (2001)
Isabel: After all the pain we've caused... I just... I just wanted what we are, what I am, to do something good for a change.

Brad: [Isabel is inside Liz's dream] Hello, Liz.
Liz Parker: Hello, Brad... Would you like fries with that?
[Brad and Liz makes out. Max appears behind them]
Liz Parker: I'm with Brad now.
Max Evans: Brad doesn't even exist. Besides, you want someone who can do this...
[snaps his finger and changes the 'weather' so it rains rose petals inside]
Liz Parker: [giggles] Oh my...
[she starts making out with Max]
Isabel: Even her romantic dreams are boring.

Buddha: [Isabel is inside Kyle's dream] Remember, young blossom, the most important words...
Kyle Valenti: Yes, Master.
Buddha: "To thine own self, be true."
Isabel: It's Shakespeare.
Buddha: With every inhale, find the center of yourself. With every exhale, release the tides that binds your energy.
[Kyle inhales and exhales in the Lotus position. Isabel snorts]
Buddha: Inhale! Exhale! Inhale! Exhale!
[Kyle does so. A ringtone appears]
Buddha: Excuse me...
[picks out a cellphone from his pocket]
Buddha: Buddha here. Yeah... When?
[Isabel laughs]
Buddha: Prepare the ship. Standby to beam us aboard.
Kyle Valenti: Master?
Buddha: Our enemies has arrived, Kyle. We must leave Earth and face the dark legion.
Kyle Valenti: No, no, no, no. I'm here for inner peace, not that science fiction crap.
Buddha: Max Evans changed you when he saved your life. You know that. You're an alien now, Kyle. Dude, like, accept your destiny.

"Roswell: 285 South (#1.6)" (1999)
Isabel: The perfect Liz Parker lying to her mother?
Liz: Yeah, well, at least my parents know what species I am.

Isabel: [to Liz] Your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla?

Liz: We thought you were in trouble. I guess we were wrong.
Maria: No, no. You don't think, I mean that is like so unreal. Come on,
[kicking Michael]
Maria: would you tell them?
Michael: Come on honey. We don't have to lie.
Isabel: I believe you. The day Michael calls anyone honey, it's all over.

"Roswell: Control (#3.5)" (2001)
Isabel: Why is it that you feel that you are above doorbells?
Michael: Got your message. Is it a joke?
Isabel: No, I'm getting married.
Michael: We agreed not to bring anyone else into this.
Isabel: Michael, I don't want to put my life on hold. This is my one chance to be happy, to love someone and have him love me back without all of this garbage that has made us miserable our whole lives getting in the way. I've put a lot of thought into it and I don't see any reason to why Jesse has to know the truth.
Michael: Well, knowing what I know about alien sex he's gonna have questions after the honeymoon.
Isabel: OKay, Michael, get out of my room.
Michael: What did Max say?
Isabel: I'm going to tell him when he gets back. Come on, Michael, just congratulate me.
Michael: On what?

Isabel: [Answers the phone] Hello?
Max: So you think you're getting married?
Isabel: How did you, how did you find that out?
Max: Mom tracked me down. Isabel, you've only known this guy for a month.
Isabel: Four months and don't call him 'this guy'.
Max: Either way, I don't see the urgency.
Isabel: You know what? I'm not going to have this conversation with you on the phone.
Max: Look, just don't make any more plans until I get back.
Isabel: Stop it! I am not a child.
Max: Yeah, well, you're acting like one.
Isabel: [Hangs up]

Michael: What's going on with your mom?
Isabel: I'm getting married in two weeks and she told me she wanted nothing to do with the wedding. I'm all alone in this, Michael. Do you have any idea how that feels? Max found out the other day. You can imagine what his reaction was. That's why I wanted- I just- I needed you to congratulate me the other night. Can you be on my side just this once?
Michael: Isabel, you don't care what I think.
Isabel: How can you say that?
Michael: Because if you did, then you wouldn't have had Maria break the news.
Isabel: I'm sorry. That was stupid. I just- I was afraid you would freak out, and I didn't think that I could handle it, so- I'm sorry. I know that you're worried about Jesse but I'm going to keep him safe.
Michael: I hope you can.
Isabel: Michael, your opinion means as much to me as Max's. You're like a brother to me too.
Michael: So in two weeks?
Isabel: Less than, actually.
Michael: Congratulations, Isabel.
Isabel: Thank you.

"Roswell: Significant Others (#3.3)" (2001)
Isabel: Okay. I'm just going to make it simple. And I don't even think is that big of a deal anyway so I'm just gonna say it and you can react. There's, there's someone I want to tell about us.
Michael: I'm glad you don't think that's a big deal.
Max: Who?
Isabel: He's name is Jesse Ramirez. You both know him. He's...
Max: The lawyer that works for Dad?
Isabel: Yeah.
Max: And why do you wanna tell him?
Isabel: Because we've gotten close.
Max: Close?
Isabel: Yes, close.
Max: Meaning you and he are...
Isabel: Involved.
Michael: Are you pregnant?
Isabel: No. We haven't even slept together.
Michael: Has he seen you use your powers?
Isabel: No.
Michael: Why are we having this conversation?
Max: Why do you need to tell him?
Isabel: I don't need to, I want to. I want him to know because I want to be honest with him. I love him and I want him to know me. I don't wanna hide. God, do you know how humiliating this is for me? To have to come here and ask your permission to have an open conversation with my boyfriend? Can you just imagine it for a second, put yourself in my position.
Michael: I'm gonna put this as simple as possible. Isabel, I'm happy you have a boyfriend. Congrats. That said, lie about the alien thing.
Isabel: He's gonna leave, Max. If I'm not honest with him, he's gonna leave.
Max: How long have you two been?
Isabel: Three months. But I know him. I know him. This is the first time I've ever felt his way. I'm in love with him. If I lose this, I don't know what the hell I'm doing here on Earth. I mean, you have Liz, Michael has Maria. This is the first time I've had someone.

Isabel: No. No. Max and Michael would never agree to letting anybody else in on the secret. I guess the truth of the matter is I sort of love Jesse not knowing. It's like we're this normal couple.
Kyle: Nothing's ever easy, is it?
Isabel: Nope. But, hey, I'm actually glad that you found out. It's kind of nice to talk about it.
Kyle: No Problem.
Isabel: And Kyle... if you tell anybody, I'll be forced to use my formidable alien powers on you.
Kyle: Cool. Cool. My day's never truly complete until my life's been threatened by an alien, so...

Alex Whitman: Go! Go to him!
Isabel Amanda Evans: I can't.
Alex Whitman: Isabel, will you look at what you're doing to your life? You're stopping it. You're killing it. You're sitting at a table with no one. I'm not really here! You need to move on and you need to move past me and you need to start now!
Isabel Amanda Evans: If I ever have a son, I'm gonna name him Alex.
Alex Whitman: Wh? Uh, thank you, that's truely er, thanks. Now go!

"Roswell: Blood Brother (#1.8)" (1999)
Maria: How long is this going to last, us waiting out here like this?
Michael: Why? You got a date?
Maria: Maybe.
Isabel: You know, I'm the one that should be complaining stuck out here with you two.

Max: Liz told him we were into drugs, just to get him to stop asking questions.
Isabel: Great. That will be a lot easier to explain to Mom and Dad.

Maria: Relax! God, you guys act like I've never tailed anyone before.
[she has trouble starting her car. When she does, she goes a couple of feet in reverse]
Isabel: Well, he'll never notice us going backwards.

"Roswell: A Tale of Two Parties (#3.10)" (2002)
Kyle: Look I got a college girls phone number, I'm way ahead of the game. And you got to know when to hold them, and...
Isabel: When to fold them.
Kyle: And when to walk away.
Both: [sing-song] And know when to run.

Kyle Valenti: Ok, but I'm warning you, I'm a man on a mission. Sex or death so don't get in my way and don't cramp my style.
Isabel Amanda Evans: You have style?
Kyle Valenti: Heyyy!

"Roswell: The Convention (#1.13)" (2000)
Isabel: I want to get the hell out of here. This place is psychologically damaging.
Michael: This place could hold the answers to everything.
Isabel: Yeah, I'm sure it's a real mecca for factual information

Max: [From under Alien head] Save me... I'm a human trapped in an alien body.
Isabel: You realize we've just lost our last shred of dignity.

"Roswell: Surprise (#2.3)" (2000)
Isabel: Listening to my private conversations?
Max: Why you calling him, he just left.
Isabel: I was just leaving him a message to thank him for the flowers.
Max: You already thanked him.
Isabel: [sarcastically] Yeah, and you guys made him feel really welcome.
Max: He wasn't invited.
Isabel: I invited him, before I ever knew there was a party.
Max: Don't do it again.
Isabel: Excuse me? Are you forbidding me?
Max: You can't let anyone new in. It's too dangerous.
Isabel: Like it was too dangerous to let Liz Parker in?
Max: That's different.
Isabel: Yeah, it was. You wanna know how, because I can date someone and keep my mouth shut at the same time. You couldn't.
Max: That was the past. We gotta think about the future. The one our mother talked about.
Isabel: Right. Right the king. I'm sorry, how could I forget? All I know is, Max, you may be king, but I am not bowing down to you. Not in this lifetime!

Vanessa Whitaker: You don't remember, do you? Let me give you a piece of history about your planet. Your name was Vilandra and you were beautiful. Even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love and for him, for us, you betrayed your brother, your race.
Isabel: No!
Vanessa Whitaker: You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone, even yourself. And history, my dear, always repeats itself.

"Roswell: Crazy (#1.17)" (2000)
Isabel: Alex, you have to stop. We can't show weakness.
Alex: What, you think I'm being weak because I don't want anything bad to happen to you? I mean, to us? To all of us?
Isabel: You really do want to protect me, don't you?
Alex: I'd do anything.
Isabel: Nobody's ever said that to me before. I mean, except for Max and Michael, but they're my brothers, so...
Alex: Isabel, I meant what I said... about having somebody. I mean... everything gets easier once you're not alone.

Alex: Look, I don't get it. Why would he go and do this after we all agreed?
Isabel: Because he's Michael.
Max: That's no excuse this time.

"Roswell: Meet the Dupes (#2.8)" (2000)
Max: You lied to me about Vilandra.
Isabel: I don't know what you're...
Max: Shut up! She betrayed me... and Michael and Tess and our mother... our whole planet!
Isabel: Who told you this? Did she tell you this?
Max: She cared enough to apologize to me. I had to hear it from a stranger. And yet, my own sister...
Isabel: All right, Max. Fine. Fine. Now you know. I was sick of keeping it a secret. Sick of worrying about disappointing you. The great king.
Max: I trusted you!
Isabel: I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything, and I'm not going to stand around and be accused of something someone else did in another lifetime! Something completely irrelevant.
Max: If it's so irrelevant, why didn't you tell me?
Isabel: Because! I have my own life, and I can't live it when I am busy trying to prove myself to you all the time. Trying to prove I won't betray you! It is exhausting, living with that.
Max: I never asked you to prove yourself.
Isabel: Yes, you did. You treat everybody like they're your property. I don't belong to you, Max. I never did.
Max: I feel like I don't even know you.
Isabel: How could you? All you care about is yourself. And Liz Parker, of course. Maybe you're finally getting what you deserve. Finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are, and you are no king. You are a self-centered, self-indulgent little boy!

Max: What are you running from?
Isabel: I'm just getting into shape.
Max: Since when? Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall.

"Roswell: Cry Your Name (#2.17)" (2001)
[Isabel is at Alex's grave]
Isabel: How can I leave now, I haven't even lived yet.
Alex: I know how scary it is, to have to leave... leave this world, but as it turns out, it's not so bad. Your heart is your heart, your soul is your soul. That doesn't change.
Isabel: Why should I listen to you? You're not even real - you're just a figment of my imagination.
Alex: Well then you should really listen 'cause it's coming from within you. Go home.
Isabel: Home to what? I was a terrible person where I come from, I betrayed my own family. And what is home, anyway? Half of me is from there, half of me is from here. What makes one half more important than the other?
Alex: Well that's what you have to figure out

Isabel: You're not really here. Are you?
Alex: No. You're talking in your sleep.
Isabel: God I wish I could really talk to you Alex.
Alex: I'm the next best thing. What do you want to say?
Isabel: That I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Alex: Me too.
Isabel: I never should have called you.
Alex: I called you. Remember?
Isabel: I never should've brought you into any of this.
Alex: Any of what?
Isabel: [bows her head] Me. My life.
Alex: You think being with you had something to do with what happened?
Isabel: Yes, I do. I don't know how but - God, If you hadn't been involved with me.
Alex: [he tilts her chin so she's looking at him] Hey, if I was really here, I'd tell you you're full of crap. You know that.
Isabel: Yeah, but it wouldn't make me feel any better.
Alex: I better go.
Isabel: Why?
Alex: I'm not making things any better for you.
Isabel: No, please. Please don't go.
Alex: I'm already gone. This is just a dream you'll eventually wake up from.
Isabel: Will I see you again?
Alex: That depends on you. But I have a feeling, I wouldn't want me to be here.
[They kiss]
Alex: Bye Isabel.
Isabel: I love you, Alex.
[He stops, turns around]
Alex: I think we both know... that I loved you too.

"Roswell: Heat Wave (#1.9)" (1999)
Isabel: Are you afraid? I mean to let someone in; to let someone see who you really are?
Liz: Yeah, of course I am.
Isabel: Well, multiply that by about a million.

Isabel: So, tonight. That party everybody's talking about. Are you interested?
Alex Whitman: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Tell me how it goes.

"Roswell: Monsters (#1.3)" (1999)
Maria: What are you doing here?
Isabel: I just thought we should talk, and since we can't seem to do it when we're awake, I thought I'd visit you in your dreams.
Maria: What do you mean visit me?
Isabel: I'm not really a part of your dream. I can't change it or anything. I just wanted to see what you were thinking.
[Isabel notices Michael sitting at a table, dressed in a tuxedo]
Isabel: Interesting.
Maria: When he's dressed like that, it makes me feel much less afraid.
Isabel: Afraid of what?

Isabel: My mother does stupid things too.
Maria: She does?
Isabel: Don't all mothers?
Maria: Yeah, I guess. Does she know?
Isabel: That she does stupid things?
Maria: No that, uh, you and Max are, like, you know, different.
Isabel: You mean horrible disgusting creatures from outer space who sneak into your room at night and perform excruciating experiments?

"Roswell: The Balance (#1.10)" (1999)
Isabel: We're just as human as you are, Alex. Only we can manipulate the molecular structure of things.
Alex: What?

Alex: Why on earth, excuse the phrase, why would you be sent here to begin with? What purpose could you possibly serve?
Isabel: To wipe out the world one annoying teenager at a time?

"Roswell: Max in the City (#2.9)" (2000)
Isabel: So in the end, what made you decide not to take the deal?
Max: I was going to. I was gonna take the chance that... that Nicholas was telling the truth. But in the end, I realized that... that any deal which meant leaving you and Michael behind... was something I couldn't do. You're my sister, Isabel. Isabel, Vilandra... whatever your name is, it doesn't matter to me. You're my sister, and I love you... and that comes first. Always.
Isabel: Thank you.

"Roswell: Graduation (#3.18)" (2002)
Jesse: I am not going without you.
Isabel: You have to.
Jesse: Will you come back to me?
Isabel: I will keep praying that someday it will be safe enough.
Jesse: Oh, I am willing to count on that.

"Roswell: The Morning After (#1.2)" (1999)
Isabel: Are you insane?
Micheal: I didn't just wander in, all right? I had a cover story.
Max: And what was your cover story?
Micheal: I was selling candies for charity. Peanut cluster?
Max: And they bought it?
Micheal: No, they all seemed to be on a diet.
Isabel: Not the candy, Einstein, the story.

"Roswell: To Have and to Hold (#3.6)" (2001)
Kivar: Stay calm and er, keep smiling Isabel.
Isabel Amanda Evans: You're not here, you're not really here.
Kivar: Oh, I am here. I've come for you.
Isabel Amanda Evans: No, I'm dreaming or sleeping or something.

"Roswell: Heart of Mine (#2.16)" (2001)
Alex: You know, I gotta say, objectively speaking, you are incredibly beautiful this evening.
Isabel: You don't have to say that.
Alex: I know I don't.

"Roswell: Busted (#3.1)" (2001)
Isabel: I wish this could all be out in the open.
Jesse: I'm still not sure why it can't be.
Isabel: Well, there's the fact that you're 26 and I'm barely legal.
Jesse: You're an old soul. And you have clearly lived before.
Isabel: You have no idea.

"Roswell: Leaving Normal (#1.4)" (1999)
Isabel Evans: [about Max's bruises] Pretty raw. Why don't you just get rid of them?
Max: Because they have to heal normal. Everything has to be normal.

"Roswell: Into the Woods (#1.12)" (2000)
Alex: I was wondering - do aliens enjoy the cinema?
Isabel: Alex...
Alex: Yeah, right. Sorry. The 'A' word.

"Roswell: Viva Las Vegas (#2.15)" (2001)
[In the episode Viva Las Vegas]
Michael: These are your aliases. You will use these aliases for the duration of our trip. Sound off.
Kyle: Harvey Wallbanger
Tess: PiÒa Colada
Alex: Tom Collins
Isabel: Brandy Alexander
Maria: Margarita Salt
Liz: Shirley Temple
Max: Rob Roy
Michael: And I'm your host Dr. Love

"Roswell: Four-Square (#1.19)" (2000)
Isabel: Alex and I are together now.
Micheal: Maria and I are going steady.
Isabel: Great.
Micheal: Great.
Maria: Must be something in the water.

"Roswell: Destiny (#1.22)" (2000)
Max: If we run, then he'll just keep hunting us and there's no coming back. Are you willing to never see home again? Any of you? Then we have to fight.
Alex: Fight the most elite unit in the FBI.
Isabel: Who now knows who we are and everything about us.
Max: Pierce does know who we are. But we also know who he is, and we're stronger than he thinks. We may be even stronger than we think.

"Roswell: Pilot (#1.1)" (1999)
Isabel: Don't you realize it's only a matter of time before they find us an turn us over to some government agency, where they'll test us and prod us and oh, yeah, exterminate us!

"Roswell: A Roswell Christmas Carol (#2.10)" (2000)
[Michael is fixing up a bumper for Maria's christmas gift. Isabel comes in with her arms full of presents]
Michael: It's a bumper. For a Jetta.
Isabel: Hmmm. How did what I said yesterday result in this?
Michael: It meets all your criteria. It's personal, because I personally know what a bug she has up her ass about how much we screwed up her car. It's thoughtful, because I had to go to the junkyard and get it, and it's something she would never get herself for the obvious reason that her bumper's been hanging from a string for the past half-year.
Isabel: Ok, Michael. This is what I'm gonna do. I am going to take the Christmas dog show off my calendar and take you shopping and rectify this situation.
Michael: No. I'm not gonna get obsessed over this present. This is fine. I'm not gonna make everyone else around me miserable.
Isabel: What are you saying? That I get obsessed and make everyone around me miserable?
Michael: [quickly] I didn't say that.

"Roswell: We Are Family (#2.12)" (2001)
Isabel: They can't. They can't just fire a Sheriff.
Kyle: They can if they're the city council. In the past year, my dad and I have been put through an amazing amount of your crap. You and your Martian friends move in, take over, and obliterate any shred of normalcy. Our lives are no longer ours. Promise me you're gonna stay away from my family. Promise me this is the last time we have to put ourselves on the line for you.
Max: I can't.

"Roswell: It's Too Late and It's Too Bad (#2.18)" (2001)
Isabel Evans: So, I'll change dollar bills into hundreds.
Isabel Evans: You can do that?